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Where Have You Been? (Michael Clifford LS)


Asher's P.O.V

the next day rolled around all to fast as I felt the sun come through the windows of mine and Michael's room I got up and decided to night fight the day after all it was my choice to go to that party, I did casual makeup and changed slipping a beanie on my head I had decided to take my things down to my bus and put that six back in the bus fridge so I don't forget it, on my way down I actually ran into Ashton "well if it isn't the other Ash" he chuckles "woah looks like you had a long day yesterday" he chuckles I give him a look "I know I shouldn't have gone to that party yesterday but I did so what now I'm tired and need coffee" Ashton had a smirk on his face "you went to a party?" I shrug "kinda" so as he followed me onto my bus as I put my things away I placed a note on the six pack saying 'Asher's don't touch or Chris will kill you' I couldn't help but laugh slightly at my note but I closed the fridge and turned to Ashton "hey wanna get coffee?" I ask he shrugs "sure" so we walked around town and eventually found a starbucks we walk inside and it was almost empty, after we got our drinks we head back to the hotel and everyone was awake and taking their things to their separate buses, after we all double checked our rooms we all checked out and headed to the next venue. "so how was the festival yesterday?" Mitch asked "it was awesome" Rebel says opening the fridge he was quiet for a few seconds then looked over at me "and it looks like Asher got a party favor from Chris" I just smile "yup a damn good party favor to" I felt my phone buzz I checked the contact 'unknown' I just rolled my eyes "Derek" I called he walked over and I hand him my phone "I'm positive the message is from him but I refuse to read it" Derek looks down at the screen and then lets out a sigh "when we stop if we have enough time we should go change your number" I nod "ok". the buses stopped at the venue we all got out and stretched our legs "hey Zack" I called he walks over "yea Ash?" he asked "will you walk with me real quick, I got another message and I need to change my number" Zack nods "sure lets go" so I grabbed what I needed and we headed for town, we walked into the store and a worker noticed us very quickly "hey guys what can I do for you today?" I pull out my phone "I need to change my number" I say the woman nods and looks down at her iPad and then point to an empty counter "follow me over there" so we did just that and followed her where she plugged in my phone "ok so here is the form for a new number go ahead and fill this out well I get started for you" she hands me a pen and slides me the paper. as I signed the bottom and gave it to her she gave me my phone back "alright your number has been successfully changed" I smile "thank you" when we finished up Zach and I left and headed back to the venue for soundcheck. I sent a text to all my friends so everyone who needed to know my new number had it, "I'm guessing by this message you changed your number?" Luke asked "yea I needed to you know that I refuse to read any messages from Max" he nods "I get it, speaking of that loser the police are here and posted at every entrance and exit if Max gets near here they will know about it" Luke said "thank you" I gave my brother a hug a part of me didn't want to let go because I knew I was safe "knock knock" I heard and turned around to see Chris, Vinny, Josh, Devin, Ricky, and Ryan "hey guys follow me back to our dressing room", back at the room we showed Chris where we had placed Angel Eyes and everything when we heard music start "oh hey the guys must have started" we all walked to the stage side where my brother and his friends where on stage for a huge crowd of people. The 5sos guys had just finished their set which means it's now our turn I looked over to Rebel and Jace "ready?"
I ask "yup" Jace answered "so ready" Rebel said so they ran out "Asher" I turn around and see Michael "good luck babe" he placed a kiss on my lips "thanks love" and I shortly followed after, as we made it to about halfway through our set I notice two of the officers run for the door and tackle someone it did;t take long for me to notice it was Max and as soon as they slapped the handcuffs on him I felt my heart smile I looked over at Jace who must have seen to cause he gave me a wink I smiled "alright we have a surprise for you all please welcome our awesome friend on stage" and Chris runs out with a microphone "this is called Angel Eyes". as we finished our set we walked off and handed our microphones to the stagehands "awesome show guys" Bex said handing us each a water "thanks Bex" I gave her a hug and noticed Luke out of the corner of my eye "I'll be right back guys" I walk over to Luke who had a massive smile on his face "Max is in custody Asher you don't have to worry about him anymore" I felt myself smile as well "I'm excited but I can't help but feel that this isn't the end with him" I say Luke just placed his hand on my shoulder "whatever happens I'm always going to be there for you" I look up at him "thanks Luke now come on lets go hang out with everyone" he nods and we head back over to where everyone was but I still can't get the thought out of my head "I feel like I haven't seen the last of him"



Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese update. This story is amazing.

I love you. You have brought me such joy.

imapenguintoo imapenguintoo

Plzzz update

Iwings Iwings

Next update plz

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When is the next update??? I check ever 30 minutes D:

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