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Where Have You Been? (Michael Clifford LS)


Asher's P.O.V

as soon as I saw Chris take off and rounded a corner I felt a tear fall before I started to cry I had my head in my hands "my guitar...my studio...gone" I thought and the tears continued to pour I heard the sound of running and felt a pair of warm hands wrap around me "what's wrong love?" his familiar voice made my body relax "Michael" he sat down next to me and wrapped his arm around me "everything ruined" I say "what do you mean?" he asked I continued to cry "someone destroyed our studio crushing our computers and broke the neck off my guitar, Luke gave me that guitar I used it to write my first album and used it on my first tour and now it's gone, our current album was almost lost I would have had to cancel the tour" I closed my eyes Michael placed his lips on my cheek "hey don't cry, if you want you can borrow one of my guitars" he offered I showed a small smile "thanks but I couldn't do that" he shrugs "it's no big deal really I insist" he picks me up "now come on we got buses to look at" he says throwing me on his back as I look back at the studio I had a weird feeling "this isn't over" I thought turning back and placing my head on Michael's shoulder "just close your eyes alright" I nod slightly as we stopped "I can't tell Luke about the guitar it only breaks my heart to think about it" I said as he set me down Ashton sat in the front with Luke while Calum was in the back Michael climbed in the middle and stuck his hand out to me I grab it and climb inside setting my head against the door letting Michael rub circles in my hand "so how'd the song go?" Ashton asked but I remained silent "Ash?" Calum asked both Ashton and I turned to him "man that's confusing" Ashton says making a smile appear on my face and we pulled into the bus lot I saw Jace and Rebel standing by the entrance as soon as Luke parked I climbed out and ran over to my friends pulling them in for a hug and looking up "woah Asher what's wrong?" Jace asked "our album was almost gone" I sigh Rebel lifts up his phone "I just got pictures from the studio and thankfully our instruments were at home" he said showing Jace the picture his jaw dropped I drop my head "mine wasn't" it was silent "my guitar was broken the neck completely snapped off" I tried not to cry again "I'm so sorry Ash" I shrug "there's nothing I can do now" Rebel tried to change the topic "well at least our album is safe and how about our new single?" I showed him a clip from today "ahh it sounds amazing!" finally we walk in the lot, I wave at Bex as she walks off a bus "so you guys find a bus yet?" Jace asked she nods "say hello to the All Time Low tour bus" she said smiling "well now it's our turn" we say bye and walk over to a bus our bus rep. walks over"hey guys ready to look at the options we have" she asks "yes" Rebel says so we follow her to a gold bus and walk inside "well it's a little smaller then what you asked for but it's a great bus" she says we look around "can we see some other options please?"I ask she nods and we walk off "now I assume you will want your band on the side like your friends in All Time Low correct?" she asked "yes if we can" she smiles "I think I have the perfect bus" and we walk over to a black bus she opens the door and lets us roam around inside "wow look at the bathroom!" Jace says I go back to see we have 6 bunks, a fridge and small kitchen a decent lounge area "you'd be able to store everything in the under compartment each of you will be able to have your own and one for all your instruments" I nod continuing to listen "we have a tv and dvd player right over here across from the couch an area where you can plug in your gaming systems if you like" I nod "and we can get our band name on the side?" I ask "hun you can get a picture of your band with the name on the side" she showed us the price "wait is this the sale price or the rental price?" she smiles "sale price" I look at the guys "way under budget that the label gave us so I say yes" Rebel says "I agree and it's not like this is our last adventure on the road" I add the three of us turn around "we have a deal" we shook hands "the bus will be ready by Tuesday so you guys can load up and everything" we walked off and finished the deal I walk over to Luke "I heard what happened to your studio, I'm so sorry Ash" I shrug "don't be everything will be ok" I smile "what makes you say that?" he asks I smile "I just know Luke I just know" he throws his arm over my shoulder "looks like we all have buses now" Calum said walking off what I presume to be there bus"you rent or buy?" I ask "buy what about you?" I nod towards ours "us to" as we all meet up and head to the cars and back to the apartment. as we went to our separate places I felt someone grab my hand "come on pretty lady I have the solution to your day" Michael said as we ran down the stairs "I'm tired" I mumble but he just smiles "trust me this will be fine" and he brought me to the coffee shop "your favorite place" he smiles pecking my cheek I nod "it is my favorite place" and we walk inside



Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese update. This story is amazing.

I love you. You have brought me such joy.

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Plzzz update

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Next update plz

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When is the next update??? I check ever 30 minutes D:

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