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Where Have You Been? (Michael Clifford LS)


Asher's P.O.V

as I came home from the talking with Luke I went up to my room and slipped a hoodie on and plopped myself down on my bed letting a sigh escape my lips when I felt my phone ring "hello?" I answer "hey it's Rian, Alex was gonna call but he's is currently hung over playing Just Dance with Bex" I couldn't help but laugh at that but once I stopped I could feel myself breathe "so Rian what's up?" I ask "I called to talk to you about the tour, it starts at the end of the month and after the first month we have another group joining us yet to be determined and rehearsals start in a week" I nod even though he can't see me "alright if we have any more questions we will call you" I reply, after I hung up Jace and Rebel barged into my room "want to go do something fun tonight?" Rebel asked I thought for a moment "what would we be doing?" I ask "bowling" Jace answered I shrug "sure why the hell not we need a reason to celebrate our tour at the end of the month" so the three of us look at each other "WOOO!!!" we all shout "let me change out of my gross gym clothes then we can go" they nod and leave my room so I dug through my closet and pulled something together, after I pulled my hair back and applied a thin layer of eyeliner I slipped my boots on and took a glance down at my outfit and walked out to the living room "lets go party hard then come back early cause we have an album to finish" Jace says grabbing his keys "good I don't wanna drive" I smile and he stuck his tongue out and we headed down stairs passing Ashton and Michael on the way back "hey where are you guys headed to?" Ashton asked "we are going out bowling" I answer they both nod as Jace and Rebel continued onto the car "oh well have fun" Michael said and they headed up the stairs "oh and Asher you look really pretty tonight" Michael says slapping my butt "hey I know my ass is flawless but no need to punish it" I wink yet trying to hide my blush "later Sparky" he said continuing up to his place as I continued down to the car "so how is the Masher plan going?" Rebel asked "there is no plan because it is never gonna happen, it's just playful flirting" I play it off but they both look at each other "you are so blind" Jace says parking at the bowling ally. as we walk inside I felt a chill of cold air but choose to ignore it as we get a lane and grab our shoes. "hey I'll be right back I gotta pee" I say standing up and heading to the bathroom when I felt my face collide with the door "you can never leave" was whispered in my ear and a palm print ended up on my face but I'm not the girl to sit by so I punched whoever hit me in the face and locked the bathroom door picking up my phone and calling my brother but he sent me to voicemail "asshole" I mumble so I called the other person I knew I could trust "hello?" I let out a sigh "hey Michael". once I was stable enough I walked back out and met up with my loser friends "hey whoa Ash who hit you?" Rebel asked getting angry "I honestly don't know" I answer "what happened?" Jace looked at it closely "someone stopped whispered in my ear and then slapped me so I punched them in the face" he nods "you want to head home?" I shook my head "I came out to have a good time and we are going to be dizzy in a few days so lets have as much fun as we can" I say simply and we continued our game. once we finished our 4th game we headed out to the car and started on our way home I look in the mirror and sigh "that damn print is gonna leave a mark" I say looking over my face "I'm sorry we couldn't do anything" Rebel said but I just shrug "it's fine nothing can compare to how bad it was back home" I said causing silence and we made it home as we walked upstairs I saw a single red rose and a coffee cup with a note on top "some people are dicks, here is to remind you the world still has humanity" I instantly knew who it was from when I took a sip from the coffee so I walked over to Ashton and Michael's place knocking on the door with the rose in my hand "hey what's up?" Michael answered the door I kissed his cheek "thank you" I say pulling away I saw his cheek change to a light shade of pink as he looked down to the rose "I know your favorite are black roses but I couldn't find any this late" he said with his arms behind his back "look the fact that you did this for me just to make me feel better I don't care what color the flower is, just the person who cared enough to do this for me" he leaned down and lightly pressed his lips on mine.



Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese update. This story is amazing.

I love you. You have brought me such joy.

imapenguintoo imapenguintoo

Plzzz update

Iwings Iwings

Next update plz

BubblegumXNX BubblegumXNX

When is the next update??? I check ever 30 minutes D:

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