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It Never Ends

Chapter 17

They let me out of the hospital yesterday and we went back to the hotel. I got a room to myself, and sat on the bed. I really didn’t want to see Michael, but I did ask Ashton to come in and talk to me. There's a knock on the door and I drag my body over to it and open it. I let Ashton in and we sat down on the couch. "So, how are you?" He asks and I shrug my shoulders. "He didn’t fuck with her the other night, they kissed but that was all." He spoke.

"I don't know." I managed to say. I was so tired of everything right now, I just wanted to die. "Alex, I get your upset, about everything. But Michael didn’t mean it. He was drunk, so drunk this time." Ashton said. "He's never, not once, even looked at me sexually." I said, and felt my heart sink. "That's because he respects you Alex. Do you think he respects someone who would just throw themselves on him? No!" "But he did it twice, with the same chick."

"I know he did, but he still cares. I promise. Why don't we all just go out for a nice night in Dallas? You can meet new people." He said and I nodded. "Get dressed okay?" I shook my head and pointed to my arms. "I can't. It hurts." I said and he sighed, "I'll call Michael because I'm not comfortable doing it." He said, and after he left, just seconds later Michael walks in.

"What do you want to wear?" He asks. I point to an outfit I had already gotten out. I point to my suitcase where my bra was. He puts it on me and then carefully puts my shirt and skirt on. "Are you sure you want to go out?" He questioned and I nodded. He then did my hair and carefully did my makeup. "This actually doesn’t look bad." I laughed lightly and he smiled.

He walked me back to their room and all of them were dressed, except him, who I just noticed was still in his pajamas. "Sorry to keep you from your things." I said quietly. He walked into the bathroom and changed into his clothes. "Ready?" He asked when he came out and everyone nodded. There was a cab waiting for us outside of the hotel, we all piled in and the driver drove us to where ever Ashton told him to. We went to this place called, The Magic Time Machine. There was a time machine there, and I wanted to try.

So I got in, and I picked 2 dates, the first one, being when Michael kissed me, then the other, when he walked by my house with the guys. I put in $2 and pressed the button.

I found myself, sitting on the picnic table at the lake with Michael. He was about to kiss, me, then he did. I kissed back. And just as he had done before, he handed me his new phone number. "Please don't leave!" I shouted as he got up. "There was something I had to tell you Alex…" He said and sighed. "We're leaving on tour tonight. I didn't want you to be upset." He said, sounding sad. "I know, but please Michael. Please don't leave." I was crying. "Alex, I have to. I promised them…" He said. "Don't forget about me tonight Michael. You'll regret it for the rest of your life." I said, and I passed through some weird time warp thing and ended up right before the mailbox pass by.

There they are, Michael with his green, almost white hair. I'm out checking my mail. I wave at them. But he doesn't even look over at me. "Michael!" I shout. His head turns around. "Excuse me?" he questions. I can see through his eyes that he knows who I am. "Don't lie Michael, I know you too well. You know me." I said and he shrugged his shoulders. "Sorry, I have no idea." He said and I pulled my phone out and called his number.

His phone was ringing. I could hear it going off. He pulled it out and looked over at me. "Remember me now?" I hiss and throw a rock at him. "Fuck you!" I shout and rush into my house and slam the door. "What's wrong Alex?" My mom asks. "Michael's outside." I growl.

She rushes outside. "Michael! Come in! Please!" My mom begs him, but he keeps walking. "Now you see why I'm so mad." I laughed.

"Alex! Alex! Wak e up!" someone shouted. I shook my head, "What happened?"


Let me know how you guys like the chapter <3
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Update soon plz

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