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Where Have You Been? (Michael Clifford LS)


Asher's P.O.V

I woke up to the sun shining through the window and looked down to see an arm around my waist I rolled over and saw Michael peacefully sleeping I felt his grip tighten as he let out a groan and he eyes opened, he showed a small smile "morning love" I just smiled back "morning" I wrapped my arms around his torso "I think we have to get up" he says looking down at me and laughing slightly "no" I said simply but our moment was interrupted when the door slammed open "AHHH!!!" I screamed and fell to the floor when my head popped up I saw Ashton standing in the doorway practically crying from laughing to hard I just gave him a glare which silenced him quickly "we need to get ready" Michael says opening his closet "alright fair enough" so I stood up from my spot on the floor and pushed Ashton aside "bitch" I mumble he just chuckles "that wasn't nice" he called "I'm not very nice" I said as I head for my apartment, I push the door open ever so quietly and tip toed my way up the stairs and to my room, once I saw my bed I let out a sigh as I took a seat and gave myself a moment before I stood back up and opened my dresser pulling out something to wear, I eventually settled on something and head to the bathroom I set my outfit on the sink and turn the shower on, I quickly finished up so I could get ready for the day and wrapped a towel around my hair and slipped my jeans on grabbing my tank top and put it on I dried my hair and wrapped a bandana around my hair, I finished getting dressed and push the door open sliding my phone in my back pocket and heading downstairs to see Alex waking up "morning Al" he grumbles and rolls over pulling a blanket over his head when there was a knock at my door so I casually walk over and open the door to see Luke standing there with an unamused look on his face "morning Luke" he just started at me "can we talk?" he asked I nod and walk out closing the door behind me "what do you want to talk about Luke?" I ask he just lets out a sigh "are you and Michael dating?" I felt a lump in my throat form but I nod slowly and felt myself staring at the ground but he lifted my head so I would look at him "hey listen I'm not upset I told you already that I approve, if there's anyone I trust with your heart it's Clifford, I just want to make sure that you will be ok" he says "you mean with the hate I'm gonna get?" he nods and looks down "I hate to see you upset" he said "Luke I get that you want to keep me safe but who cares what people say I like him and that's all that matters not some hater who will most likely never meet him ever" Luke nods in agreement "you're right I just can't help but worry, you're my baby sister and I would do anything to make sure you're happy" I just smile "I appreciate that Luke" he hugs me and starts to head back for his apartment "we are announcing it today" Luke turns around and gave me a thumbs up "I'm happy for ya kid I'm there if you need me" I nod "thanks Luke" and we went our separate ways I walk back inside and Alex sat up from the floor "Alex I'm making coffee would you like some?" he nods slowly and follows me to the kitchen I pull down a few mugs from the cupboard and pulled out some creamer and pressing the button to start the coffee "so I didn't hear you come in last night" I felt myself blush "yea I uh stayed with someone so I wouldn't wake you guys up" I could tell he didn't fully believe me when I saw the look in his eye and his raised eyebrow I just sigh "alright I stayed with Michael last night" the coffee pot let out a small noise and I grab the pot pouring the warm liquid into the mugs and pouring creamer in passing one to Alex who now had the biggest smile on his face "so Masher finally happened?" I nod slightly then realized he was joking around "really!?" I smile "yea last night we became official" Alex gave me a high five before taking a sip of his coffee "it's about time"



Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese update. This story is amazing.

I love you. You have brought me such joy.

imapenguintoo imapenguintoo

Plzzz update

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Next update plz

BubblegumXNX BubblegumXNX

When is the next update??? I check ever 30 minutes D:

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