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We All Used to be Perfect, What Happend?


Most people say a guy and girl cant be bestfriends without one of them falling inlove with the other. Those people are completely rite in this case. Ashley MacGregor and Luke Hemmings ar- used to be bestfriends that told each other everything. Well once Ashley figures out that shes inlove with other longtime bestfriend Calum she expectes Luke to be happy for her but instead will he just run away on tour? Will Ashley loose a bestfriend but gain a love?


Ashley MacGregor

Ashley MacGregor

WAS inlove with Calum. Now inlove with luke.bestfriends with Gabby and Jayden

Ashton Irwin

Ashton Irwin

likes none of the girls. is the father figure of the band

Calum Hood

Calum Hood

in 5sos. Has a huge crush on Gabby but is really shy.

Gabrielle Moore [ call her Gabby]

Gabrielle Moore [ call her Gabby]

crazy wild one. Inlove with Calum, has known him since they were 2. bestfriends with Ashley and Jayden

Jayden Winters

Jayden Winters

fun loving adventurous. loves dying hair, obviously. Loves Michael but thinks he hates h er so pretends to like Calum. Calum knows she loves Michael.

Luke Hemmings

Luke Hemmings

Is still inlove with Ashley. Gabby knows how he feels about her. wants his old friendship back with Ashley

Michael Clifford

Michael Clifford

likes Jaydens hair. thinks that he has no chance because she like calum


  1. ch1 ugh, school.

    its only for another year

  2. i need to get away

    chang is good, isnt it?

  3. packing is for bitches

    shopping is bosses

  4. time to go

    i cant wait to be stuck on a tour with horomonal teenage boys....yay

  5. this is really...........

    wow, how awkward culd this get?

  6. u bitch

    i always get wat i want


ok. its my first story. culd u lighten up a bit. all the other stories say "u" so y cant i? im planing on working on it. but thank in on other words. im not trying to be a....... but i will be if needed. thank u.


Sorry but no sorry you gotta look for spelling errors and its better for the storey to stop saying 'u' and say you ceep up with the goodwork and make it a litle longer becouseits to short.

Sannesaa Sannesaa