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Where Have You Been? (Michael Clifford LS)


Michael's P.O.V

"today is the day huh Clifford" Calum asked nudging me with his elbow I felt myself blush slightly "yup" I say checking my phone for the 10th time so far, why hadn't she text me back yet? today was really like any other day but it was also the day that I ask Asher to be mine. when we got to the venue we all parted ways and Luke was off to surprise his sister so I was just wandering around, after about 15 minutes I see the silhouette of someone walking towards me I knew that frame far to well and once she noticed it was me I held my arms open as she ran towards me I ran and we met halfway "Asher!" she wrapped her legs around my waist and her arms around my neck and we stayed here for a while "Ash it's so good to see you" she smiled and placed her head in my neck "it's good to see you to Mikey" I set her down and we walked over to the others. Asher and I were waiting by the stage side when Rebel and Jace walked over "it's time to go out there and rock this shit" Rebel said Asher just nods and grabs her guitar as Jace and Rebel ran out but before Asher could get to the stage I grabbed her wrist "wait" she turns around and I pressed my lips to hers. the boys and I were just dancing along on the side of the stage as they played their set when they ran off I hadn't noticed that Luke was holding a microphone, soon they all went out and Luke was standing close to the stage side "hey guys this song is on our new album coming out in a few weeks but I have someone who's here to sing it with me" Asher said looking over and Luke ran out. by now the excitement had died down we were back at our bus "so you off to find my sister?" Luke asked as he opened the fridge "yea" I clip my keys to my jeans and let my pass hang on the keyring "well I'm off to bed night Clifford" Luke heads back to his bunk as I walk out the bus door I saw Asher headed my way and showed her a smile I wrapped my arms around her small figure and carried her onto our bus and sat her on the couch "want to watch a movie?" I ask she nods and lets out a small yawn I hand her the controller and let her pick a movie and the intro screen for batman showed itself on my screen I chuckled slightly at her choice I placed my arm around her shoulder as she leaned into my side. it was nice just the two of us laying here in each others company I looked down to ask her something but she was already asleep so I picked her up and set her in my bunk I climbed in after her and pulled the covers over us before I closed my eyes. I felt the bus stop so I open my eyes to see Asher had just woken up "hey love" I placed my lips on her forehead "we just got back to the apartments" we both crawled out, we all walked up to our separate apartments and she let out a yawn "well Asher we have a few of our weekly walks to catch up on" she gave me a smirk "alright fair enough" and this was when I started to feel nervous "come on" I showed a smile hoping to hide how I was actually feeling I could already feel my palms start to sweat so I was unsure when I grabbed her hand and we walked down to the park, she let go of my hand and ran for the swings "push me Mikey!" I just chuckle but I went behind her and push. we were heading to the coffee shop when Asher "hey you ok?" she asked but I just nod "yea I'm fine" I look away hoping to hide the redness of my face "hey uh Mikey" I looks down "yea?" she showed me a smile but my face remained the same as I just stared at her beautiful features "what?" I ask hoping to lighten the mood but she just let out a sigh "noting". our night was finally letting up once I let myself relax I had to remember that I was with my best friend nothing about that should make me nervous but it did, I really liked her and was afraid to ruin anything every though I knew she liked me I was still more nervous than ever 'what if I mess up?' or 'what if she isn't ready to let go of the past?' I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding in "come on it's Asher we're talking about, your best friend everything will be ok" I thought as I set down my empty cup "you ready to go back home?" she asked but I shook my head "not yet" I walk up to the stage and grab the guitar taking a seat before I started strumming the intro to heartbreak girl "here we go" I thought. as the lyrics fell out of my mouth I could tell she was lost in thought but when I sang the last line I knew something in her head clicked I could tell by the look in her eye "I'm right here. When you gonna realize,That I'm your cure, heartbreak girl?" I set the guitar down and sat down next to her I grabbed her hands "Ash, I have to tell you something" she nods "alright it's now or never" I thought before I actually spoke "Asher you are my best friend and you have been through so much shit in your life that I want you to finally be able to have something stable, the necklace I gave you said 'I pick you' on one side so I'm hoping that you will pick me to" I stopped myself and she asks "pick you for what?" I just showed her a small smile and blushed slightly "pick me to be your boyfriend" this time I saw her blush "so Asher Hemmings will you do me the honor of becoming my girlfriend?" she smiled "you know Clifford I'd gladly be your girlfriend" she says and I placed my hand in the crook of her neck as we slowly came together until I felt her lips against mine



Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese update. This story is amazing.

I love you. You have brought me such joy.

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Plzzz update

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Next update plz

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When is the next update??? I check ever 30 minutes D:

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