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It Never Ends

Chapter 14

~A Few Weeks Later In Dallas, TX~

I woke up, and realized what today was, I groaned and stomped into the bathroom. I changed into my clothes for the day and stomped into the boys' room. I walked to Michael who was sitting on the couch with a grin on his face. "What's got you all happy?" I growl. "I have a surprise for you!" He says happily. I narrow my eyes, "You know I hate Valentine's Day Michael." I hiss.

"I know! But it's special! Please Alex!" He pleaded. "No!" I scream and storm out of the room and out of the hotel. This fucking worthless piece of shit holiday. I can't remember a decent Valentine's Day, they've all been shit, fucking shit. I'm walking along the streets of Dallas, cursing and blaring Of Mice & Men. Bullshit fucking bullshit holiday. 14th fucking day. It's just another day. The same fourteenth it is every fucking month. Why is this fourteenth fucking day any different?!

A woman and her little daughter pass by and she's giving me looks, "Fuck off!" I hiss. My music stops as I'm getting calls. I groan, it's Michael. I ignore it and my music continues. Call, after fucking call, I decide to turn off my phone. I'm standing in a park now. There's a ton of children there, some with parents. "Alex? Alex? Are you Michael's girlfriend?" A girl, probably 14 asks. "I am." I laughed. "That's so cool! How long have you guys known each other?" She asks. "14 years, it hasn't been all ice cream and lollypops." I chuckled. "Awe! I'm sorry. Can I get a picture?" She questions and I nod.

She takes out her phone and snaps a picture. She thanks me and hugs me, then I sit back down on a swing. Another little kid, who looks 4 runs up to me. "Swing!" He says. "Oh I'm sorry, he doesn't know better." His mom laughs, running to him. "No worries. Give him 14 years and he'll be a lady killer." I grinned. "I'll swing with him." I said to her and she handed me the little boy. "This is Christopher." She smiled. "Hi Christopher, I'm Alex. My boyfriend's famous." I laughed and he giggled as we swung up and down. Or back and forth? Which is it?

I swung with the little child. He seemed to love it. He brought a whole new light unto me for this day. "What's wrong?" His mom asked, sitting on the swing next to me, after standing up for quite some time. "I'm sure you don't want to hear." I laughed awkwardly. "Oh tell me! I'm a psychiatrist." She said and I sighed, "Well. Where should I start? I had a friend who I knew for years, one day he up and left me and got famous. He left because his friends told him to but honestly I think there was another reason. And then he comes back and we've been together for a few months now, and this day, the fourteenth of February 14 years ago, my dad died. I was 4. And I hate this god awful day. And my boyfriend wants to do something tonight, but I really don't want to."

I laughed and she nodded, "Does he know this?" She asked and I nodded, "He just wants you to be happy, I'm sure of it. Go to him!" She smiled and I gave her back Christopher. He was so cute, I wanted to keep him. "Thank you so much." I said and hugged her, "Bye Christopher!!" I said to the baby and began walking back to the hotel. I turned on my phone, I had probably 100 missed calls and a billion texts. I called Michael.

"Mikey…?" I said hesitantly into the phone. "Alex, god I was so worried. Are you okay?" He says frantically. I knock on their hotel room door and Luke opens it. He lets me in and I walk over to Michael. He'd been crying. "I'm sorry." I said apologetically. "It's okay… I'm sorry. I know you hate this day." He said and I hugged him. "It's okay. I know you had a surprised, but can we just stay at home today? Well the room? My room? I don't want to go out." I said to him. He nodded.

"Of course Alex, anything for you." He spoke and I kissed his lips gently. "I'm sorry I worried you. I met the cutest little kid today! He swung with me. I talked with his mom. She's a psychologist." I smiled and so did he. "That's so cool. Any movies you want to watch?" he asked and pulled out a giant plastic tub of movies. "The Shining!" I shouted and he smiled. "Amazing."


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