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It Never Ends

Chapter 2

After the show, my sister and I were walking out of the arena, and down the street, since our house was close we started walking. I heard someone shouting my name, but I didn’t bother to turn around. I already knew who it was. But my sister insisted we stop, so we did. “What do you want Michael?” I hissed at him. “Will you forgive me now?” He pleaded. I grabbed my sister’s arm and pulled her away from him. “I’ll follow you all the way home!” he shouted.

“Why?! The mates are going to need you.” I mocked. “Why are you so fucking mean to him?” My sister asked, stopping me in my tracks. “When your best friend leaves you to be in a fucking not so punk, punk band, you kind of get a little pissed.” I angry laughed. “He just apologized to you in front of most of the country.” She said.

I looked back at Michael, who looked somewhat upset. I shook my head, “I’m not going to let you ruin me again.” I said and walked off, without my sister, but she just stood with him, and walked him to our house. He knew where it was, we hadn’t ever moved, not once, I’ve lived in the same house for 17 years.

I walked inside, and was soon followed by Michael and my sister. “Will you two just leave me alone?” I growled, pulling out my phone, and took a picture of them. “Is this a new thing? My sister and my ex best friend, trying so hard to get me to forgive him?” I posted on Instagram. No one believed it wasn’t edited. So I turned it on video and I let them decide from there, I had friends who apparently were fans of this band, eh.

“Can we at least talk? Alone…” Michael asked. I sighed, “Whatever.” I said and walked up to my room. I sat down on my bed and he sat on the desk chair. “Talk.” I hissed. “No, I’m done talking, you talk.” He said defensively. “Fine, talk, talk, talkidy, talk, talk.” I said trying not to laugh, but he didn’t hold it in, he laughed. “No, no, Alex come on. How do you feel?”

“How do I feel?!” I growled, “I feel like my best fucking friend abandoned me to make music, which is great because you can make money and whatever, but abandonment? Was that REALLY necessary? For a band? Especially after being friends for almost our entire life and finally confessing our love to each other?! Is that how you work? You kiss girls and leave?” I was crying now. He handed me the box of tissues on my desk and I wiped my tears.

“Alex, I didn’t mean for it to happen, I just didn’t want the mates to leave me if I kept talking to you…” “BUT WHAT ABOUT WHEN THEY GOT GIRLFRIENDS MICHAEL?! WHAT ABOUT THEN?! DID YOU EVEN FUCKING THINK ABOUT ME?!” I shouted, my eyes red from the tears. “Alex…” he said, and looked up, he had been crying too, “I’m so sorry I hurt you so bad.”

Just as he was about to leave my parents burst in, “Michael!!” They shouted, “We haven’t seen you in ages!!!!” “Sorry, but… I have to go.” He said, but I grabbed his arm, “Stay.” I whispered. Makeup was running down my face, I looked horrible, but he sat back down. “Ooo! We’ll order Chinese food just like we used to! It’s so nice to have you back Michael, maybe it’ll get Alex down the right path again.” My dad smiled.

They left and he looked at me, “Right path?” He asked. I gulped and showed him my wrists and my thighs, “Alex.” He said. “I was so lost, I didn’t know what to do. You were all I had and you left me. I’ve attempted twice, but it never worked.” He came up to me and hugged me tightly. He refused to let go, he towered over me, being I was only 5’4.

“Don’t you need to let the mates know you won’t be back tonight?” I growled, and he broke the hug, “Uh yeah.” He said and pulled out his phone. “Actually, let me.” I said, took his phone, and called Luke. “Hello, yes, this is Alex, Michael won’t be making it back to the bus tonight, sorry. If you don’t like it you can suck my fuck.” I hissed and hung up.

“Let’s play.” He said and held up some stupid Xbox game that we used to play. I smiled at him and he threw me a controller, “I missed that smile of yours.” He said and we sat down on my bed. We started the game and he was winning, “You always did so much better than me at this game.” I laughed. “Fuck yes!” He said as he crossed the finish line.

“Fuck you.” I said and pushed him, well tried pushing him off the bed, but instead of him flying off the bed, he grabbed me and took me with him, I landed on top of him, “God you’re beautiful.” He said. I was blushing, hardcore blushing. I leaned down, so that I was just a little bit from his lips, and I kissed him. “I never forgot what that first kiss felt like…” he spoke as we broke away.

“Alex, Alex, wake up!!” someone shouted. I rubbed my eyes and looked up to see my sister, Michael, and medics standing around me, “What happened?” I asked, feeling like shit. “You passed out. You’ve been out for an hour or so.” My sister said. “I had the most incredible dream.” I said and grabbed Michael’s arm. “Stay…” I whispered and he smiled. “From now on.”


I hope you guys like this chapter xD


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Update soon plz

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I'm so super sorry guys. I feel terrible. I haven't updated in more than a month and just, I'm so sorry.

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