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Where Have You Been? (Michael Clifford LS)


Michael's P.O.V

as I walked back onto he bus I saw Luke standing there with his arms crossed "so are things better between you and my sister?" he asked I chuckles slightly "yea things are better I promised her a night out because I screwed up so badly" Luke passed his hand on my shoulder "my sister has been through hell and back and I worry about her like crazy but if something like this happens again talk to me because I can probably help you figure it out" he then slapped the back of my head "and thats for the whole screw up in the first place" he walked away and left me with Calum and Ashton "do we even wanna ask?" Ashton said pausing the game "no" I said simply "are you sure?" Calum asked "positive" they shrug their shoulders and continue to play so I head back to my bunk and proceed to get ready for the concert. a few hours in and the place is packed with people rocking out and dancing along to the music of my my girlfriends band "are you all enjoying yourself tonight?" the crowd erupted with cheers before she gave a smile and they started their next song I felt a hand on my shoulder "she's pretty awesome isn't she" I smiled "she's the best thing that ever happened to me" I heard a dark chuckle as the atmosphere went cold "to bad that won't last long" I turned around and saw a face I thought we'd never see again "what the hell do you want? how'd you get out of prison?" he chuckles slightly "I'm here for what's rightfully mine and its a wonder what parole can do" he had a twisted grin on his face and a smug look in his eyes I couldn't stand to think about why he was here "you'll never lay a finger on her" I said sternly "oh like you're going to stop me?" I smiled "actually" I raised my fist and punched him straight in the face causing him to fall to the ground "I am" I waved over a security guard who grabbed Max "hold him until the police get here" the guard nods before hauling him off I looked around and saw Luke so I waved him down "Luke we have a problem, Max was here he was coming for Asher I punched him out and a guard took him away and is calling the police" Luke shudders "that would explain the phone call I got saying he had escaped" we discussed the topic for a few more minutes when Asher came running off the stage "hey if it isn't the best brother in the world and the best boyfriend ever whatcha guys talking about?" he asked we didn't really know how to answer when she checked her phone "oh hang on I got a voicemail" she turned and placed the phone to her ear and a few seconds later it fell to the ground "Max escaped?" she turned around and looked at us we both gave a slow nod before a tear rolled down her cheek "he'll come after me I know it" she had panic written across her face before she took off "Asher wait!" Luke called after her before he took off running after her I chased after both of them when I found Luke on the ground holding Asher close "I won't let him hurt you Ash ever" I sent Derek a text to meet us backstage before I grabbed Asher I pulled her close to me "Ash don't let that loser spoil our night ok? I will make this the best night you've ever had I'll make you forget his name forever because tonight I am all yours" she just grabbed onto me closely before looking into my eyes "I believe you Mikey I'll be ready" she looked over to Derek and grabbed his hand "take me to the bus please" the two left hand in hand and I looked over to Luke "Max will be back and I will be waiting I'm not going to let him ruin her" I said Luke just gave me a nod before he looked back "we have to be on stage" he mumbled "well lets go I have a hot date waiting for me after". once our set had finished I looked at Luke who gave me a smile "go get ready" he smiles I sprint back to the bus and put on a dress shirt and dark jeans with my all black vans, I walked off the bus and over to the Gone Rouge bus I knocked lightly and the door swung opened up to show my stunning girlfriend "you look absolutely beautiful Asher I'll never understand how I got to be so lucky" she blushed slightly "funny I was just thinking the same thing" I reached out my hand and she placed hers in mine and we went on our way. "this restaurant is outstanding you really didn't have to do this for me" Asher smiled as our food was placed in front of us "I didn't have to but I wanted to babe, I want to treat you whenever I can" she smiled and proceeded to take a bite of her food "this is by far the best date I've ever been on Clifford" I gave her a smirk "and its only just starting". as our night was coming to an end we headed back to the room I got us for the night, the elevator doors closed leaving the two of us in complete silence "you know I" started but was soon interrupted when I felt her lips on mine the kiss quickly deepened and didn't stop until we reached our room I pushed the door open and there were flowers on the bed a bottle of champagne and two glasses "well shall we have a drink?" she asked I nod and she proceeds to pour us each a glass, after a few glasses things started to heat up again, Asher was running her fingers up and down my torso before her lips met with mine I smiled into the kiss when she laid herself on top of me I wrapped my arms around her and she lifted her head up "tonight I am yours Mikey, and I want you to be mine, I want this Mikey" she whispered before kissing me again, she had her fingers in my hair and mine slowly unzipped her dress she took off my shirt and she stared at my stomach "man you look like a chocolate bar that I wanna break the pieces off of" I chuckled slightly "come're" I smiled, things escalated quickly leaving us in a lovers locked night



Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese update. This story is amazing.

I love you. You have brought me such joy.

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Plzzz update

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Next update plz

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When is the next update??? I check ever 30 minutes D:

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