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It Never Ends

Chapter 12

Michael never talked to me yesterday, after I left his moms, he never said anything. I sighed and got out of bed. I got dressed and decided to go over and chat with Karen some more. She’s really nice to talk to, and she listens. And maybe Michael will be there, we can play games or something. I drive down to her house, when I get there I knock on her door and she answers. “Alex! Nice to see you again. Michael’s upstairs if you’d like to see him.” she smiled. I thanked her and headed to his room.

I knock three times and then open the door. “Michael?” I say and he groans. “Hey! Come here.” I say to him and plop on his bed next to him. He rolls over. His eyes were as red as his hair, he had been crying a lot. “Awe I’m sorry. We don’t we play a game?” I ask, pointing to his Xbox. “Why don’t you hate me Alex? You have every reason to…” He says and I shrug, “Because I was sad for a long time, but now I’m happy… you’re here!” I smiled and I saw a little glimmer of light in his eyes. “I actually thought we could go to that café you like.” He said and I nodded, “I’d love that.” I smiled.

He got dressed and we got into my car and drove to this café called The Blue Moon. It was my favorite place to go. Not a ton of people knew about it, so it was never crowded. “I’ll pay for everyone to get drinks!” Michael said to the people in there. They smiled and everyone thanked him. “Well, come order.” He laughed and they all got up and ordered drinks. After they finished I ordered, and then him.

He paid for all of the drinks and we went to sit down. It was the table we always sat at. “Alex. I hope you know that I am really fucking sorry for always hurting you… I hope you know.” He said to me. “I know Mikey, trust me. I know.” I smiled he kissed my hand. “How are you?” He asks me. “I’m alright. I think I’ve finally managed to feel clean again.” I laughed awkwardly. “And you?” I ask. “I really wish you’d go on tour with us.” Michael sighed. “I think I’ll stay with your mom. She wants me to. I think she gets lonely when you’re gone.” I said and he nodded.

“But I’ll miss you!” He says and I smile, “We can video chat, plus, for my 18th birthday, my parents gave me the house and everything in it. They’re moving to New York with Lucy. She got offered a modeling job.” I sighed. “I think I’ll keep the house, but I’m going to stay with your mom for a while, or ask her to move in with me, she gets lonely when you’re gone Mikey, she needs someone.” I say and he nods. “I know.”

We get our drinks and slowly drink them. We talk about stuff, and he tells me stuff that happened while he was gone. Then he mentioned him dying his hair blue, hell, I’d enjoy it. “Let’s do it!” I shout. He smiles. We leave the café and go to a salon. “How can I help you two?” The lady asks. “Purplish blue hair.” I smirk and she gives us a look. “Let me go check…” She says and walks to the back. “Do you both want to get it done?” She asks. I look at Michael and he nods, “Yeah.” I smile.

“It’ll be a few minutes.” She smiles and we sit down. A few minutes later she calls us back. We’re sitting, getting our hair bleached. He’s holding my hand. “You’ve never done something so drastic before!” he says dramatically. It takes a while, but eventually we both get it to an indigo color. “I love it!” I say, looking at it in the mirror. “This is amazing.” Michael laughs and takes a picture of us. Then another with us kissing. I smile. “It’s going straight to Twitter.” He says.

I smile at him, I get the notification that he’s posted. It was the picture of us kissing, it was captioned, “Hair buddies!” with a little heart eye smiley face emoji. It was nice that he was willing to express that I was with him. I was getting a ton of notifications on followers, and comments on that picture. It made me sigh, “I’m going to get a shit ton of hate now.” I laugh. “As if they didn’t already know.” Michael winked.

“We have a show tonight, actually. Here in LA, do you want to come?” He asks and I nod. “Only if I can stand in the audience and pretend to be a Fangirl! I know all of your songs now.” I wink. “Oh yeah?” He smirks. “Damn right.” I say and we get into my car. We drive to The House of Blues and there’s already girls out there. I put my sunglasses on and hide behind Michael. I had the hood of one of my jackets that was in the car on, so no one could see me.

