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It Never Ends

Chapter 6

The doctors rushed in, and shoved me out. I stood in the hall, frantic. What was I going to do? I didn’t want to call her mom, but I knew she had to be called. “Hello?” She said into the phone. “Hey, it’s Michael. You need to come to the hospital, as fast as you can get here.” I said, trying to sound calm. “Did something happen?!” She asked scared. “Just come to the hospital.” I said and hung up.

“What happened?!” I asked the nurse who was walking out of the room. “She went into shock, it’s normal. She’s fine now, you can go back in.” she said and I sighed a sigh of relief thank god. I sat on the chair next to her bed, she looked horrible. “When will she wake up?” I asked the nurse in the room. “She should soon.” She smiled. I grabbed Alex’s hand and held it.

“Alex, come on, please wake up.” I said. And her mom bursts in. “Michael! What happened?” “I can’t tell you. The cop told me not to.” I said and looked at the ground. All of the boys came in with her, I saw Ashton looking extremely happy. So I decided to talk to him. “Why so happy mate?” I asked him and he just shrugged his shoulders. “Come on mate.” I said and grabbed his arm. “What the hell Ashton?” I hissed. “I think I may have found a girlfriend!” He smiled. “Okay and? My best friend was just ugh. Never mind. I can’t say.” “I’m just happy man, I’ve been single for a while.” He said and walked back into the room, I followed behind him and waited for her to wake up.

~A Few Hours Later~

“M-Michael?” I small voice spoke, my head darted over to Alex. “Hey.” I smiled at her. I hadn’t left her side all night, and this was the first time she’s woken up. “Do you remember?” I asked and she nodded, “Do you think you could go to the police station with me tomorrow?” she nodded again and I smiled, “You’re so strong.” I spoke and held her hand. “Your mom was here, but she went home to drop the boys off, she’ll be back soon alright?” “A-alright.”

Her lips curved into a smile, “Thank you.” She whispered. “I just want to protect you.” I replied to her. “Is she awake yet?” Her mom comes in and she smiles. “God Alex, never again will you go on a date with anyone ever.” She sighed and hugged Alex. “Except Michael.” She turned her head and winked at me. “What time is it?” Alex asked, “It’s close to 7 in the morning.” I said looking at my phone. “Can I go home yet?” “I’ll ask a nurse.” Her mom said and left.

“Everyone except Michael huh? Someone’s been chatting it up with her.” She laughed. “Hey, sorry, I just have that natural, Michael charm.” I smirked and pretended to flip my hair. “She said you could go home after they checked everything.” Then a nurse came in and checked her vitals, took out her IV and signed her off so that she could go home, “Can I just, carry her?” I asked the nurse who brought in a wheel chair. “Sorry, I should’ve brought you clothes.” Her mom laughed.

I picked her up and carried her to her car bridal style. “You sure you want to take her?” Her mom asks me. “Yeah, I’m sure, we’re just gunna run to this store, and then get her something to eat, and then go down to the police station, if that’s all right with you.” I said and she nodded, “I trust you Michael.” She smiled, got in her car, and drove off.

I drove to this clothing store, one of her favorites, and told her to wait in the car, I looked around the store for a few minutes, looking for something to get her. I found her a shirt, pants, shoes, a bra, and a pair of undies. When I walked back in the car, she was sitting in the passenger seat on her phone. She unlocked the doors and asked what was in there, I handed her the bag and she smiled. “Thank you Michael, you didn’t have to.”

“Well I wanted to.” I spoke, she crawled into the back and changed, “No peaking!!” She shrieked as I looked through the rearview mirror. Once she finished, she crawled back to the front, “Nice butt.” I laughed and she shot me a look and laughed. We didn’t have time to eat, so we drove to the station. We got there, got out of the car, and walked up to the door.

“Officer Gomez asked for us, the Alex rape case…” I said quietly and the cop from yesterday showed up. “Hey guys!! How are you feeling Alex?” he asked and she smiled, “I’m alright.” She said and reached for my hand, I looked down at her and she nodded. I smiled and held her hand, our fingers intertwined, and it was so nice, it felt like old times.

He sat us down in an interrogation room, “Are you both okay with recording this?” We both nodded and he pressed record on the camera. “Who did this to you?” He asked Alex. “Alexander Zains.” She spoke. “Do you think you could tell me all that you know about him and what happened that night?” she nodded.

“I met him at some coffee place, about 3 hours north of town, I couldn’t remember the name if my life depended on it. Anyways… he asked me out, so I’m a single girl, of course I say yes. So we’re supposed to have a picnic, and I drive up halfway to this small shit town, and we meet at this parking lot, he sticks a gun to my back, asks for my phone, and guides me to this building, where Michael runs in and tries to stop him, but he knocks him out, and then ties him up. 45 minutes later or so, Michael wakes up, and that’s when Alexander starts, you know… raping me… and Michael, he’s crying just as bad as I am, I’m screaming, “Michael help! God please help me!” but he couldn’t, he was trying so hard to get through those ropes, and when he finally did, it was like God was sending a fucking miracle angel down from heaven. He breaks free, gets him off of me, and beats the shit out of him.”

“So we’re looking at rape, and assault.” The officer says and we both nod, “I guess.” We say in unison. I hug Alex so tightly. “I love you.” I whispered and I could feel a smile creep across her face. “I love you too Michael.” She spoke, her voice low.


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Update soon plz

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