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It Never Ends

Chapter 22

James sat down and stared at me awkwardly. Michael was sitting there, staring at him. “So, James, this is kind of a date. Do you mind?” “Oh, no, sorry good to see you.” He said and got up and left. I began explaining to Michael who James was. I could see how aggravated Michael was. I frowned. “I was with him because he reminded me of you Mikey. I love you.” I said and he sighed. “Promise?” “Pinky promise.” I smiled and I drank my latte.

We watched out the window as people walked by, “They probably look at tourists in disgust. I would.” Michael laughed.He started quietly singing to Wake Me Up When September Ends by Green Day, which was playing on the overhead speakers. I began singing it with him and it became a singing match. The barista separated us and pulled us to opposite sides of the café, like a wrestling announcer the barista said, “In this corner, we have Michael Clifford! And in this corner we have Alex Lucillia! Place your bets here!”

She said a few other things and then played a song, it was One Thing by One Direction. “I toured with them!” Michael shouts. “I’m a Fangirl!” I yell and start singing, then stop and let Michael go. “And the winner is… Alex!” She says and I shout in excitement. We go through 2 more songs, and I end up winning, I get a free coffee and we sit back down. “You suck Alex.” Michael pouts. “Awe my poor baby.” I mock and grab his chin to kiss him.

“It’s about time to head out right?” I ask him. He nods and we walk back to where our bus is. The boys are sitting outside in lawn chairs. We join them, they ask how our day was and I sigh, the new band Hey Violet is sitting outside too, I really don’t like them. They’re so… punk. I know Michael is flirty with that blonde one I think her name is Miranda Miller, she’s not the prettiest… but they’re touring together since they’re on the same record label, I personally don’t like them, but I like their style. They’re like Avril Lavigne/Paramore/Echosmith mixed and it’s kind of weird, they’re a wanna be punk band, but they’re totally pop.

“Oh! Alex right?” That blonde chick said and came up to me. “Yeah. What’s up?” I ask her. “Are you and Michael like… together?” she asks and I look over at Michael and then back at her, “Uh, it’s complicated. Why?” I ask her. Maybe I should’ve said no just to see what she said. “Oh I don’t know,” She said in THE fakest voice ever. “Isn’t he cute? He’s told me that I’m cute.” She smirked and I put on my best fake smile. “Oh that’s nice, when was that?” I asked. “It was just a few days ago.”

I think she was just saying it to be a bitch, so I excused myself and walked up to Michael. I stood directly in front of him. “So Miranda huh? How cute.” I puckered my lip. “What a lovely whore to fuck.” I growled and walked up to Ashton, “How dare you not tell me!” I shout with my pointer finger digging into my chest. “Alex! Alex! Calm down! What are you talking about?” Michael said. “Cute? You call an ugly bitch like that, cute? Then what am I? An ugly rat?” I hiss. “I never called her cute. Ever!” “She said you did!”

“And? She just wants to make you jealous. She’s tried shit on me Alex. But I always ditch her. I don’t want to fuck this up again.” “Is it funny that I can’t believe you?” I laugh rudely. “I don’t expect you to.” Ashton said from behind me. I quickly turn to face him. “Excuse me?” I groan.

“I’ve got something to tell you Alex…” Ashton said and my eyes grew wide. “What?” I hiss. “Michael and you, were never together… that guy you would talk to on the phone? Me. That guy that would send you cute texts all the time? Me. Michael would go out with you on dates because you’re so perfect… no girl like you would even look at me.” I’m at a loss for words, “What about now? What about our past few months together?! Did you even fucking want me?!” I screech, turning around to face Michael. “I started to get feelings… I really did Alex, you’re chill as fuck.” Michael said.

“Fuck this shit. I’m out.” I begin walking off, I want to get as far away from the busses as I can. “Alex wait!” I hear Ashton shout. I stop. “What. Do you. Want?!” I shout. “I’m so sorry…” “Sorry doesn’t fucking cut it Ashton.” “I know. Trust me, I know. I want to make up for it… please.” He begs and I shake my head. “Fuck off.”




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Update soon plz

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