Michael was holding my hand and helping my guide through the crowd. I stood front row, dead center, as I did a few months ago. Luckily no one had bought this seat, so woo! Haha. The girls started flooding in. The girl sitting next to me was in awe. “You’re so pretty.” She says, her eyes were wide. “Can I touch your hair?” She ask. “I guess?” I say awkwardly. She touches it. “How are you so pretty? You’re like a goddess or something.” “Thanks…” I say.

She’s weird, I get I’m attractive, but that’s weird. “5 Seconds of Summer will stop their songs for you.” She says. “Pardon?” I ask. “They said they forget lyrics when they’re looking at a pretty girl. They’ll forget when they see you.” She said. I thanked her. She was weird god get her away. The lights dim and the crowd screams. I smirk and they appear on stage. Michael winks, I know he’s winking at me. “Oh my god Michael dyed his hair! Oh my god you have the same hair color as him!” She shouts at me, I nod.

Michael steps up to the mic, “How do you guys feel about my hair? I think it’s rad. My girlfriends’ hair is the same color. We got it done together, pretty cool huh?” he stepped away from the mic and continued to play his guitar. The band looked surprised that his hair was blue. I smirk. He waves at me and I wave back, they start playing English Love Affair, he stops singing, and he’s just staring at me. “I told you.” The girl next to me whispered. I gave him a look to keep going, “I think all the dye’s gotten to his head, aye Calum?” Luke said and he laughed.

Michael snapped out of it and started over, he sang the song. They sang all the songs. And even did their Blink-182 cover. I liked listening to them live. “Everyone,” Luke said, “Before we slow it down, I want to bring up someone.” He said and came to the stage and reached for me. I gave him a look and frantically shook my head. “This is Alex. Michael’s girlfriend. She has the voice of an angel, she has to sing Amnesia for y’all.” He said. And the crowd chants my name. I groan and get up on the stage.

“Hey guys, I’m Alex.” I laugh awkwardly, “I guess I’ll sing Amnesia.” They play the chords and I almost start crying. “I drove by all the places we used to hang out getting wasted…” I sing the rest of the song. The crowd screams and claps when I finish. I’m bawling. I hop off the stage and back to my seat. “You’re really good. I can’t believe you’re with Michael.” She said and I smiled. “Yeah, I have been for a while. We were childhood friends.” I smiled at her.

The concert ended and I made my way backstage to meet the boys. “Thanks for that guys.” I laugh awkwardly. “The girl next to me was ugh.” I say rolling my eyes, but they laugh. Michael kisses my lips and wraps his arm around my waist. “Are you SUUUREEEEE you don’t want to come?” Michael asks again. “Michael. No. I’m staying with your mom.” I say and he sighs. “Ugh fine. We leave tomorrow!” He says and pokes my nose and runs off.

“You get back here!” I shout and am chasing him. This little shit. “Got you!” I say and pull on his shirt. He smirks and turns around and passionately kisses me. “Let’s go home.” He says to me and we take my car to his house. “I’m home mom!” He shouts. “There’s food in the fridge for you guys!” She says and walks down the stairs. “Karen, is it alright if I stay here while they’re gone?” I ask her. “Alex, of course. It’s the least I could do.” She smiled. I hugged her and thanked her.

~The next morning!

“Another goodbye.” I sigh. He nods and kisses me passionately. “I’m going to miss you.” He says. “You have no idea.” I laugh. I hand him my favorite stuffed animal, and it has been, since I was a baby. “Have fun! Take care! Don’t have sex! Text me! Call me! Video Chat with me! I love you Mikey.” I say and kiss him again. “I love you too Alex. And trust me I will. I don’t want to hurt you again.” He pouted. I smiled and hugged him one last time. “Bye Mikey.” I waved. “Bye Alex.” He waved back.



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