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We All Used to be Perfect, What Happend?

ch1 ugh, school.

>>>>>>>>>>>> Ashleys POV<<<<<<<<<<<< Im comin because i need to find u, is there anybody there who can rescue somebody like me cause im just waiting for some-* i lazily hit thedismiss alarm button on my new phone. i jump out of bed when i relize wat today is.... THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL. I get up and hop into the shower, singing away the silence that ive always hated when im alone. i jump out and fall on my ass. " fuuuuuuuck" was the only thing that came to mind when my butt hit the floor. i decided to put on a cute dark blue tanktop and dark jeans that have splatters of bleach on them,and my favorite high-top blue converse. im getting ready to call my Gabby when i hear a honk outside, yup thats her. i jump up grab my bag and run for the door.
>>>>>Gabbys POV<<<<<<
as i pull into Ashley drive way i examine my makeup in the rear veiw mirror. i must say i look pretty damn good today. my look kind of natural with eye shadow that pops like always. i look at her up and down as she gets in the front seat of my lexus, wich i bought myself for my 17 birthday a cuople monthes ago. yes i kno im only in year 11 but i want my own vehicle so i dont have to track my parents down for theirs.


i hope u guys like it . im trying. itll get way better next chapter tho. i PROMISE. ILY.


ok. its my first story. culd u lighten up a bit. all the other stories say "u" so y cant i? im planing on working on it. but thank in on other words. im not trying to be a....... but i will be if needed. thank u.


Sorry but no sorry you gotta look for spelling errors and its better for the storey to stop saying 'u' and say you ceep up with the goodwork and make it a litle longer becouseits to short.

Sannesaa Sannesaa