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We All Used to be Perfect, What Happend?

u bitch

>>>>>>>>>>LUKE POV<<<<<<<<<<<<<<br> TIME SKIP
" hey babe, ive got a question for u....." i peck her lips as i sit down on the couch. i watch her look up at me nervously, i smirk and give another kiss. only this time she kisses back and it quickly turns into a heated make-out session. i pull back and she frowns, clearly she was enjoying herself, i peck her lips once more and slide hor onto me so she is straddeling me. " we were gonna go to dinner and i wanted to kno if u wanted to come to?" she just smiles and nods. "good. be ready by 7 o'clock, ok?" " wat, that only gives me 2 hours, luuuuuke, y didnt u tell me earlier?" i smiled and gave her a ' i knew ud be mad' look. " its ok babe. the others r actually screaming at the boys rite now." she nodded and sighed. i then slid her off me and tuned to see a pouty fac. " y that face? u need to get ready. dress fancy." " ok, ok im going." she stood up and walked over to the dresser and pulled out a very sexy dress. " ummm, u gonna stand there and watch me hold up my dress or r u gonna leave me to get ready?" " hmmmm, i think i'll watch u get ready?" " uhmmm, nope, never gonna happen." " come on wat r u gonna do when we get married?" " sooo we're getting married? i mean shuldnt i say yes in order for that to happen? before everything." she says with a seductive smile plastard to her beatiful face. i sighed got up and walked out of the room with my head hung low hopeing she wuld call back in but instead she just giggled. god, y do i have to love her so much?

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>GABBYS POV<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
i was currently in the middle of yelling at calum for telling me about dinner while just laughed his ass off like a little kid.
" serously ur just gon- wait, i have to go get ready. im still mad at you tho. now u get to make it up to me. after dinner? good. love u. gotta go get a shower!!!!" i said suprisingly very slow. i walked over to my bag and pulled out the dress i bought while shopping with calums money, i do feel really bad about it tho. but he insisted. the dress was red and clung to my fit body nicely. i then waled over to my other bag and pulled out my toiletries. once i got into the bathroom i turned on the water and played with the temperture until it was steaming and to some almost scorching hot, but to me it was meerly a room temperture. ive actually burnt myself in the shower but to me wat shuld be pain to other people i find to cause pleasure and numbness to me. it that wierd? oh well. i hopped in and began to wash my long verry dark brown hair since i hadnt washed it since last sunday. it not gross. i have african american peoples hair wich means i need all of the oiles in my hair or else it wont grow. yes to some its nasty but its wat I need to do, not them. i began to sing Bruno Mars ' it will rain' when i looked over i saw 5 figures standing outside the shower curtain almost silently giggling. i pulled back the curtain to see calum, mikey, luke, ashton, jayden, and ashley . they all looked at each other than gave me a shocked expression.
" uhhh. hey. do u guys mind. ashleeeeey u kno i have stage fright. y wuld u let them come in here?"
" cause i kno how amazing u are and i wanted to show them too. u kno that ur amaing so y do u even try and hind it? even ask them, ur the best gab."
" yea yea wat ever can u get out now?"
" nope not until ur done. we wanna hear u sing more." she gave me the most devilish look evr.
" fine. we can have a minney concert after im done just leave."
" ok bye. " they all said in unison. once i was finished i climbed out and slipped on my short red dress, that i knew wuld drive calum crazzzzy. he he ima bitch. i walked out of the batroom to find everyone in our room, including 1D, the mums, the boys, and my bestfriends. " hey? wats goin on here? r we having an intervention for mikey about his hair?" i say with an awkward laugh.
" hahaha. no. we brought everyone in here to hear u sing." mikey said with an hurt/annoyed tone of voice.
" uhhh. i dont really thin-" " its a perfect idea" mikey said

simmer down
simmer down
they say we're too young now
to amount to anything else
but look around
we worked to dam hard for this
just to give it up now
if u dont swim
ull drown
but dont move honey

u look so perfect standin there
in my american apperal underwear
and i kno now
that im so down
there in the middle of the living room i stood after i just sang in front of 15 people. all of the mums r here so u have to add 4 onto 1D, 5sos, and the bffs.

#########LATER THAT NIGH###########

we walk into the returant and its nice as fuck the only bad thing is our waitress. she keeps on eyeing and flirting with the boys and its making both me and the girls mad. she finally stopped staring at cal long enough to take our as in the girls orders. " thank u" the other girls said as she handed them their food. when she got to me im not sure if she slipped or if she was just being a bitch, either way she spilt my plate of spaghetti and meatballs all over thetable and myself. i am pissed and burnt, not my best night i must say.
oncep i got most of the spaghetti off of the out side of my drfess and in my hair


hope u liked it. i will be updating almost everyday since theres nothing to do after my homework. so ye almost everyday. ily. thank u!!!


ok. its my first story. culd u lighten up a bit. all the other stories say "u" so y cant i? im planing on working on it. but thank in on other words. im not trying to be a....... but i will be if needed. thank u.


Sorry but no sorry you gotta look for spelling errors and its better for the storey to stop saying 'u' and say you ceep up with the goodwork and make it a litle longer becouseits to short.

Sannesaa Sannesaa