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Where Have You Been? (Michael Clifford LS)


Asher's P.O.V

I laughed as our song ended "that song actually I wrote a few days ago" I mumble as a water bottle was thrown at my head I ducked and it landed in the crowd "now Jace there was no need to throw things" I say he rolls his eyes "I wanna play music but you keep talking" he chuckled so I flipped him off and look back at the crowd "well since Jace is being a douche canoe lets play you guys some more songs", after our show was halfway over I grabbed a water bottle that Jace didn't trow at me as Rebel wiped the sweat from his head I took a drink as the crowd cheered, the sun just started to set it was quiet beautiful "now I'm sorry to tell you guys but the show is sadly almost over but we have 2 more songs for you so if you know the words don't be afraid to sing along". we ran off stage "what song should we do for the encore?" I ask "let's have Bex decide" we turned to her "hey Bex what song should we do for the encore?" she thought for a moment before she smiled and whispered in my ear, the three of us ran back out causing cheers and we started the beat to our last song". thank you all so much for having us out tonight, we are Gone Rouge" and walked off stage. after we packed our instruments we were chilling in the dressing room just laughing and relaxing before we head out to the fairgrounds "oh I should text Luke let him know we are gonna meet him soon" I went to pull out my phone "no need" I lifted my head from the screen and my eyes met with Luke.

Luke's P.O.V

"finally!" Ashton shouts as we find a parking spot and lock the car grabbing our phones and we walk inside "you guys wanna get something to eat?" Calum asked pointing in the direction of some carts so we followed and all got some food. after we shopping around and went on some rides we passed a stage "wait what song are we starting with?" the boys and I look at each other "lets go to a show" I say as we walked up to the gate "hey you guys are 5 Seconds of Summer come on in" the guard says so we walk past the ticket booth and in to where the stage was "why our new one of course" a girls voice said "that voice sounds really familiar" I thought "well we have a new song for you guys tonight I hope you like it" and we were lead to a private balcony over the bleachers and sat down my jaw hit the floor once I saw the stage "isn't that?" Ashton started but I shushed him as we listened to the song 'that was about me' I thought. as the concert went on the crowd was dancing around screaming and lifted that sign in the air again "Luke look!" I looked and was just shocked "I can't believe your sister is in band" Calum said taking a drink of whatever was in his cup "she has been in a band for 5 years and I didn't know it" I mumble "she moved out here so she could follow her dream with her best friends, I can't believe I didn't know her dream was to be in a band… why didn't she ever tell me? I feel so stupid" Michael placed his hand on my shoulder "why don't you talk to her after the concert there had to be a reason on why she kept it from you" I just nod and sat back down. so once the concert ended we walked back stage and I heard them laughing "oh I should text Luke let him know we are gonna meet him soon" when we opened the door "no need" I say and she lifted her head making her eyes meet with mine "Lukcy" she said quietly I show a small smile and nod my head "come on, lets talk" she got up and followed me to where her car was "Ash" I looked as she frowned I placed my hand under her chin "Ash?" I questioned Michael showed me a small smile before he walked over "hey Asher that was an amazing show tonight" he said placing his arm around her waist "thanks" she mumbled I looked at Michael and gave a small nod "Ash… why didn't you tell me you were in a band?" I ask "I figured since you were the musical one back home I should just keep it to myself you know that way I wouldn't be told 'leave that to Luke you can't handle it like he can ' or 'you don't have the talent your brother does' so when I was able to move to California I knew I had to, my band could get it's chance I was going to tell you but you guys had already been a band for a while and I didn't want to ruin anything, it was hard to leave you but I needed to go… then once you became famous I found out after I got home from a tour with another band I know I didn't want people saying I used you to get to fame it wouldn't be fair for my band" I just pulled her into a hug "I don't know why you felt like you would have to hide this from me, I'm so proud of you" I pulled away and looked at her face "I'm upset that you didn't tell me also that I didn't get a copy of the first cd" I say she had a small smile and dragged Michael to the car and opened the trunk handing me something wrapped she nods telling me to open it "I was going to send this to you but you had told me never to talk to you again" she mumbled quietly and it was a cd "this was the first hard copy ever printed" she says I hug her again "I'm so sorry, I regret telling you that, and this cd I will treasure forever" she smiled and leaned into Michael's side "come on guys lets go hang out!" Ashton shouted and we laughed "hands off Mikey" I say making us laugh but Asher just stuck her tongue out "alright we're coming!" she shouts and runs off "come on lets go have some fun" he says as we met up with everyone else.



Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese update. This story is amazing.

I love you. You have brought me such joy.

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Plzzz update

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Next update plz

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When is the next update??? I check ever 30 minutes D:

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