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It Never Ends

Chapter 5

Alex's pov

Michael had been staying at my house the past couple days, and today I was finally going out to meet that guy I met at the coffee shop the other day. “Can I come?” Michael asked as I was about to leave. “Uh, I’m kind of going on a date…” I said awkwardly. “Oh, okay. Have fun.” He smiled.

It was 7 at night, and the winter time, so it was already almost completely dark. Anyways, I got into my car and drove an hour to some town in between our two towns. “Hey!” I said walking up to him, he was standing by his car. “Hey,” He smiled, “You ready?” He asked and I nodded. We walked down the street a few blocks and were at this really, really, dark ally. “Uh, why are we here?” I asked nervously.

He told me to keep walking, and then I felt something poke at my back, it was a gun. I knew that feeling. I gulped and kept walking. “Phone.” He hissed and I grabbed my phone from my pocket and handed it to him. “Anything else?” He asked and I shook my head. We stopped at this old building, he opened the door and pushed me in.

“I’ve been watching you.” He said smirking. I felt him begin feeling up my body, then he grabbed my boobs, I screeched. “Please don’t hurt me.” I pleaded, he just laughed. He viciously ripped off my top and made me take off my pants, “Please no…” I cried. But he didn’t listen. Just as he was about to pull down my panties the door bursts open.

“Get the fuck away from her.” He growled, I wasn’t quite sure on who it was, but I had a pretty good idea. “Oh yeah? Whatcha gunna do? You’re just a stupid scene kid.” Alex laughed. “I said, get the fuck away from her.” And out of the shadows popped Michael, his face was almost as red as his hair. I’ve known him for my whole life and I’ve never seen him this mad.

I watched as Michael picked up the gun that Alex had earlier and pointed it at him. He pulled the trigger, but nothing happened, “Ha, it’s not even loaded.” Alex disappeared and Michael ran up to me, “Alex, are you okay?” He asked, I was scared, but I was okay, “Yeah, I’m fine.” I sighed. “MICHAEL!” I shouted and before he could move, Alex hit him over the head with a bat.

He dragged Michael over to a chair and tied him down, “God don’t fuck him.” I said and Alex gave me a look, “Nah, I’ll make him watch.” He laughed. He went to the back of the room and waited, I guess for Michael to wake up. Maybe 45 minutes later or so Michael was awake and Alex walked back over to me. “Ready?” He smirked and I shook my head no.

“Michael help me!” I screamed. He tried to get up, he struggled, but he couldn’t get up. I was crying already, and then Alex just shoved himself into me. I screamed. For a moment all I could see was Michael crying. I could only imagine how bad he felt right now. Probably as bad as I did.

After like 5 or 6 very painful minutes, Michael looked like a red hulk. He was about to burst through the rope around his wrist. And he did, he got through them, and he ran up to Alexander, pulled him off, and out of me, and threw him to the ground. He punched him, repeatedly, screaming things at him. I got up, and put my clothes on, and pulled Michael off of him, “Come on Michael let’s go.” I said and after a few minutes of trying to get Michael off of him he finally got off and we limped back to my car.

“Why did you come?” I asked him, my voice hoarse from screaming. “I’m not just going to let you go out with someone you met 3 days ago Alex.” He said. He was still furious. “Thank you.” I said. “Anything for you darling.” He replied and helped me into my car, “I’m driving you to a hospital though.” He said and I nodded. We drove to the closest hospital and he rushed me in, “MY GIRLFRIEND, SHE’S JUST BEEN RAPED!” He shouted and a shit load of nurses came rushing to me. “Who was it?” One of them asked. “H-His name was Alexander Zains.” I spoke.

Michael’s pov

“What happened sir?” a cop asked a few minutes after Alex was put into an ER room. “She’s my best friend, and she had a date tonight, and I followed her, because I didn’t trust the guy, so I was trying to protect her, but when I got there, he knocked me out, and he forced me to watch. HE MADE ME WATCH HER GET RAPED. AND I TRIED SO HARD TO BREAK FREE, AND I COULDN’T UNTIL I FINALLY HAD ENOUGH FURY RUNNING THROUGH ME I BROKE FREE AND I RIPPED HIM AWAY, AND I BEAT HIM. I JUST WAS SO FUCKING FURIOUS THAT I BEAT HIM, AND I COULDN’T STOP.” I was screaming and crying, and I was just full of emotions.

“Do you think your friend will remember him?” The cop asked. “She could probably tell you where it happened, how she met him, and everything. I’m not much help.” I said apologetically. “She has to stay overnight, and then why don’t you guys come down to the station tomorrow, and we can sort all of this out, alright?” He said and I nodded. “Have a good night sir.” He patted my shoulder and left.

“Party for Alex?” The nurse said stepping out of the hallway. I stood up quickly and followed her into the room Alex was in. She looked so innocent. “How is she?” I asked. “She’s fine, sleeping now, but she’ll be fine. Luckily he didn’t ejaculate in her.” “Thank you so much ma’am.”

She left the room and I sat next to her and held her hand. “I’m so sorry I couldn’t help you.” I whispered to her and kissed her forehead. “I’m so fucking sorry Alex.” It was quiet, just the sound of the heart monitor, ‘Beep, beep, beep, beep, beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee---‘ and then, something happened.




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