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It Never Ends

Chapter 1

He showed up out of nowhere, he was one of my closest friends, key word, WAS. Him and I had been friends for years on years, we both had feelings for each other, we both knew it too, and one day, I made the move and kissed his cheek, I was 15. His eyes shot open with surprise, he laughed and told me no, but instead of running away, he pulled my chin up to meet his and kissed my lips. “Like this.” He said. I smiled at him, he wrote down his new phone number for me, and told me to call him tomorrow, then he left. That was the last I heard of Michael Clifford. Until today.

My little sister comes running up to me, “Alex! Alex look!” She shouted and handed me some magazine. “What about it?” I said moving my eyes to the cover. My heart stopped and my eyes grew wide. “Look! Isn’t that your old boyfriend?” She cooed. “Why is HE on the cover?” I hissed. “He’s in a band! 5 Seconds of Summer, with those guys Luke, Ashton, and Calum!” She was too excited. I looked them up on my phone, and there they were. All fucking 4 of them. Michael’s hair was a fiery red. I smiled and put a finger on his face. “We’re going to see them.” I said and bought 2 tickets and 2 meet and greets for Saturday night.

~Saturday Night~

In my cute outfit, with my overly excited little sister next to me we walked up the stairs to the arena. They scanned our tickets and we walked to our seats, our front row, dead in the center so Michael’s going to see me front row seats. After we saw were our seats were we went to the meet and greet, I had a note, Michael had given me 5 or 6 years ago that I wanted him to sign.


We waited 15, 20 minutes before it was our turn. I was furious as fuck, he just fucking left me! And never talked to me again, like it was easy to throw away our friendships. I tried everything, calling, Skyping, texting, but he never answered. Hopefully he’d know who I was, my appearance hasn’t changed much in 2 years, other than my tattoos.

It was our turn. My sister walked over to Ashton, who looked up at me and his eyes grew wide. I smirked at him. I stood in front of Michael and tapped my foot in annoyance. “Name?” He asked. “Alexis.” I hissed and his head shot up. “Holy fuck.” He said and motioned for me to come to him. “What are you doing here?” he asked surprised. I just laughed, “My little sister remembered you. Wow, haha, I’m surprised you even remember who I am.” His body language got nervous and awkward, “What?” I growled/laughed, “I make you nervous?” He let out a loud sigh. “I knew you called, texted, Skyped, and whatever else okay? I just knew it wouldn’t work out.” “Bullshit Michael! The mates told you that I would ruin your band and told you to leave me, then they got girlfriends. That’s how it worked huh?” I shouted and he nodded.

He opened the back door and pulled me out with him, he leaned in like he was going to kiss me, but I backed up, “Don’t you DARE think I’ll forgive you that easy.” I stormed back inside and grabbed my sister. We went to our seats. We sat there for 10 minutes before the show started. The lights dimmed, the crowd roared, and the boys appeared. I was dead center with Luke, and Michael just kept staring at me. Calum started to talk but Michael interrupted him.

“Sorry man.” He spoke into the mic, “But I have to say something.” He took a deep breath and stared at me. “Shit.” I whispered. “2 years ago or so, I kissed my best friend, I won’t say her name, but I told her to call me the next day, and then I left. I told the lads I thought I finally had a chance with her, after being her best friend for years.”

“They told me to forget about her, that our music carrier was about to kick off, but then they got girlfriends, and I left her, I left her all alone, I ignored her for 2 years. She shows up tonight, not knowing any of our songs, but with hope of seeing me, her little sister’s here with her. She’s furious as fuck, but I don’t blame her for hating me. I just wanted to tell her I’m sorry. I never should’ve listened to them.”

He finished his speech and walked back so that he could ‘wipe his tears’ the crowed screamed. I shook my head, awe that was almost sweet, but I knew he didn’t care, I could see it in his eyes.


I hope you guys like my story <3


Update soon plz

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Update soon plz

Ashley_5sos Ashley_5sos

I'm so super sorry guys. I feel terrible. I haven't updated in more than a month and just, I'm so sorry.

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Update soon plz

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