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Where Have You Been? (Michael Clifford LS)


Michael's P.O.V

"tell me when you are ready" I said she smiled "thank you" she kissed my cheek and I tried to hide my blush "you know this is a really neat place" I say "well I'm glad you like it so much" she said smiling. god her smile was beautiful "why don't we make this a weekly thing?" she asked I looked down as her head was on my lap I just chuckled "what us coming here or you sleeping in my lap?" I said she just rolled her eyes and smacked my chest "the coffee shop you dingbat" I nod "alright, you got yourself a deal" she smiled "but none of the guys can know about this coffee shop, this place is important to me and if they get seen here it will be ruined by your fame" I nod "that's fair enough" she smiled, the rest of the time here was amazing and I'm positive it was because I was with Asher it was just an amazing night that I didn't want to end "oh wow it's 2 in the morning! we need to head back to the house" she sat up much to my disliking but we got up and grabbed our cups and left "bye Derek" we both shout he waves then winks "see you guys next week" he said I rolled my eyes and we walked down the street "you know that really was fun" I say as we ran across the street "well I'm glad you had fun" she smiled as we made our way back to the apartments. once we got up to the doors "I'll see you tomorrow?" I ask but she frowns "I work tomorrow but maybe later we can all meet up and do something fun" she says I just nod before she kissed my cheek "goodnight" she says opening her door "night" I replied I felt my cheek heat up and I walked over to my apartment and unlocked the door closing it quietly behind me "hey there you are what happened to you?" he looked at me and smirked "something happened cause little Michael is blushing" he gloats I just roll my eyes "soooooooooooo why are you blushing?" he asked "well remember what we talked about today" he sat there for a moment "you mean about Asher?" then it hit him "ohhh Luke is not gonna be happy" I just slapped his arm "will you shut up for 2 seconds and let me talk" he nods "nothing happened I couldn't sleep and Asher was outside we got to talking and just went out for a walk, we were having a great time just hanging out and getting to know each other she kissed my cheek when we said goodnight" I knew Ashton was trying not to smile but he did anyway "dude do you think she likes you?" he asked but I just shrugged "I don't think so I mean it's Asher we are talking about" but he gives me a 'dude seriously' look but I just rolled my eyes "who knows dude, are you guys gonna hang out again tomorrow?" he asked but I shook my head "no she has to work tomorrow" he nods "well then I am taking you to the fair with Luke Calum and I" I nod "sounds fun" I decided to go maybe take my mind off this love sick I'm feeling. "okay well goodnight love bird" Ashton joked but I threw the water bottle I had at him before he picked it up "mine now" and booked it to his room I just rolled my eyes and went straight to my room and opened up my laptop but me being the curious person I am I googled Asher's name and a page popped up so I clicked it to see it was a fan page, it had the symbol from the crowd it had Asher and her friends on it the title was Gone Rouge but I just shrug it off "some weird fan page" I thought so I excited my browser and closed my computer I walked over to the other side of my room and grabbed my guitar and took a seat in a bean bag I had in the corner and turned on my music just playing along to whatever played, I needed some way to get these feeling out otherwise I would be not be sleeping at all just thinking of the best night of my life I smiled as the memories with Asher replayed themselves in my head. I finished plain and changed my jeans to sweats but not bothering to change my shirt. after I went to the bathroom I walked back to my room and saw my phone light up "hey I had a great time tonight" it was Asher I felt myself smile before I replied "me to I can't wait to hang out again" and I set my phone down before I fell asleep



Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese update. This story is amazing.

I love you. You have brought me such joy.

imapenguintoo imapenguintoo

Plzzz update

Iwings Iwings

Next update plz

BubblegumXNX BubblegumXNX

When is the next update??? I check ever 30 minutes D:

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