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Where Have You Been? (Michael Clifford LS)


Asher's P.O.V

"Asher from Gone Rouge everybody" I waved to the screaming crowd as I walked off I handed the microphone back to the stagehand "hey you ready to party later?" Jack asked as I walked past "always Jack always I just gotta change and you have to finish the show" he rolls his eyes "details" I just head back to the dressing room and open my bag I pulled out a dress and quickly changed before redoing my hair, as I finished up I threw everything in my bag and went to put it in the All Time Low bus I bumped into someone "oh sorry" I looked up at my brother who for once couldn't say anything "what cat got your tongue?" I ask but he shook his head "why are you dressed like that?" he asked "what am I that ugly?" I chuckle "you could never be ugly Ash but Mikey didn't say anything about going out tonight and you look lovely" he answered "thats because I'm not going out with Michael I'm going out with Jack and possibly Alex Rian and Zack" I said simply "oh" Luke couldn't muster much to say "don't worry Luke this is something the guys and I do all the time I'll text you all night and keep you in the loop ok?" Luke smiled slightly "thats all I'm asking" I gave my brother a hug and walked past a room and heard some slight yelling "I don't care what you have to say" I stopped in place "Clifford?" I thought and hid close to the door "why are you so nasty?" that was definitely Michael's voice "just because you hate her doesn't mean I have to I love her and nothing can stop me, not even you" this shocked me slightly "was he talking about me?" I thought and continued to listen "listen if you can't be happy for me then don't bother talking to me ever again, she's here to stay and if that means I don't get to see my mom ever again so be it" it was quiet all of a sudden I felt my heart drop into my stomach as the next few words came out of his mouth "fine, but I'll break it off first thing tomorrow, she'll never see me again" I felt a tear roll down my face "no..." I slowly backed away from the door and ran, I wasn't sure where I was running but I had to get away from there and I eventually realized that I was in the ATL bus I went back to Jack's bunk and opened the curtain slightly before crawling in and closing it behind me, I couldn't help it and started crying I grabbed Jacks pillow and held it close and felt my phone buzz "hey where are you love?" it was Michael "I'm not dealing with this right now" and I set my phone back down and felt it buzz again "hey where are you? I went to your dressing room but couldn't find you?" this time it was Jack "please don't tell anyone where I am" I hit send and a few seconds later I got a response "I promise are you ok?" I knew I had to be honest "no I'm not I'm hiding in your bunk" and a few seconds later "ok I'll be right there" I just hugged the pillow closer and I got another text from Michael "Luke said you were going out with Jack tonight can you call me?" I didn't want to talk to him at all right now "jerk" I threw my phone out of the bunk and it hit the wall "well that didn't sound to good" Jack said as he slowly opened the curtain "what's wrong?" I looked up "Jack, I think Michael is gonna break up with me" he almost looked shocked "but things are going so great" I laughed slightly "yea thats what I thought to" I say simply "well whats wrong?". so as I explained everything to him, he just sat there and listened to me vent "well I think you need a night away to calm down lets go out like we were going to snd come back and just chill we can have movie night with everyone like we always do" Jack stood up and grabbed my hand "I'd like that" so we got ready and left. "lets go to this club that lets me Dj when we are in town" Jack said grabbing my hand "ok" so we walk inside and the bouncer instantly remembered him "hey Jack come on in" and he let us pass Jack walked over to the DJ booth and was instantly put in charge "hey I'm gonna order us some drinks" Jack said placing the headphone around his neck "ok sounds good" I gave him a smile "don't be afraid to try this either I can show you what to do" I just smiled and walked up to the table. "alright everyone that was DJ Jack and DJ Ash for you tonight make some noise" Jack and I left t the club with people dancing and lights flashing "I'll admit that was really fun Ja Ja Jack" he chuckled "you're drunk" he said simply "no I'm not...hold me" so he picked me up and put me on his back "I'm tired night Jack" I closed my eyes, when they opened again we were back on his bus I could still feel the sweat and the glitter from the club in my clothes "here take this shirt and we can go to sleep" Jack handed me a shirt I took my shoes off and staggered to the bathroom I looked up in the mirror and splashed some water in my face my body way have been drunk but my mind was far to sober I slipped on the overly big All Time Low shirt that Jack gave me and pulled my hair out and let it stay down, I walked back out to Jack "hey lets do shots" I said trying not to slur my words "I don't think thats such a good idea Ash you are already drunk, lets just go to bed and we can drink in the morning ok?" I shrug "fiiiiinnnnnnneeeeeeeeeeee" Jack picked me up before placing me in his bunk as he went to walk away I grabbed his hand "Ash?" he questioned "don't leave me" was all I could muster out so he climbed into the bunk and I wrapped my arms around his waist "Jack you are the best brother I've ever had" I mumble out "you do know that we aren't related right?" he chuckles slightly "might as well be" Jack ruffled my hair a little bit "goodnight Asher" I let out a yawn "g'night Jack" and as soon as he fell asleep my thoughts wandered back to earlier about that phone call Michael had and I couldn't help but think "is Michael breaking up with me?"



Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese update. This story is amazing.

I love you. You have brought me such joy.

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Plzzz update

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Next update plz

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When is the next update??? I check ever 30 minutes D:

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