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It Never Ends

Chapter 15

Michael had said that he still had something he had gotten for me yesterday, and he gave it to me and it was a thing for Dallas fashion week? All these country ass bitches in dresses? Ugh. First it's casual wear, then it's formal, and then swim wear. "Are you sure about this?" Michael asks, walking me into the building. "I guess." I laughed awkwardly.

I'm going to bring some punk into this country fest. When I saw the girls with big dresses, I scoffed. "I need something black." I said to Michael and trailed around looking for the dressing rooms. "I'll be out in the audience, front row. Text me if you need anything." He smiled. I entered the dressing room and there were a ton of girls in there, I think the age limit was 21. I got dressed into my casual wear and they were giving me looks. "Excuse you?" I hiss at them.

"That's too casual." One of them said. "Watch me beat your little ass." I laugh and walk out. I'm waiting on the stage, and after about 5 minutes of waiting I'm called on stage. I see Michael smiling. "We have some questions." The lady who was calling the numbers said, I nodded. "Where are you from Alex?" She asks. "Las Angeles." I answered.

"How old are you?" "I'm 18." "Why did you chose what you're wearing today?" She asked. "Because you said casual. This is even a little dressy for me." I laughed, did a little walk like they do on TV and walked off the stage. I quickly changed into my formal and still got weird looks. "Listen you little shit. Why don't you shut the fuck up. At least I'm real and not overly dressed like some fucking slut." I growled. Her eyes opened wide.

I walked back out and waited my turn. "What are your hobbies?" The lady asked when I got on stage. "I like to sing and dance, but I'm bad at dancing, and right now I'm on tour with my boyfriend." I laughed and did my walk and walked off. I then changed into swimwear and didn't even get looks from the other girls in there. Yay me! I waited once again. Then I was called, but no questions are asked this time. I just did my walk and walked off.

I changed back into my formal and waited on stage to see who won. Third place, second place, second was actually the girl I told off. "And first place, and the prize of $1,000 goes too… Alex Lucillia!" I smiled at the second place winner and had a crown put on my head and a sash draped over me. "You won today because you were real." One of the judges said and I smiled. I had to go back to the dressing room to grab my stuff, but then I was met by Michael who was waiting outside of the door.

He kissed me and hugged me tightly. "We have a show tonight." He said and I nodded. "I'd love to go." I laughed and we went to an In & Out Burger and grabbed food, then we left to the Gexa Energy place the concert was going to be at.

The boys had just gotten there. We all went onto the stage together. "I'm going to be right there." I said pointing to the spot center stage. "Why won't you ever be on stage?!" Michael shouted and I sighed. "Fineee," I groaned, "I'll be right there." I said and pointed to the side of the stage closest to Michael. "But I'm going to make faces at you!"


Let me know how you guys like it <3


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Update soon plz

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I'm so super sorry guys. I feel terrible. I haven't updated in more than a month and just, I'm so sorry.

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