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Where Have You Been? (Michael Clifford LS)


Asher's P.O.V

It was nice and sunny when I opened my eyes "another day another festival" I chuckle slightly and got out of bed feeling refreshed and awake I grabbed some clothes for today and went to take a shower, as I washed my hair I heard some shuffling around the room "well good afternoon love" I smiled "hey Michael" I quickly finished my shower and climbed out changing and drying my hair letting it wave I put on a flower crown and did my makeup I realized that I actually didn't look to bad I walk out and made sure my guitar was ready to go "so wanna get a smoothie or something before we head over?" Michael asked "sure let's meet up with Jace and Rebel at that place across the street" so we sent them a message and grabbed our things heading out of the hotel and down the street. once we got our orders Rebel and Jace walked in the door "hey guys ready for the festival?" Jace asked "yup you guys can get your drinks then we can head out" so as we waited for the guys drinks Michael had called a taxi "alright it should be here soon". once we walked outside the taxi pulled up "perfect timing" Rebel said we all climbed in and gave the guy directions, once we got there I paid the man and we climbed out walking over to the front "Chris said to go to the side gate and talk to the guy in sunglasses with the red shirt and clipboard" so we walked down the fence and found said guy "hey we are in Gone Rouge here to perform with Motionless in White" I say the guy looks down "ah yea Chris said to expect you come on in right this way" so we followed him to a stage where the guys were just chilling back stage in a dressing room "hey guys" Ricky said as we walked in the door "hey everyone" I say "so you guys made perfect timing we were just going over our set list" Chris says holding a piece of paper "ok so when were you thinking of doing Angel eyes?" Jace asked "I was thinking maybe after everybody sells cocaine?" Devin said pointing to the middle of the setlist "sounds good to me" Rebel says "I agree" Chris said "what do you think Asher?" everyone looked at me "I think it's good let's do it". so once an hour had past it was time for Motionless in White to go on, Jace Rebel Michael and I had been chilling side stage dancing around and singing along so after three songs we started to warm up and about 10 minutes later everyone walked off all but Chris "now we have a surprise for you but the guys needed a quick break so here with me to play our award winning collaboration is Gone Rouge!" Chris shouted and the three of us walked out "hey everyone" the crowd cheered and the guys had gone to where they needed to be and I had my guitar in hand and we played the intro to Angel Eyes. as the song finished the crowd erupted with screams and cheers, I felt myself smile as the adrenaline ran throughout my body, I gave Chris a high five and Jace Rebel and I walked off the stage where I instantly met with Ricky's face "that was incredible guys!" again I couldn't help but smile "thanks" soon the guys all ran back on stage and finished their set. as the guys walked off you could tell the makeup was almost completely sweat off "damn that was a good show" Josh says bumping fists with Ryan "so what are you four up to for the rest of the day?" Devin asked "well nothing really we did what we had planned for the day" I answer Devin nods "well then how about we go back to our bus clean up a bit then enjoy the festival" Chris said we all agree and walk off the the buses. Michael and I were hanging with Chris Vinny and Ricky while Jace and Rebel are with Ryan Josh and Devin we each decided to see different sets, Michael set me on his shoulders so I could see the stage as the band was jumping around I could watch the crowd singing along it was an awesome feeling, I looked down at me friends and noticed them smiling and just kinda bouncing around with the music I then looked down to my boyfriend and he was already looking at me "you having fun?" he asked I give him a nod and he just gives me a big and cheesy smile "I love you" he said "I love you to". as the festival came to an end the guys had invited us to a party "I don't want to sound like a hater and be like 'no I have a show and need to get rest' so how about we come party for a bit then we can go back sound like a plan?" everyone agrees and we walk out of the bus and to a bonfire that had been set up, Chris hands me a cup "this a good brew?" I ask he smiles "only the best for my best friend" he said clinking our not so fancy red solo cups together and we take a drink "damn this is good" he nods and takes another sip "I'll send some back with you for your bus" he adds "thank you!" Chris just chuckles. "well as much as I want you guys to stay and keep partying with us I know you all need to go so I will walk you guys out to your cab" Chris said so I pick up my bag which was heavier then before and I felt my phone go off 'don't worry I put a six pack of that beer in your bag;)'. the cab finally showed up and I gave Chris a hug "well we will see you all tomorrow at our show" I say Jace and Rebel climb in the cab then Michael and I "bye guys" we waved and the cab took us back to the hotel



Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese update. This story is amazing.

I love you. You have brought me such joy.

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Plzzz update

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Next update plz

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When is the next update??? I check ever 30 minutes D:

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