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Where Have You Been? (Michael Clifford LS)


Michael's P.O.V

'alright today is the day I'm going to ask Luke' I tell myself as I look in the mirror, I sigh what will he say... what will he do? I shook those thoughts from my head and walk out to the living room "Ashton?" I call but it's quiet "must be out running or something" I check my phone to see a text from Luke "hey I'm on my way over Calum said you wanted to talk to me about something" and as soon as I finished reading there was a knock at the door "damn it Calum" and my phone buzzed "I told Luke you needed to talk to him cause I knew you'd put it off" "asshole" I mumble and opened the door "so what'd you need to talk to me about?" Luke asked "come on in" so we walked over to the couch "so um I never thought that I would have to have this conversation with you but here it goes...I like Asher, I like her a lot, she makes me laugh, my days seem better when I'm around her" Luke just stared at me "Asher just makes everything better, I guess what I'm trying to say is can I have your permission to ask her to be my girlfriend" he had a glare in his eyes "you know Michael I've been asking the two of you if I had anything to worry about but both of you said no but me being the older brother gets suspicious and concerned so... if I say yes I want you to promise me you will never hurt her that she is the only one, understand that if you do upset her in anyway best friend or not I will hurt you" I nod "you have nothing to worry about I wouldn't dream of hurting her, she means way to much to me I can honestly say that I have never felt this way about anyone before" he nods "alright I give you my permission, I respect that you asked me first her love life hasn't been the greatest and maybe you are exactly what she needs, but I'd wait because we are both leaving for tour soon and if you ask her she will say no because she'll want to start out in an almost safe environment or another way to put it would be that she's more comfortable with waiting to spend time together rather than away you understand?" he asks "yea I get it" so Luke shows me a smile "if I tell you, you have to promise me that you won't tell Asher" he says "wait tell her what?" he smirks "the tour she's on has another group joining after a month" I nod "man you are slow when our tour ends the next day we fly out to join them" I smile "so I have time to finalize my plan then" he nods the looks at me "you had a plan" I pulled out my notebook "I had a few but decided on one last night" as Luke helped me finish planning I got a text from Ashton "so how'd the conversation go?" I rolled my eyes and looked to Luke "when did we become teenage girls?" I asked showing him the conversation between Ashton, Calum, and I making him chuckle "to be honest I think we all have an inner teenage girl inside" we both shudder "come on lets go do something manly" I say Luke stands up and starts to growl "I said manly not animaly" he rolls his eyes "you sir are no fun" he says proceeding to stick out his tongue I slip on some shirt from the couch and grab some jeans "wanna get some pizza?" I ask Luke nods checking his phone "sure lets roll out" and we walk out I slip my keys in my pocket and Luke pulls out his car keys "I just got a text from my sister she's getting to do a collaboration with Chris Motionless as a bonus track for their new cd but don't say anything" he says "thats awesome, didn't you do a song with them to?" I ask "yea it's so cool I'm so buying the cd when it comes out" he says "me to and here we sound like girls again" he shrugs "at least this time its fangirling thats a completely different thing" he defends "you know we're not really helping the problem" I say he chuckles and we park walking into a pizza place, "lets swing by the studio and take everyone some pizza yea?" Luke asks I nod and we order four pizzas to go. back in the car we pulled up to a decent sized building with pizza in hand and walked in and over to the desk "hi um I'm Asher Hemmings brother and brought lunch for her and her friends can you tell me what room she's in?" the woman looked up "sure she is in room 7" we thank her and walk down the hallway and found the door opening it "we bring food!" I shout "yas!!!" Ash sets her guitar down and runs over hugging both Luke and I as we open all four boxes "geez this is enough pizza to feed a small village" Rebel says "mind if I ask the guys to join us?" Ash asks "no go ahead" she walks out and shortly brings back Jack Alex Zack Rian and Bex "you guys can definitely hang out with us more" Alex said Asher walks over and grabs a slice then proceeds to sit in my lap "well hello" I say she smiles "hi" man I love her smile I can't wait to ask her to be mine. when we finished lunch everyone went back to their rooms Ash got up and grabbed her guitar she turned around and I caught a glimpse of a word and instantly remembered "is that my flannel?" I ask she showed a smirk "maybe...well you guys can stay and hang out if you want" she said pulling out some bean bags "THERE WERE BEAN BAGS THE WHOLE TIME!!!"Jace shouted causing her to laugh "yup"



Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese update. This story is amazing.

I love you. You have brought me such joy.

imapenguintoo imapenguintoo

Plzzz update

Iwings Iwings

Next update plz

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When is the next update??? I check ever 30 minutes D:

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