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It Never Ends

Chapter 13

It's been a week without Michael or the boys here. It's so weird, I'd gotten so used to them being here, it's like old times, except at night I'm at his house and during the day I'm at mine. Today his mom and I are supposed to go to lunch. She said she had something for me. I'm not sure why she can't give it to me at night when I'm there. She wouldn’t tell me why either.

I got dressed and went over to her house. She welcomed me in and asked if I was ready. I told her I was and we got into her car and drove off. We went to this one place I went to a lot as a child, his mom would always take me and Michael out for lunch here. "I can't believe you remember this place." I said to her and she smiled. "Michael loved this place, every time he came back from tour we HAD to go here." She said and I smiled.

I ordered chicken strips, French fries, and a milkshake. "Someone hasn't changed." She laughed and I smiled. "You need to go out and make friends." Karen continued, I shot her a look. What? Really?! "I don't like people." I laughed and she nodded, "I know." We continued eating, but she kept trying to get me to go talk to other people, "I really don't want to." I said and she finally stopped.

My phone went off and I quickly checked it, "Michael?" Karen asks and I nod. 'Hey babe, I miss you bunches. I'm sorry we haven't talked much. We're in Vegas today! I wish you were here. If you ever want to join us let me know. I love you! I'll call you tonight (:' I smiled. 'Maybe I should come with you guys…' I replied to him. And within seconds he said 'Yes! You should! Come on Alex, please!!!!' I chuckled and looked up at his mom, "Should I go on tour with them?" I ask and she nods, "Yes! He misses you. Trust me, a mother knows." She said. 'I think I will Mikey… can you get me a plane ticket? Or do I need to get one?' I asked. 'Could you get one? Get one to Vegas! I'll see you tonight! Let me know when you're supposed to get here and I'll pick you up.'

I tell her I have to go back home, she we leave and she drives me back to her house, and then I drive back to my house, pack 3 suitcases and set the security alarms. I walk to his house and Karen drives me to the airport. I go to the place to buy tickets, and buy one that leaves in an hour. I hug her goodbye and rush through security checks.

I get on the plane and relax. I get to see Michael again! I get to see him! It's weird, it's only been a week, but I miss him, a lot. I was listening to Everything I Didn't Say. It kind of made me think this was about Michael and I, it kind of sounded like it was. The song made me cry a bit. But not enough, because I passed out.

~An Hour Later~

I'm not sure why I didn't just drive here. I call Michael and tell him I'm at the airport. He tells me to turn around, so I did, and there he was. I run up to him and hug him. "What made you change your mind?" He asked and kissed me. "Your mom kept trying to get me to make friends." I laughed and kissed him again.

"Is it weird I missed you so much?" He asked and I frantically shook my head. "You have no idea." I chuckled. We got into the cab that was waiting for us and we drive back to the hotel. Michael refused to let go of my hand. "Do you guys have a show tonight?" I ask and he shakes his head, "The guys are going out." "And you're not?" I ask. "No. I want to stay with you!" He says and I sigh, "Go out Michael! I wish you would."

"But Alex, I missed you." He said. "But Michael, your friends need time too." I smile and he nods, "Fineee." He groans. We get to the hotel and he helps me with my bags, he takes them up to his room and I follow. He opens the door and the boys are just about to leave to go out. "Have fun Mikey." I smile and kiss him. "Are you sure?" He asks and I nod. "I'll be here!" I say as they leave.

I get my stuff situated and decide to take a bath. I let the water warm up and get in. The door to the room opens and I hear Michael's voice, "Alex? Did you see my wallet? It's not in my pocket." He shouts, and without knocking, walks into the bathroom. "Oh, uh. Sorry…" He says and I laugh. "Check your jacket." I told him and he awkwardly walked out of the bathroom.


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Update soon plz

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I'm so super sorry guys. I feel terrible. I haven't updated in more than a month and just, I'm so sorry.

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