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It Never Ends

Chapter 7

“The mates are going out to dinner tonight, do you want to come?” Michael asked, nervous as fuck, it was adorable. “Totally,” I smiled, “Who’s all going?” “Uh… Ashton’s new girl, Kat I think is her name, me obviously, Luke, Calum, and Ashton.” “I’d love to.” “We’re leaving soon!!” He chimed. Soon for Michael is like 3 hours later, so I decided to shower. “Michael!!” I shouted before getting in. “What?!” He shouted back. “Is where we’re going fancy?!?” “VERY!” Okay good to know I have to wear a dress, so I guess I need to shave my legs.

I got in, washed my hair, shaved everything that needed it, and washed my body. I turned off the water and wrapped myself in a towel. I put some mouse in my hair and brushed it a little bit, so that it won’t poof up. Then I was into my room, and dig profusely through my closet looking for a dress. I found it, I bought it last year, for my sweet 16, but decided on not having one. I hope it still fits. I slide it on and it does, yay!! I put on some black heals and do my makeup.

“Ready?” Michael asks just as I finish. “Yep!” I smile and he guides me to my living room, where the boys, and this new chick are standing. Holy fucking shit she’s perfect. “Holy fucking shit.” I whisper under my breath. “What?” Michael asked. “She’s gorgeous.” “You must be Alex!! Michael was talking about you.” She smiled and walked up to me. “Haha… yeah.” I say awkwardly.

When I’m with Michael and the guys, I’m used to being the prettiest one there, but holy fuck she’s like damn okay it’s not fair. “Okay, so…” The boys laughed, “You two, are going to get to know each other for a while, we have reservations for you guys at this restaurant, the limo guy will take you there, and it’s already paid for and everything. We’ll meet up with you guys later! Bye!!” Luke said and practically shoved us out the door. “This is my house assholes!!” I shout back.

“Whoa,” She spoke. “What?” I say almost hissing. “Sorry, sorry, that sounded rude. I was not told that this would happen. I thought we were ALL going out to eat.” “Oh no it’s fine. And do you and Luke have an issue?” she asked. “This is a long story we can discuss over dinner.” I laugh. We got into the limo and the driver took us like 6 miles up the road to this really hard to get into Chinese/Sushi place. “Holy shit.” I said. “Hmm?” she replied. “Oh, I’ve always wanted to eat here. You can’t get in unless you’re rich or famous.” I say and she nods.

We get in and they bring us to our table, “So that story?” She asked curiously. “Uhm, well. I’ve known Michael pretty much my whole life okay? And then like 2 years ago the boys made him stop talking to me because their carrier was starting to kick off, but then the boys got girlfriends, but he still never talked to me.” I say, trying to get it over with. “So, I’m not one to talk about myself much. Tell me about yourself.” I say and she kind of gets nervous.

“Well, I’m Kat, I’m 18, uh… I love alternative music, Marina and the Diamonds and such. I kind of like to party, but I’d much rather travel to a lot of different parties in one night than stay at the same one all night… and yeah, that’s about it.” She was holding back. “Well, it’s nice to meet you Kat, I’m Alex.” I smile. The waiter comes and takes our order, and we sit, small talking here and there, she was really cool, really pretty, and she was so much better than me okay, it was not fair at all, I wanted to be friends with this chick and learn her style.

We were laughing about something Ashton had done when they brought our food to us, I had sushi and like 3 eggrolls and I was done. She ate a shit ton. “Okay that’s not cool.” I laugh as she clears her second plate. “Hmm?” She asks. “How can you eat so much and be so tiny?!” “It’s a gift I guess.” She smirks and grabs my hand and puts something in it, “With this.” “What is… this?” I ask, looking at it intensely. “Diet pill.” She says and offers me a whole bottle. “I have more at home, no worries.” She laughs. I take the bottle and smile, “All of my worries are over.” I sigh.

“Just 2 a day, one after breakfast, and then before dinner and your problems will be solved, I assure you.” She smiles and we leave. When we get back to the limo the boys are inside. I shove the pills in my purse and hug Michael. “Hey love.” He smiles. “Hi.” I smile back. Ashton and Kat get into some make out session. “Get a room!” Luke shouts. “Are you okay?” Michael asks me and I shake my head, “Fantastic actually.” I smirk.

Kat and Ashton get back in the car, I sit by Kat and Michael, we are all talking about stupid things that I already knew happened, because I was there, but Kat didn’t know, “Do you remember that time…” I say trying not to laugh too hard, “When Luke wanted a haircut and Liz let me do it!?” I busted out laughing. “Oh my god yes! And then you accidentally shaved the side of my head!” Luke laughed. “I never cut anyone’s but Michael’s hair again.” I sighed. Good times… good, good times…


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