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We All Used to be Perfect, What Happend?

time to go

>>>>>>>>JAYDEN POV<<<<<<<<<<br> " ok we r here, se where are the boys?" i ask just a liitle annoyed since we had to wake up at 3:30 in the morning and they boys are just nowhere to be found.
" hey there they r at the cafe" gabby said way to excited for 5 in the morning. as soon as she spotted calum and he spotted her she dropped her stuff and took off running towards him at full speed. once she got close enough to him she jumped into his arms with him holding her up by her thighs, she hugged him with everything she had. i just kept walking towards the boys with Ashley taking a bag of gabbys and me taking the other. once we got to them i gave each of them a smile and a hug, then i stopped at michael and stared into his eyes for a minute, then reached my arms around his neck and kissed him. i dont kno y i kiised him but it felt so right to do it.
" awwwe, ooooo, ewwwwwww!!!!!!! STOP OK.!!!! WE JUST SAW TONGUE" everyone scream/whispered.

>>>>>>>>>>>>CALUMS POV<<<<<<<<<<<<br> " hey cal" gabby whispered in my ear her warm breath sending chills down my spine,still holding her i wispered back
" hey beautiful" wat she did next blew my mind away......... she leaned back and kissed me roughly, tho it was full of hunger, longing, and passion. i kissed back of course, how culdnt i? we both pulled away at the same time to breath.
" well then, missy" a smirk grew on my lips as she blushed u culd see it clearly, even with her toned skin. i cant beleive im about to say this to her after all it does make sense, rite?
" gabrielle judith moore, will u be my girlfreind?"
" calum thomas hood, i wuld never say no to u." she then waited a few moments then leaned in to me ear and whispered
" and i mean never" she whispered it so sexy and i culdnt help but blush right befoer she kissed my cheek and jumped down off of me.


yay. they r together. hoped u lked it.


ok. its my first story. culd u lighten up a bit. all the other stories say "u" so y cant i? im planing on working on it. but thank in on other words. im not trying to be a....... but i will be if needed. thank u.


Sorry but no sorry you gotta look for spelling errors and its better for the storey to stop saying 'u' and say you ceep up with the goodwork and make it a litle longer becouseits to short.

Sannesaa Sannesaa