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Where Have You Been? (Michael Clifford LS)


Asher's P.O.V

"hey dad" I could hear the smile in his voice so I stood up and walked over Michael stepped aside letting his dad in and closing the door behind him "hi Mr.Clifford, nice to meet you" I stuck out my hand to shake it but he just pulled me into a hug "well aren't you lovely, and far to good looking for my son" this made me laugh Michael had a blush on his face "dad" he groaned but his dad just smiled "you must be Asher", Michael and I were sat on the bed and his dad was in the chair we had been laughing and talking about various things throughout the night "so Asher, what's your family like? I've only ever met your brother" I felt myself get nervous "well my only family is my brother, our parents favored Luke so much is was easy to tell early in my life that I wouldn't matter so my best friends and I moved out to california and to follow our dreams and finally be happy" Michael had wrapped his hand around mine and I saw his dad had an emotionless face "well Asher" he then smiled "I can honestly say that you matter and you definitely matter to my son, I don't think I've ever seen him so happy and to be honest his mother can go suck it" Michael started to laugh "you were always my favorite parent dad" his dad stood up and placed a hand on his shoulder "I'm very proud of you son, don't ruin this ok?" he nods hugging his dad "and Asher here's my number if he ever gets to hard to handle" I laugh slightly "thanks Mr.Clifford" he chuckled "please call me Daryl" Michael had a huge smile on his face "thanks Daryl" he shook his sons hand "call me in the morning I'd like to take you both to breakfast" he said giving me a hug before walking over and hugging his son as well "Ash I'm gonna walk my dad down I'll be back ok?" I smiled "ok" and the two left I grabbed some clothes to change out of my sweaty concert clothes and into some leggings and a baggy t-shirt I walked to the bathroom and pulled my hair up into a ponytail, I quickly redid my makeup and I heard my phone ring so I walked out to answer it "hello" "hey Ash I'm waiting downstairs so when you're ready we can go get pizza" Mikey's voice blared through my phone "ok I'll be down shortly" and I hung up and proceed to head my way down to the lobby I saw Michael sitting on a chair he stood up and I walked over to him "my dad really likes you" he chuckled "I'm glad" Michael had reached his hand into his pocket "he actually gave me something that I would like to give to you" this had me confused but he motions me to stick my hand out so I do he places something small and cold in my hand and curled my fingers "this belonged to my grandma and I want you to have it, see it as however you like, I just want you to have it because I love you" and he walks off towards the bathroom I looked at my hand and felt my breath escape my body as I stared at the ring in my hand "wow" I thought as I slipped it on my finger "what does this mean?" I thought but shook that from my head when I heard a voice calling my name I turned and saw Bex "hey Asher didn't I just see Michael?" she asked "yea he went to the bathroom and left me with my thoughts" of course this confused Bex she went to grab her phone but saw the ring on my finger "whats that?" she asked "Mikey gave it to me he said it was his grandmas" Bex dropped her phone in shock "home girl you just got engaged" I stayed quiet for a few seconds "did I?" I wondered "where is he anyway?" Bex and I wandered around the hotel "Ella what are you doing here?" I heard Michael's voice so I flagged Bex over "I'm here because I was asked to be" I saw this girl in a t-shirt dress just staring at Michael and this kind of upset me "Ella?" Bex whispered but I just shrug "I don't know her" I whispered back "look Ella if my mom sent you here please just" but before he could finish his sentence she pressed her lips to his I felt my jaw drop but I couldn't move I was frozen Michael had a pissed off look on his face but his eyes started to close and he looked like he was getting paler "whats happening?" Bex asked "I'm about to knock a bitch out is whats happening" I walked over and ripped this girl off Michael "the hell do you think your doing!" she shouts "I was gonna ask you the same thing" she looks me up and down "so you're the girlfriend? I was expecting something better" I felt my blood boil but I refused to show it "actually bitch I'm more then that" I flashed her my ring finger she had a shocked look on her face which made me smile I then flipped her off "Ash he isn't breathing!" I looked back over at Bex who had her head placed in his chest his was as white as a ghost his lips turning blue "what did you do to him?" I asked turning back to the girl "I did enough" and she walks away pulling out her phone dialing a number I sat down by Bex and started chest compressions "Bex call 911" she nods and gets on the phone everything seemed quiet just Michael and I, I could feel his limp body getting heavier after what felt like forever the paramedics rushed in and took Michael away in an ambulance "I'll ride with him Bex and text you what hospital we are going to get the guys there as fast as possible" she nods and runs off, as we made our way to the hospital I thought back to what had happened "if my mom sent you" kept repeating itself in my head "does your mom hate me so much that she would try to get rid of me by killing you" I thought "this is my fault" I felt tears in my eyes "miss everything will be ok can we have you wait in the lobby and a doctor will come out and see you" I nod and sat down in a chair, I stared at the ring on my finger "I'm so sorry" I mumbled out before I started to cry



Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese update. This story is amazing.

I love you. You have brought me such joy.

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Plzzz update

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Next update plz

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When is the next update??? I check ever 30 minutes D:

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