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Where Have You Been? (Michael Clifford LS)



I woke up letting out a yawn and sitting up to see the bright california sun shining and my door slams open "MORNING ASH!!!!" Rebel shouts I threw my pillow at his face "to early for screaming" he just chuckles when Jace comes in rubbing his eyes "why are you screaming?" he says with a raspy morning voice "we have a long day today so I figured we could get breakfast and head to the studio to work on our new album" I just plop back on to my bed and let out a groan "oh no you don't if I have to be awake with him so do you" Jace said pulling me up and throwing me on his back "nooooo I smell funny" I say flailing around he just laughs "thats why I am taking you to the bathroom to shower" Jace says Rebel opened the bathroom door and I was dropped inside "thanks…I guess" I closed the door and turned the shower on letting it warm up as I peeled off the clothes I currently had on and quickly climbed inside washing off all the sleep I had left and finished up wrapping a towel around my damp body and drying my hair. I ran to my room and closed the door, I walked over to my closet and went inside digging around for some clothes when I finally decided on an outfit and changed I slipped a beanie on my straightened hair and put my shoes on I walked out and down the stairs "guitars are in the car are both you slow pokes ready" Rebel called "yea" Jace ran down the stairs "yup just have to grab my phone" I said as I ran to the living room unplugged my phone I checked my personal twitter and saw a tweet from the 5sos twitter 'happy to announce that the four of us have moved another step up into our carrier and moved in general ;)' after I read a few more I slipped it into my back pocket and grabbing my wallet running out the door as Rebel held my keys in the air "thanks" I snatched them from his hands and jumped onto the railing from our apartment building and slid down the railing I climbed into the drivers side and turned the engine on Jace got in the back and Rebel in the passenger seat "how does Ihop sound?" Jace asked "red velvet pancakes here I come" I said pulling into the street "well Ihop it is" Rebel said with a laugh. once we got to Ihop we sat down in a corner booth and I let out a sigh "tired?" Jace asked I placed my head on the table "you have no fucking clue" I mumble making them both laugh. our food was set down and the waitress smiled "is there anything left I can get you?" she asked flipping her ponytail to the other side of her head "actually another cup of coffee would be great" I say she nods "just let me get that coffee for you right now" and she walked away "that's your 6th cup of coffee" Rebel says taking a bite of his breakfast "I'm well aware and Jace you better put that fork down and away from my pancakes before I rip your manhood off" Jace slowly put his fork back down and into his own food I smiled "good", after about an hour we were almost done and ready to go "did you see that those two apartments on our floor got rented out" Jace says "really awesome new neighbors to piss off with band practice" I reply "yea actually I saw the moving truck being unloaded and saw a drum set and a few guitars" Rebel said standing up "well looks like we have some new fellow musicians" Jace says as the three of us walked to the door I saw a group of people outside with cameras "damn it someone tipped them off" I said barley above a whisper Jace and Rebel both look out the window to see the paparazzi "well here goes nothing" Rebel sighs I paid and the three of us walked out the door to see camera's flashing and questions flying so we ran to the car and quickly sped to the studio. "yea buddy" I checked our twitter to see we reached 5k followers "Rebel, Jace look!" I shouted shoving the phone in their faces "what the nugget!!!!" Rebel shouted Jace just looked speechless "well come on lets make these people happy they followed us and work on our cd!" Jace finally spoke up so we all looked at each other and raced down the hall to our studio and closed the door behind us. so we wrote 2 new songs now to add instruments to the words just as I was about to pull my guitar out of its case someone walked in "office closes in 20 minutes everyone gets to leave early!" the man shouted and then just left so we packed up and went back home. once there we saw a ton of stuff maybe the 2 apartments were rented out by friends… but we saw loads of instruments it was like a music shop at christmas, after we admired few instruments we went to our house and walked inside closing the door "lets get down to business" I say slapping my hands together.



Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese update. This story is amazing.

I love you. You have brought me such joy.

imapenguintoo imapenguintoo

Plzzz update

Iwings Iwings

Next update plz

BubblegumXNX BubblegumXNX

When is the next update??? I check ever 30 minutes D:

TazzieDevils TazzieDevils