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Where Have You Been? (Michael Clifford LS)


Asher's P.O.V

I woke up a few hours later to Jace knocking on my door "hey is it ok if I come in?" he asked I sat up "yea I don't care" I say as I slipped on my plain black uggs and the door opened "so how are you feeling after last night?" he asked sitting on my bed before I could respond I felt a yawn escape my mouth "honestly, a lot better thanks for picking up the phone" I said he just smiles "I'm always there when you need me… what time did you get in last night?" he asked "oh um about 2:14 in the morning" he just shakes his head "what are we going to do with you" he chuckles "hey now I got us a tour with All Time Low again, one of our favorites I might add so be thankful I went out yesterday" he smirks "fair enough, but you are gonna be so tired when we get to the fair today" he says as I plopped back down onto my back him leaning right next to me, I let out a sigh "no I have a few red bulls in the fridge so I will be good" I say when Jace starts whistling "Jace did you and Rebel drink all my red bulls?" I question but he remained silent when Rebel walks in the room "hey good morning friends of mine" he beams with a smile on his face "dude she knows…run" I sat up and his face quickly changed before he sprinted so I hopped out of bed and ran down the stairs after him when we ended up running out of the apartment Jace leaned and watched us from the doorway as I chased him back and forth "Rebel so help me you better stop running so I can beat you" I shout "that's why I'm not stopping" he shouts back "you drank my fucking red bulls" I screamed back he just laughs Jace was laughing so hard he looked like he was crying "so did Jace why aren't you attacking him" I just smirked "oh don't worry he is next" I shout as I leapt onto Rebel's back causing him to fall Jace ran past us but soon fell as his foot tripped over mine we were laying in a pile on the ground as I rambled off threats to the 2 idiots on the ground "do you guys have any idea what time it is?" Calum and Ashton said opening their doors I looked between the two of them "that wasn't creepy" I mumble "what's going on out there" I heard Luke shout as he made his way next to Calum and Michael shortly appeared next to Ashton when Luke looked at us all he could do was laugh "you to drink her red bulls again?" he asked they both nod "well that was your own damn faults" he said chuckling "hey now no need for that" Rebel said as he helped Jace up I quickly punched them both in the arms "oww" they both shout rubbing their arms "ok you guys are forgiven now" as they ran back inside causing a loud crash "I better go help those idiots, I'm gonna make breakfast do you guys want to join us?" I ask "sounds like fun" Ashton said walking past me and into my apartment "are you making party cakes?" Luke asked I smirked "I guess I can make party cakes" and before I could finish he ran past me following Ashton Calum chased after Luke and Michael just laughed before he helped me up "thanks Mikey" I kissed his cheek "come on in I'm making Luke's favorite" without saying anything he followed me inside "go ahead and make yourself comfortable well I get started" I made my way to the kitchen and turned on the radio, I opened the fridge pulling out milk eggs and everything I needed before pulling out the pans and pulling out the bowls "good morning LA it's gonna be a hot one today so make sure to wear sunscreen and if you are headed to the fair today drink lots of water, speaking of fair if you haven't gotten tickets to tonights concert Gone Rouge there are only few left so race on down and pick up a ticket these three a;ways put on a great show" I smiled to myself as I mixed everything together "and because of the awesome show they put on last night up next we're playing a 5 seconds of summer song" I changed the station "hey I liked that station" Luke shouted "I am making you breakfast so shut up". as I finished making about 20 of the party cakes which were really just fancy pancakes with sprinkles I brought out 4 plates "Rebel Jace do you losers want party cakes?" I call they both stick there head over the railing "depends did you do anything to them?" I just rolled my eyes "no and if you don't hurry up I am giving them all to the guys" and soon their footsteps quickened as they ran down the stairs and grabbed plates, I brought the pancakes out on a tray before setting them down on the coffee table "dig in guys". as we ate we all just kinda joked around and talked with each other, it was actually really fun "so do you guys want to go to the fair with us?" Calum asked but we shook our heads "no we all have to work today but if we get off and aren't to tired we will meet you there" I say he nods "what time do you need to be at work?" Luke asked "umm not until 2" I answer "you do realize it is noon right?" he asked I looked at the clock



Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese update. This story is amazing.

I love you. You have brought me such joy.

imapenguintoo imapenguintoo

Plzzz update

Iwings Iwings

Next update plz

BubblegumXNX BubblegumXNX

When is the next update??? I check ever 30 minutes D:

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