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It Never Ends

Chapter 18 ~REDONE~

I laid on the ground, my head was under Michael's legs. "What happened?" I asked. "You passed out, are you alright?" He questions and I nod, "I feel alright. This thing, it works." I laughed awkwardly. "What do you mean?" Michael asks. I gulp. "I brought it back to the day, the day we kissed. And god it was weird. You swore you'd never leave me. But then, I took it to the mailbox day, and that time I spoke to you, but you said you didn't remember me." I said and his eyes grew wide. "Alex! I'm so sorry." He said apologetically. "It's fine. Let's eat? I'm hungry." I laughed and they all nodded.

I had pizza when someone walked up to me. It was a girl, covered in tattoos. She was beautiful. "Hello." She smiled and sat herself at our table. "Hi." I smiled back at her. "My name is Cassandra, don't mind me boys. I'm here to talk to her." She said and I laughed, "I'm Alex." I said and she smiled. "I know this is weird, but you'd look good with tattoos, I'm part of the Suicide Girls modeling company, and I'd like to help you become one too." She said and my eyes grew wide.

"No way?!" I said and she nodded, "Here's my card. Get a few tattoos and we'll talk." She smiled. She got up and walked off. All of the guys looked at me weird. I was smiling though. I want tattoos! I've always wanted tattoos! I've just never had a reason to get them. After we ate, the boys took a cab and then I took another one to a tattoo parlor in Dallas. "Hi." I say walking in. I'm a bit nervous. "I want a full sleeve. And I'm willing to pay whatever to get it done today." I said and he looked at me oddly. "Really?" He scoffed. "Please." I smiled and he nodded.

"You might want to change clothes." He said and I nodded. I always carry an extra pair of clothes in my purse. I changed and he started on my tattoo. It was painful. But I loved what it was going to be. It's so normal, a lot of people have it, but I love it. I couldn't do colored tattoos, so it was going to be black and white. Then the idea hit me. What if I got a tattoo in every place we went? And get a tattoo of something that reminds me of the area. Wouldn't that be cool? I think so. I cringed at the pain. I was tired already. "Can I nap?" I laughed. He looked at me oddly and said sure. So I did.

When I woke up he was finished, "No one's ever slept through a tattoo before." He laughed and I nodded, "It's been such a long day." "It'll be 500$" He said and I handed him my card. I paid and left. I called a cab and went back to the hotel. The boys were packing up and I smiled. "Hey guys!" I said and they smiled at me. "Let me see!!" Michael shouted. I turned to him and showed him, he smiled, "Looks good Lex." I gave him a look. He hadn't called me that in years… since we were at least 5. Wow.

I guess I should pack up my things. So I go into my room and throw all of my shit into my two suitcases. "Where to next?" I ask Mikey, who's followed me. "Las Vegas, and then Seattle, but you might want to put in for a passport when we get to Vegas. You're going to need it." He winked and I laughed, "I went to Paris last year, I've already got one."


This is the tattoo >>> https://www.pinterest.com/pin/214765475955006371/

I hope you guys like this chapter <3
I like it better than the other one xD


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Update soon plz

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I'm so super sorry guys. I feel terrible. I haven't updated in more than a month and just, I'm so sorry.

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