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It Never Ends

Chapter 3

Truth is, I didn’t want him to stay, I was forever pissed at him, but that dream, that dream was so life like I thought it was really happening. “Hey, I’m a good friend of hers, let me take her home.” Michael said and helped my sister help me up. “Thanks guys, but I’m fine really, I just get really nervous in tight spaces, you guys know that.”

But they refused to let me walk home. We hailed a cab and it drove, literally half a block to my house. “Okay come on Lucy, let’s let Michael get back.” I said and opened the door, my sister got out of the back, and we were just about to walk in the front door before Michael ran up and stopped me. “Go on Lucy, tell mom I’ll be in in a minute.” I said and she went inside.

“What happened?” I asked, and he told me how I passed out right before the show ended. They were just about to finish their last song and then BAM, I was down. That he rushed off stage to help me. “Thanks.” I said and looked down. “Come on, let me help you inside.” He said and opened the front door for me. “Michael!!” My mom shouted, “It’s been so long!!” She hugged him tightly. “Nice to see you again.” He smiled at her.

He grabbed my hand and helped me up the stairs, “I really don’t need help. I’m fine.” I told him, but he insisted. We got to my door and I opened it, “Well?” He asked. “You can come in I guess.” I said and he walked in and shut the door behind him. “Wow, it’s not much different than when I left.” He said. “The only thing that’s different is all our pictures, they’re not on that wall anymore.” He sounded a little disappointed. “They’re in here.” I said and opened a desk drawer.

I took them out and handed to them, “Who took this?” He said showing me the picture of the last day we saw each other, our first kiss… “Lucy.” I said and I could feel the back of my eyes burning from holding in the tears. “Hold on.” I walked into my bathroom and turned on the sink. I sat in the shower with no water running, and cried. Him being here, him looking at old memories, him… it was so heart breaking.

“Alex?” He asked knocking on the door, I guess I had been in here I while… I got up, turned off the sink, and wiped my eyes. I opened the door and he was crying too. “It’s so hard.” He spoke, his voice breaking from the tears. “I can’t do this again Michael, you’re never at home anymore, you’re famous, people like you. I can’t do this.” “We can make this work Alex, please can we just try?” he asked and I slid down the wall, tears falling from my face.

I kept shaking my head no I couldn’t try. I won’t try. “Come on, let’s get you out of those clothes.” He whispered. With the help of him, I stood up and walked to my bed and sat down. He grabbed some clothes out of my closet, “You kept it?” He asked, referring to the sweater he got me on my birthday 2 years ago. I nodded, and he smiled. He handed me the clothes and I started changing, “Whoa, don’t you want me to leave first?” He asked and I shook my head, “You’ve seen me naked plenty of times.”

I finished changing and laid on my bed under my blankets, “Get some rest alright?” He asked and I smiled, “Can you stay?” “Of course.” He said and got into bed with me. He laid next to me and I cuddled up with him and I could feel myself dozing off…

~The Next Morning~

I woke up and Michael was gone, no surprise there, Lucy was sitting on my desk chair, “What are you doing in here?” I asked sleepily. “Michael wanted me to give this to you.” She said getting up and handing me an envelope. “Thanks. Now leave.” I said and she hurried out of my room.

Hey Alex,
Sorry I had to leave, we had to start to our next venue. It was great seeing you. My number hasn’t changed, I hope you’ll give me a call sometime. Have a good life. ~Michael

His number hadn’t changed? Well then. I decided to text him. I just said hey, he didn’t reply so I thought it would be best to get up, it’s only Sunday and I don’t do church. So I thought why not go shopping, but get really dressed up and buy a lot so people thought I was rich, I mean, I am, I have a lot of money, but I don’t spend too much.

I got dressed, did my hair and makeup, grabbed my keys, and left. I drove to the biggest mall, I saw that there were girls lined up out the doors. I tapped one, “What’s going on?” I asked, “5 Seconds of Summer is in there!!! They won’t let anyone in.” she said. I growled and took my phone out of my pocket and called Michael. “Hello?” He answered. “So much for leaving. I had a plan to go shopping and as it looks, I can’t fucking do that.” I hissed into the phone. “I’ll be out there in a second, come to the back, there’s not as many girls.” He said and hung up.

I walked around to the back and there were still a shit ton of girls, but the guard looked nicer haha, “Michael Clifford is going to come out and get me, can you please help me to the front?” I asked, and without even thinking she said no. I gave her a death glare and pushed my way to the front, upsetting a lot of girls. “Alex!!” Michael shouted and pulled me in. “Thanks.” I said and walked the opposite way of him.

“Wait!!” he said but I just kept walking. I stopped in Abercrombie and Fitch and shopped around. I bought a couple shirts and some pants. I continues around, shopping, thinking about changing my hair even, but I decided not to. So I just bought 20 bags worth of clothes, shoes, and makeup. “Too much?” He asked, meeting up with me, all of the boys behind him.

“Sorry, I don’t hang with assholes.” I hissed and started walking away from them. “Come on Alex hold on.” Michael said. I quickly turned to face them, Michael walked up to me and handed me a box. “Happy late birthday.” He said and walked back, and pretty soon, they turned the corner and disappeared. My birthday was last week, I’m surprised he remembered, awe.

I opened the box and it was a necklace with a skeleton key on it, (One that opens any doors in a house please tell me you guys know what a skeleton key is xD) On the back of it there was little letters that said “They key to my heart” and it was adorable.

I kicked off my heals and started running in the direction of them, shouting his name. I finally caught up to them and I hugged him “Thank you.” I said to him and kissed his cheek. He laughed, “No.” and he kissed my lips. “Like that.” He said, repeating what he had said the first time we kissed, 2 years ago. “I’m sorry I caused you so much pain Alex. You don’t deserve to be hurting this bad.”


How are you guys liking it so far?! Please comment <3


Update soon plz

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Update soon plz

Ashley_5sos Ashley_5sos

I'm so super sorry guys. I feel terrible. I haven't updated in more than a month and just, I'm so sorry.

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Update soon plz

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