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It Never Ends

Chapter 9

~Michael’s pov~

“Hey have you seen Alex?!” I shout to Kat over the music. “No! She went off with some guy!!” My eyes grew wide and I grabbed her wrist and pulled her to the side. “What’d he look like?” I growled. “Eh, tall, he was limping, uh… brown hair, the most amazing blue eyes.” “FUCKING KAT!” I hissed and ran outside. I watched as a black car sped off into the road. I ran for half a mile before I realized I wasn’t fast enough to keep up with it.
“911 what’s your emergency?” The operator says.
“My- I need to talk to Officer Gomez.” I say out of breath.
“Hello?” He says.
“Hi it’s Michael, he took her, he fucking took her again.” I cried.
“Where are you? What was he driving?”
“I threw her a party, her 18th birthday is in 2 weeks, but I’m leaving next week, he was driving a black mustang I think but I don’t know.”
“I’ll be right there.”

I sat on the curb with my head in my hands, bawling. “Michael, mate, what’s up?” I hear from behind me, I look to see Luke sitting down next to me. “He took her. He fucking took her again.” I sighed, “I shouldn’t have let her leave my sight. It’s all my fault.” He put his hand on my back “It’ll be okay, she’s strong Michael. She’ll find her way. I promise.”

There was like 4 cop cars that pulled up and Officer Gomez came up to me. I’m trying so hard not to look like an idiot. “Michael,” He said, “There was a guy… he was speeding, but they weren’t able to catch him, he disappeared in his car. They’re looking for it right now.” He said and I felt my knees give out and I just fell, Luke kind of caught me, but it wasn’t much help. I already felt dead inside. “They’re going to find her Michael. Hey can one of you give us a ride home?” Luke asked the cops and one of them offered.

We got in the car and he drove us back to Alex’s place. Her parents were going to be away for a while, a long while, like 6 months I think is what she said. So it was just us. They left a little bit earlier, right after the party started. I walked up to her room and collapsed onto her bed. “Michael get up, come on, go get in the shower or something.” But I didn’t move. “I’m going to make some coffee. We’re going to need it.” I could tell Luke wasn’t in the room anymore, I got up and went to her desk.

I looked through one of the drawers and saw a bunch of notes put together with a little ribbon. I undid the ribbon and looked at them. I knew what they were seconds after I took the ribbon off. Love notes, some I had given her, others were ones I’d never seen before… like this one where there wear tear drops, morphing the lines on the paper…
What happened to us? I thought that we were best friends, I thought that nothing was wrong with us, but apparently I was wrong… I can’t stop thinking about you. You’re always in my dreams and I just can’t get you off of my fucking mind. I saw you walking down my street the other day. I was outside checking the mail. You looked right at me and didn’t even wave. I remember, you used to take this way to walk home from school. I guess you never told the boys that going past my house was the longest way to get home. I wonder if you remember there’s another way to get home. I bet you do, that was a stupid question. I wonder if your heart broke like mine did when I saw you that day. You looked so different, your reverse skunk stripe, I remember when you had brown hair Mikey. I wonder if it broke your heart though… did it? I’m not even going to send this. I don’t know why I’m wasting the paper. I love you… and I miss you too…

My heart did break Alex… I saw you and I felt like crying, I wanted to wave… but I didn’t, I’m so sorry, I should’ve… I should’ve fucking said something to you. I’m so sorry…

~Alex’s pov~

“W-where am I?” I cry out. “Alex, so nice to see you again.” I knew exactly who it was, “They’re going to find you Alexander.” I hiss. “Oh please Alex.” He laughs. “You want to take diet pills? How about I just let you starve instead?” He cooed, holding up my bottle of pills Kat gave me. “Fuck you!” I shout. “THEY’RE GOING TO FIND ME!” “No they won’t.” he says and sits in a chair.

“Did you forget?” I shouted out. So… there’s this cool thing about my phone okay? It has a tracker on it that’s turned on by code phrases, and that’s my code phrase, so now that it’s activated, even if my phone is off, it’ll turn on, but act like it’s off, and it’ll send a help message to the contacts I’ve selected, and it sends them the address of where I’m at, and yeah it’s cool. “Did I forget what? Dumbass.” Alexander laughs.

~Michael’s pov~

“Luke!!!” I shout jumping out of the chair and running into the guest room. “What is it man?” He asks and I hold up my phone. “The fuck?” Luke says and narrows his eyes. “She has this app, that when she says certain words it’ll send a text alert telling everyone she chooses where she is.” “Let’s go.” Luke says and we’re just about to head out the door.

“Wait.” I say and run upstairs and into her parent’s room. I open the top left drawer and grab the gun. “Whoa man are we going to need that?” Luke asks and I nod. “He’s a fighter.” We get into one of her parent’s cars and drive to the address on the alert. “I need you to stay out here and call 911 okay?” I say to Luke and he nods. I make sure the call goes through and everything before I get out of the car. “You need to wait for the cops Michael.” Luke says, but I can’t help think that if I wait any longer Alex could be dead.

But he makes me wait, within moments Officer Gomez is here with a billion other cops. “Come in with me please sir.” I say and Gomez comes in with me. “Alex?” He says. “Alexander?” I hear a muffled scream, and my head shoots over to the right corner of the building. Alex is sitting there, her hands chained to a wall, her neck also chained, her feet are too. I rush over to her, “Don’t touch them, don’t touch the chains.” Gomez says and I nod, I tell Alex to shh, and I take the duct tape off of her mouth, “Where is he?” I ask.

She points to the back and I point my gun in that direction, I nod to Gomez that he’s that way, “I’m gunna get you out of here baby.” I whisper to her and kiss her forehead. “I need something to pick locks with.” Gomez says into his radio, the door opens and Luke comes in, with a bullet proof vest on, a gun in hand, and lock picking shit. “Thanks mate.” I say and try to take it from him but he shakes his head. “I’ll do it.”

He takes the picker shit and undoes all of her chains. “Alex go outside with the cops okay? Luke go with her.” I say and they leave, she can hardly walk, god I feel so bad for her… I catch up to Officer Gomez, there’s a bedroom looking room, and it sounds like someone’s in the shower. We go into the room, and then into the bathroom, “Get out of the shower.” Gomez says. “God you guys always are interrupting me!” Alexander shouts. I point my gun to him and my finger is having to try really hard not to pull the trigger, “Michael if you shoot him YOU, go to jail. Now Alexander get out of the shower.”

The door opens and Alexander pops out, “Put your hands above your head.” And Alex does so, this is going badly… he’s cooperating. And then I smell it he’s drunk as fuck. Gomez handcuffs him and we take him outside. Alex runs up to me and hugs me tightly. “Mikey oh my god.” She cries. “I want you to know that when I saw you when you were checking the mail, my heart was screaming your name, and I did forget there was another way back to my house and god I’m so sorry I didn’t say anything to you.” She laughs, “Baby it’s okay, it’s okay.” She says and kisses my lips.


I hope you guys are liking it <3


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Update soon plz

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