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We All Used to be Perfect, What Happend?

i need to get away

when i pulled into school i was thinking about how to tell her abot the tour.
" hey, ash, can i tell u something, and u promise not to be a bitch to me until the day it happens?
" nope. im always a bitch. jk. sure wats up?
" well, u kno how i talk to Calum and the boys still? yea. well they invited me to tour with them and they said i culd bring 2 friends. they already knew i wuldnt go if uand jayden culdnt so thats why im asking, do u wanna come? i let her think for a minute and take everything in.
" yea. i guess so.wat about Jayden. u kno she'll say no an-
" i talked to her yesterday after school, it took all nite but she said yes." i say with a sneaky smile. we hop out and she stres at me with a wierd face.
" wat r u lookin at? my amazing body or is there something on my face?"
" ur amazing body, no homo, but damnnn gurl, u always wear loose shirts or a sweatshirt."
" well, i thought since its the last day of school i shuld give the guys a little tease, go ahead, call me hoe. but my heart belongs to Calum. forever and always. hes my first love. im saving my touch for him. yes that means im a virgin i kno.


there will be alot of gabbys pov cause im gabby soooo yea. im alittle conceited but hey idgaf.


ok. its my first story. culd u lighten up a bit. all the other stories say "u" so y cant i? im planing on working on it. but thank in on other words. im not trying to be a....... but i will be if needed. thank u.


Sorry but no sorry you gotta look for spelling errors and its better for the storey to stop saying 'u' and say you ceep up with the goodwork and make it a litle longer becouseits to short.

Sannesaa Sannesaa