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It Never Ends

Chapter 21

I woke up the next morning to the boys loudly snoring, I got up and got dressed, I was still really mad at Ashton. But I continued on as if it wasn’t a huge deal. Michael was the next one up and he looked at me sadly, “I’m really sorry for not standing up for you Alex.” Michael said. “It’s okay Mikey, it just kind of sucks.” I hugged him tightly, “How was the show last night?” “It was good, really nice.” Michael smiled. “That’s really good Mikey! Aren’t we on our way to Seattle now?” I ask and he nods.

I’m really excited to go there, I love it so much. The road was very bumpy, every time I took a sip of my tea the bus would bounce. It was so irritating. Ashton was up next and he looked over at me, “Alex I-” “No Ashton, it’s okay, I promise.” I smiled and hugged him. We were sitting down on the couch when Luke and Calum got up, they both looked at me rudely but continued on, the bus stopped. I looked out the window and saw the beautiful skyline of Seattle. There they were, and we were dead in the center of the town.

“It’s so pretty.” I cooed. “Let’s explore?” Michael asked and I nodded. “We’ll be back!” I shouted and we walked outside. We walked out of the bus and around the town, we saw that there was more strip malls than actual malls. Michael clung tight to me, there were a ton of homeless people and people asking for money, it was really scary. “You’re alright Alex. I’m right here.” He smiled. I loved being with Michael, I really did. But everything is so hard right now, everything’s changing so much I don’t know if I like it or what.

Michael is almost exactly like the 17 year old I loved all of those years ago, he was so kind and loving, like he really cared. But none of it makes sense to me, why didn’t he ever care about how I felt? Boys, they never do… I chuckled at my thoughts as we walked into a café, I ordered a chai tea latte and sat down at the table. Michael followed with our drinks in hand. “I love it here already.” “Well I love you already.” Michael laughed and I play punched him.

A girl walked up to our table in a 5Sauce shirt. “H-Hi, Michael?” she said nervously. “Hi.” Michael smiled. “Can you sign my shirt?” She asked and handed him a sharpie. He wrote his name down “Thank you so much! I’ll see you at the show tonight!” She smiled and ran off. “People like that are the reason I keep going. They aren’t too annoying, and they don’t cling to you.” He sighed happily. I turned as the door to the café opened, oh god. Not now, please. Not now.

“Alex? Is that you?” My ex, James asked. “James, it’s nice to see you. This is my boyfriend, Michael!” I say before he could say anything. “Who’s this?” Michael asks, “When you and I were apart, I was with him… but obviously it was distance.” “Well let’s catch up!” James says and sits himself down. Dear god.


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Update soon plz

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Update soon plz

Ashley_5sos Ashley_5sos

I'm so super sorry guys. I feel terrible. I haven't updated in more than a month and just, I'm so sorry.

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Update soon plz

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