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Where Have You Been? (Michael Clifford LS)


Asher's P.O.V

I was shocked "uh ok" I just followed back and watched as the guy pierced her then me after I paid we met back up with Jack "oh hey well don't you guys look amazing" he said Bex twirled around "thanks… I was afraid you would be mad" he smiled and kissed her forehead "you are my sister, you wanted to change I wouldn't have stopped you and besides I love it, you look amazing Bex " she smiled "thanks bro" he smiled even bigger "nice piercing" Jack said to me I just smiled "thanks I didn't know I was getting it until I walked in" he looked at Bex "you say she was getting one?" he asked she nods "well it looks good on you" I give a bow "I thank you" he just chuckles "alright I'm gonna take Bex and all her things home, Alex or Rian is going to call you about the tour later on this week" I nod and checked the time "alright, I have to go so I will see you both later" they walk off and I head over to my car climbing inside dialing Michael's number "hey Mikey" I started the car "hey" he says "well I'm finished up everything here so I'm headed home so I can change then we can go" "alright then Ash I will see you soon" and he hung up, once I made it home I saw Michael talking to Calum "hey guys" I wved and unlocked the door to my apartment and headed inside "hey Jace" I say "hey how'd the meeting go?" he asked "it went good Bex is living with Jack and we found out they aren't cousins but brother and sister" I say "wow that must have been an interesting day" Rebel said walking past me "oh and nice new piercing" I just smile "thanks" I head up to my room and open my drawer and grab some sneakers from my closet I quickly changed and grabbed my headphones "I'm going to the gym I'll be back later" I shout grabbing my keys "ok" Jace says "oh we have to go into the studio tomorrow" Rebel said "oh I was suppose to spend time with Luke tomorrow but I will just bring him with is that ok?" Rebel nods "sure he's your brother after all" I smirk "and your gay lover" he rolled his eyes "no more hanging out with Ashton, and I'm not even gay" he says I roll my eyes "thats what the government wants you to think" he just pushes me out the door "go work out" he says "bye guys" and I walk over to Luke's apartment and knock on his door "hey Asher" Luke smiled "hi, um so I got called into the studio tomorrow, I know we were suppose to be hanging out but I figure I could invite you to come along with me" he nods "ok sounds like fun just as long as I'm spending time with my sister" I smirk "way to be cheesy bro" he just rolls his eyes "well I will talk to you later" he says and closes the door so I head over to Michael and Ashton's apartment and knocked on their door "oh hey Michael is getting ready come on in" Ashton said letting me inside so I sat on the couch next to Ashton "so what have you been up to today?" I just let out a sigh "you don't even want to know" I say with a laugh "well I asked so" he chuckled and explain the story to him "wow, wait you said that she said you and Michael would make a cute couple" I nod "yea she even gave us a celebrity couple name" I laugh "what is it?" he asked "Masher" I say he smirks "totally shipping it" I felt a blush creep up on my cheeks and I slapped his arm "hey are you blushing?" he said I slapped his arm again "oh shut it" he stood up "don't worry your secret is safe with me" he said with a wink "hey you ready to go?" Michael asked walking downstairs in a Metallica muscle tee and basketball shorts "yea lets go" so I stood up "bye Ashton" I call "bye you guys, wear protection" he calls Michael and I flipped him off and head down to my car and take off for the gym. "so how'd your day go?" he asked as we walked in "it was long we found out Bex is actually Jack's sister not his cousin" we headed to the weight room "wow how'd they take it?" he asked "pretty well if you ask me" I went to the bench press and added some weight "here let me spot you" Michael says standing behind me I set my head down and grabbed the bar I noticed Michael right behind me and tried my hardest not to blush I lifted the bar off the rack and started to lift, "you're doing pretty good" after a few more Michael helped me set it back on the rack "thanks" we left the weight room and went to where there were tons of machines so I got on a treadmill and started out at a small jog Michael to on the one next to me "you are so much more fun to work out with then the guys" I smile "thanks I try" he just smirks and rolls his eyes before he leans in "you know that new piercing is really sexy" he whispered almost causing me to trip but I kept up with the pace "you know your hair is sexy" I say he smirks "its the same color as your hair" I just show a wide smile "exactly". we finished up at the gym and headed back to the apartments, when we stopped Michael turned to me "so we still on for the coffee shop on friday?" he asked I nod "of course I wouldn't say no to someone who called my piercing sexy" I wink and got out of the car Michael followed me up the stairs "see you later Sparky" I smirked "see you later Clifford" and walked inside my apartment



Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese update. This story is amazing.

I love you. You have brought me such joy.

imapenguintoo imapenguintoo

Plzzz update

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Next update plz

BubblegumXNX BubblegumXNX

When is the next update??? I check ever 30 minutes D:

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