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Where Have You Been? (Michael Clifford LS)


Asher's P.O.V

as we returned to the apartment I ran up to my room and set my guitar down and plopped down onto my bed when Rebel knocked on my door "hey can I come in?" he asked "sure its unlocked" and I heard my door open and close and the weight shifted next to me "are you sure you are ready to do this?" Rebel asked placing his hand on my back I lifted my head from the pillows "no, and I don't get it I can perform in front of huge crowds but I can't face one person" I say sitting up from my position and placing my head on his shoulder "tell me what to do" I say "I know this is hard for you but its going to be hard for him to, you guys were so close and haven't talked to each other in forever but I think you should go over there and lay everything out on the table, what do you hope happens between you and Luke?" Rebel always was a great person to make you really understand your thoughts "I don't know really, I want my relationship that I had with Luke to go back to normal I miss having my older brother around" I say and Rebel shows a small smile "there you go, now go try your hardest to get what you want I know you can do it" he said standing up and heading for the door "oh and Jace is taking a nap so when you get back I'd be careful not to wake the beast" I chuckled "ok I'll be back later" I stood up and grabbed my phone closing my room door behind me and walking down the stairs I walked out the door and to apartment 3A and sighed raising my fist and knocking on the door, I waited for a few minutes until the door opened and I stood face to face with my brother. We stood here in silence for what felt like forever until he broke the silence "so uh come on in" he said moving over so I walked in and as he closed the door I followed him to the couch "it's so great to see you" he says "you to" I said placing my hands on my legs "you dyed your hair... looks nice I like it" he said "thanks"I reply but he just sighed "look I know you're not here to play a round of coffee shop catch up so lets get down to the real reason we are here, Asher why'd you go?" I knew this talk was coming sooner or later so I just went along for the ride "I left home because it was holding me back from being at my full potential Luke, I needed to be free and to be able to do the things I wanted instead of feeling trapped all the time, I knew I would be able to to greater things if I left there, I had to many bad memories there, I needed a fresh start and to be able to follow my dreams, thats why I left" he dropped hus head "I understand now, after I left I realized what you ment all this time" he says I sigh "if you are so ok with it now why did you say all those horrible things to me?" I ask "because I was angry you practicly broke my heart Asher I was so torn when you left I could never understand" I waited a few moments before continuing "I never ment to hurt you" I say placing my hand on his leg "yea but you did, it made me feel like the worst brother ever" he said leaning back "Luke what you said to me that day still haunts me every night, you destroyed me and I never thought I could forgive you but somewhere along this path to happiness I just quit caring I lost those feelings and all feeling completely but then my dream started to come true and I discovered happiness again, I just wanted to share that happiness with my brother but I knew I never could" I said Luke sat up and had a few tears fall from thr brim of his eyes making my strong side break I never wanted to see Luke cry but seeing him like this made me bust out into tears and for the first time in years I felt the warm embrace of my brother



Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese update. This story is amazing.

I love you. You have brought me such joy.

imapenguintoo imapenguintoo

Plzzz update

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Next update plz

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When is the next update??? I check ever 30 minutes D:

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