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It Never Ends

Chapter 8

~Kat’s pov~

Last night was fantastic, I had so much fun with everyone, but tomorrow night, or tonight, whichever night it is, is Alex’s surprise birthday party. I’m supposed to take her shopping today… I’m not sure how this is going to turn out, she’s alright I guess, I can tolerate her, but she’s too good friends with the boys, and it’s not cool, especially not her and Ashton, they talk about being like brother and sister back in the day, and I don’t like it.

“Hey!!” I say, faking the excitement as Alex walks into her living room, Ashton, Luke, myself, Calum, and Michael are all sitting here, “Hey…” She says awkwardly. “Uh, what are you guys doing here?” “Oh your mum let us in, you and Kat are going shopping!” Calum smiles. “Okay… whatever.” She laughs. Michael follows her to the kitchen and wraps his arms around her waist…

~Alex’s pov~

Michael wraps his arms around my waist and pulls me close. “Good morning beautiful.” He whispers into my ear and I smile, “Good morning.” I cooed. “What’s that?” He says trying to take my diet pill bottle. “My new depression pills.” I say and put them on the shelf, with the rest of the pills. I take one and drink my coffee. “Oh… alright. Hey! Uhm, you and Kat should leave, the boys and I have some band shit to do.” He says, “But I’m still in my pajamas…” I say quietly. “It’s the style now leave.” He said.

Kat and I left. “Ugh when will they learn that it’S MY FUCKING HOUSE!!” I shout and she laughs, “You’d think after 17 years they would know.” We get into my car and I drive us to the local shopping mall. “You’d look really cute in like vintage clothes yanno?” She says to me as I park the car. “Really?” I ask giving her a weird look and she nods. “Nah, I like my modern hipster shit.” I defend, loving my style.

“Why shopping exactly?” I ask, I’m not much of a shopper… “There’s this really cool party I was invited to, and I want you to come with!!” She shrieks. “Oh okay, yeah totally!” We go into this dress shop, and look through dresses, I really want a cute, long dress, that I can wear heals with and it still be cute… hmm… “What kind of party is this?” I asked. “One you want to be able to move around in.” she said. Okay that eliminates my long dress option…

Then I saw it… the most perfect black dress, EVER. I run up to it, and it’s in my size and everything. “Kat!!” I shout. “Yeah?” She replies. I hold up the dress and she smiles. I already had a pair of shoes to go with it, a perfect, silver, sparkly pair. YES!!

~The next night~

Kat and I were getting ready in my room when Michael comes knocking on my door, which was already open, but oh well. I turned down the music and he came in. “Damn.” He laughed. “What?!” I reply defensively. “You look fantastic.” He smiles and kisses my forehead. “Oh girls, this is Kennedy,” He says and points to a girl, “And this is Hanna. Kennedy is Luke’s new girlfriend he met yesterday when we were walking, she was all alone and he went to talk to her. And Hanna is Calum’s new girlfriend they met… uh. This is Calum’s new girlfriend, you guys make friends with each other.” He says and rushes out of the room.

Fucking hell I give up!! All of these new girls are so much prettier than me and I hate it with a burning, fucking, passion. Fuck it all ugh. “Michael.” I say walking down the hall into the guest room, which they’re all staying in. “Yeah love?” He says turning around. “I don’t like all of these new people.” I pout. “Awe love, why not?” “They’re all so pretty, and I’m so eh.”

“Alex… shut up. You’re fucking beautiful, way more beautiful than all of those other girls, okay?” He says and I sigh, “I guess.” He hugs me tightly and lifts my chin, I’m in my heels, and I’m almost as tall as him. He kisses my lips softly, “You’re beautiful Alex, I swear to you. Now go finish your makeup, you only look like half a raccoon.” He jokes and I playfully punch him. “Asshole!” I walk back into my room, Kennedy, I think is her name, is going through my closet, Kat’s still doing her makeup, and Hanna, I think… is going through my drawers.

“Whoa guys what the hell?!” I shout and Kennedy and Hanna shoot up, “Go downstairs with your damn boyfriends and stop going through my shit.” I hiss. They apologize and leave the room. “Sorry, I should’ve stopped them.” Kat laughed, “It’s cool mate.” I reply and finish off my makeup. “Ready?” She asks and I nod. “The boys are coming too.” She smiles and I nod, again.

We all load up into the limo and the driver drives us wherever the hell we’re going. “This limo is getting more and more crowded every time I get into it.” I sigh, Michael laughs, “She’s joking.” He lightly punches my arm. “Ow Michael what the hell?” I whisper shout to him, “Listen just get along with them alright? For tonight’s sake…” he says and I sigh, “I can try.”

We pull up to this building, there aren’t any lights and it’s dark as shit. I grip onto Michael with dear life, “Hey, it’s okay.” He says, but I continue to grip onto him. I close my eyes, I couldn’t look, I was horrified. We walked through the doors and then the lights turned on and people shouted surprise. “What?!” I ask curiously. “Well, in like 2 weeks, it’s your birthday, but I just wanted to give you a fantastic 18th birthday before we left.” He smiled and hugged me. I smiled back, “I’m going to miss you Mikey.”

My whole family is there, and then almost all of my senior class from last year. (I skipped a grade) I was surprised at how full the building actually was. “Thank you so much!!” I shout to Michael, “In all honesty, it was Ashton’s idea to throw a huge party!” He shouted back. “Still! I know you helped decorate and shit! I’m going to go find Ashton and tell him thanks!!”

I walk around, looking for Ashton, and then I spot him in the corner with Calum, “Hey guys!” I smile. “Hey!” They both reply back in unison. “Thank you both for this party! It’s fantastic!!” I hug them both and start dancing with Kat. Then I feel arms pull me, I thought it was Michael, but it wasn’t, I knew Michael’s touch, and this was not it.

“MICHAEL! MICHAEL! KAT! SOMEBODY! GOD SOMEBODY HELP ME!” I kept shouting, but no one could hear me, the music was too loud. And before I knew it… I was outside, and out cold.


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Update soon plz

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