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Where Have You Been? (Michael Clifford LS)


Asher's P.O.V

once we pulled up to the hospital I met up with Jack and Bex "hi Mr. Barakat my name is Jenny follow me down to this room and lets talk" so the three of us followed and the door was closed behind us, "please take a seat" she pointed to the table so Bex and Jack sat there well I sat in the chair in the corner "who have you brought with you today?" Jenny asked Jack looks over "this is my best friend Asher, she is here to help out with Bex in any way she can" I nod and shook Jenny's hand "perfect Bex will need a girl in her life to show her the ropes" I nod "I'd be happy to" I say Jenny smiles "so we will have a nurse come in to take your blood in a moment but first lets talk, now Bex Jack here tells me you are his cousin is that true" Bex nods "alright now why do you want to live with Jack" Bex opens the bag and hands her the videos and pictures "my dad hurts me all the time, he cuts me, burns me, won't feed me, I'm afraid he might kill me" as Jenny looks over the pictures she nods and paces them in a folder "let me go ahead a view the tapes and I will be right back" Jenny stood up and walked away and a nurse walked in "alright guys this is just a standard protocol here but it won't hurt at all" the nurse took about a vile of blood from both Jack and Bex before walking away and Jenny walks back in "my word I wish you would have came to me sooner, once we get the blood test back if you are related you may in fact go live with Jack" Bex smiled and hugged Jack tight a knock was heard on the door and Jenny was handed a paper "oh good your results are back" she reads over the paper "oh my…" Jack looked up from Bex "what is it?" he asked "oh well Bex in not your cousin…but your sister" Bex looked shocked but so did Jack "he's my brother…" Jenny nods "she's my sister?" and Jenny nods "yes here is a copy of the blood test for your files" she hands a paper over to Jack, after we sorted through some things Jenny shook Jack's hand "it was nice to meet you all, oh and Jack would you mind signing this for my daughter" Jack smiles and signs the paper before handing it back, we walk out to our cars "Ash would you meet us at the mall so we can get my sister some new clothes" Jack said he couldn't wipe the smile from his face neither could Bex "sure thing" so I got in my car and my phone started to ring so I slid the screen and the voice blared through my speaker "hey Asher" I smiled "hey Michael" I pulled out of the parking lot and followed Jack to the mall "what's going on?" I just sigh "long story I will tell you later alright" I stopped at the light "sure thing, are we still gonna meet up to go to the gym?" the light changed to green "yea I just have to finish up here which might be about 2 hours can I call you when I'm done?" and I parked the car "sure thing have fun sparky" I smiled at the nickname he gave me last night "alright bye" and I hung up, I walked up to Jack and Bex and we headed inside "what took so long?" Jack asked "oh Michael called" Bex smirked "Masher for life" she said making me roll my eyes "oh hush you" Jack raised his eyebrow "Bex thinks Michael and I should date" I say he smiles "well you to would be a cute couple" he agreed "Masher for life" Bex repeated "I ship it" Jack said "come on lets get Bex clothes". we almost had rebuilt Bex's closet but had a few more stops "I"m gonna go in here really quick will you take Bex to Victoria's secret? they won't let me back in there" I rolled my eyes "I don't even want to know" Bex says Jack hands me some money "that should be enough if not let me know" so we walked in and looked around "hey Asher" "yea" she grabbed some things and placed them in a bag "I want to dye my hair maybe get a piercing" I smiled "ok they how about when we are done here I take you to the piercing parlor here and we can get some hair dye, I don't know how to dye it but I know how to do touch ups" she smiled "ok". "your total comes to 145" thankfully Jack gave me 200 so once we paid I took her to a salon in the mall, "go ahead and do whatever you like Jack won't mind" she nods and goes back, once Bex was finished I paid with the rest of the money Jack gave me"I love your hair!" I say admiring her new hair "what about your piercing?" I ask "I don't have to get a piercing today it's completely fine" Bex said Jack still wasn't done "no consider it a present from me" I say she smiles "come on lets go" she was excited and dragged me to the piercing parlor "hi there what can I do for you?" the guy asked "um she wants to get a piercing" I say he nods "right now it's buy 1 get 1 free so if she wants to get another one or you can get one" Bex looks at me "I want angel bites, and she will get a monroe"



Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese update. This story is amazing.

I love you. You have brought me such joy.

imapenguintoo imapenguintoo

Plzzz update

Iwings Iwings

Next update plz

BubblegumXNX BubblegumXNX

When is the next update??? I check ever 30 minutes D:

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