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It Never Ends

Chapter 16

~Alex's pov~

Michael went out last night, after the show, and came back so fucking drunk. Ashton looked really like sympathetic towards me today, it was odd. The whole room felt awkward, like there was a pink elephant in the room that only I didn’t know about. “Alex.” Ashton laughed awkwardly. I noticed Michael’s gave shoot towards him. “Something happened.” He said and I nodded. “We have to talk about when Michael left you.” He said and sat down next to me. He then motioned for Calum and Luke to leave. Michael sat down on the chair across from us.

“Michael left, for one reason. He’ll never tell you, and you’re so sweet, I don’t want to fuck this up for you, but I don’t want him never to tell you. We never told Michael to leave you. Ever. We had a show that night in Sydney, after you two had kissed,” He sighed, “After that show, Michael hooked up with a girl. He regretted it completely. He was too embarrassed to tell you. So he left.” I look over at Michael who has his head in his hands. “There’s more. Last night, when we were out. He was so drunk, as you know. He could hardly stand, let alone focus his eyes, she was there, but she looked completely different than she did 2 years ago. And they did hook up.” Ashton said and placed his hand on my leg. I shoved it off.

“How could you?!” I screamed. “Alex is was an accident!” He said defensively. “How could you… you said you loved me…” I said and ran into the bathroom. One of the boys’ razors was on the counter, I quickly deconstructed it and got the middle blade. I could hear them banging on the door, screaming my name, but after the first few slashes, my vision was blurry, and pretty soon, it went black…

~Michael’s pov~

I banged on the door, hoping for an answer, but pretty soon I heard a bang, and I knew she was down. The guys and I were able to bang down the door, she was collapsed on the floor, she was bleeding badly. “We need to get her to a hospital!” I said frantically. “The ambulance is already on their way.” Ashton said, walking back into the room. I placed her head on my lap and my tears fell onto her face. “Alex I’m so sorry… I didn’t… I thought it was you…” The door to the room was opened and the ambulance guys rushed in and took her. They let me ride with them.

I felt so bad, I swear I’ll never drink again. When we get there, she gets stitches and a blood transfusion. I sat beside her, and soon she woke up. “Get away from me.” She said quietly. “I don’t want to talk to a liar!” She hissed, somewhat louder this time. “Alex please.” I said. “Michael no! You lied to me! You cheated on me! Twice!!” She said. “Alex, I didn’t mean to, not this time. I thought it was you! I really did! I was so drunk!” He said. “I’ll never be able to trust you again Michael.” She said, and I felt it tear a whole through my heart. “I know Alex… trust me… I know.” I said, crying a bit. “I don’t know if I can stay in this relationship...”


What do you think Alex will do?! Let me know what you think!!


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Update soon plz

Ashley_5sos Ashley_5sos

I'm so super sorry guys. I feel terrible. I haven't updated in more than a month and just, I'm so sorry.

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