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Where Have You Been? (Michael Clifford LS)


Asher's P.O.V

"somethings gonna go down tonight" I gave Mitch a look but he just smiled I knew I wouldn't get it out of him so I left it alone "well enough about us what are you guys going to do the rest of the day?" Derek asked taking a bite of his pizza "well we just finished our interview so we are here to pick up some swimsuits and go to the water park across the street" I say Derek nods "sound like fun there's a store just across the mall thats having a sale on swimwear and stuff" Mitch said checking his watch I smiled "you in a hurry Mitch?" he shook his head but returned the smile "no just wondering what time it is", we finished our lunch and I picked up the trash throwing it away in a near by bin when someone bumped into me "sorry" the voice whispered but kept walking he had a hat and a scarf on so I couldn't see who he was or even apologize so I walked back over to my friends "well we will be seeing you guys later have fun at the water park" Derek said Mitch waved as the interlaced their fingers Jace Rebel and I decided to find this shop and pick out some new swimsuits, at the shop we parted ways and I walked into a room with some tribal style suits but one stood out to me so I picked it up and walked to the changing room I was handed a card and walked in closing a door behind me, I was halfway changed when "Ash is that you next to me?" I knew that voice as Rebel "yes sir it is" he chuckled "awesome guys I'm on the other side" Jace added I laughed "ok lets show each other the swimsuits we picked out on the count of three" Rebel said "1" I quickly tried to finish "2" I was stuck momentarily "3" I was able to get it on and we all emerged from our rooms "nice suit Ash" I smile "thank you" I look at Rebel's the Jace's "uh looks like you guys have similar tastes" I step back and let the two boys stare each other down "uh guys at least they're different colors" this seemed to please them and the both walked back to their room but I couldn't feel more confused I shook the thought from my head and went to change back into my clothes, we paid and left the store headed for the exit "I can't wait I haven't been to a water park in forever" Jace says "me either it's gonna be awesome" I say as we carried our things across the street and paid the entrance fee "lets rent a locker" so we walked over to the wall over lockers and rented one sticking all our things inside "the changing rooms are over there so lets get dressed then bring our stuff back here" Rebel said so we locked the locker and head to the changing room after we all changed into our swimsuits we took our stuff back to the locker "alright now that our stuff is taken care of what shall we do first?" I ask we look around "how about the toilet bowl slide?" Jace asked "sure sounds fun" so we got in line and soon made our way to the top "whose gonna go first" the guy asked I stepped forward "I'll go" I walked up and sat down on the slide "ok 3,2,1, go!" I slid down and went in circles for what felt like forever when I finally dropped through to the bottom, after a while in the wave pool we decided to race down the slides so we walked over to the three way slide and climbed up to the top the lifeguard gave us a thumbs up so we sat down and he pressed a button lights flashed until we were pushed down by the burst of water and we slid down at fast paces but only one of us could win and it was Jace "yea buddy!" he cheered as we climbed out Rebel and I rolled our eyes "so I'm thinking we could do a few more runs and then we should head back" I said checking the clock they had hanging "alright meet back at the locker in 15 minutes". our 15 minutes soon ended so we met back up and grabbed our things "lets change at the hotel that way we can shower before we get back on the buses" Rebel said "didn't they tell you that we're staying at the hotel another night?" I felt excited once again "YES!!!" I screamed as we climbed in the car "well another night of relaxing then tomorrow we head back to work" I said Jace chuckles "at least we like our jobs" I pulled out my phone and saw a text from Michael "hey babe let's get desert tonight" I smiled "sure but don't you mean dinner?" I replied a few seconds later his message appeared "no I mean desert ;)" I rolled my eyes "whatever sounds good clifford the big red dog" I slipped my phone in my bag and the three of us sang along to the radio until we got back to the hotel "to the elevator" Rebel said marching I look to Jace who shrugs then joins in I just walk behind the two losers I call my friends Rebel hit the button and the doors open "going up" the elevator started to move until we reached our floor "ok I'll see you guys in a bit" I said as we parted ways for our rooms I slipped my key in the door and pushed it open it quickly closed behind me I set my things on my bed and turned on the shower as I waited for the water to heat up I grabbed a new set of clothes and set them on the counter. I quickly finished my shower and blowdried my hair after I did a quick style I added a bow and quickly changed I did a more natural look for makeup and slipped on my shoes "hey you ready to go we have to make a stop real quick" Michael said "yea just let me get my bag" I grabbed my bag and checked my phone before sliding it in my pocket I grabbed his hand and we headed for the lobby "so where are we going?" I ask he smiled and we walked into one of the ballrooms where all our friends were "hey everybody" Mitch handed everyone a glass of champagne I felt my phone buzz the number was unknown "I know you're scared of me... it's alright because you should be" I felt chills go down my spine "something big happened today" Derek says with a huge grin on his face when my phone went off again "enjoy your freedom while you have it I'm going to get you and I promise you won't escape me this time" this time I was scared I started to shake slightly "Derek and I" Mitch drew out "have fun at the party because after that you'll never see your family again" "Derek and I are engaged!" Mitch shouted



Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese update. This story is amazing.

I love you. You have brought me such joy.

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Plzzz update

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Next update plz

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When is the next update??? I check ever 30 minutes D:

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