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Where Have You Been? (Michael Clifford LS)


Luke's P.O.V

I sat on the bed scrolling through twitter listening to whatever movie Calum and Ashton were watching when I noticed the sound of loud thumping coming from down the hall "you guys hear that?" I ask Calum turned down the tv and the sound became louder this time it was a loud pounding on our door "did a fan find the room?" Ashton asked I got up and walked over to the door "guys please open up!" I heard a panic coming from the voice "fan or not I'm opening the door something sounds wrong" I said and reached for the handle I looked through the peep hole as the knocking continued "its not a fan it's Bex" as I opened the door someone fell inside the room I notice it to be Bex, she jumped up and had tears running down her face she was out of breath and was shaking "woah Bex what happened to you?" Ashton said "something happened we need to get to the hospital now" she shouted I noticed she was extremely upset whatever had happened it was big "ok ok come on guys lets go" I said closing the door Bex sprinted down the hallway continuing to cry we made it to the elevators "theres no time we have to take the stairs" she opened the door and started down them at an alarming rate "for us to have to run down the stairs it must be big" Calum said he grabbed the door and we all ran down, following Bex outside a van had pulled up she opened the door and everyone had already been piled inside with Jack behind the wheel "get in we don't have time" I climbed in Ashton and Calum closely behind closing the door Bex leaned her head on Jace's shoulder and Jack took off I noticed that Michael and my sister we not in the car and I started to feel a little upset "it can't be them, it isn't them, they are having dinner or something" I thought "ok I got the text from Asher they're at Winston Hospital" she said placing the phone in her lap thats when I felt my heart drop to my stomach "Bex please tell me they are ok" I mumbled but she just looked down and said nothing "Asher is ok" Jace said to me while grabbing Bex's hand and before long we had pulled up to the hospital we all ran inside and I noticed my sister sitting in the waiting room I ran over to her and sat down next to her "Ash are you ok?" I ask but she looked at me and I knew she wasn't all there she looked heartbroken and destroyed Bex walked over and sat down across from her "any word?" she asked but Asher just shook her head "not yet but his dad got here a little bit ago he's in the room now" everyone slowly piled into the waiting room and sat down by my sister when I decided to ask "what happened?" she looked at me "it's Michael somethings wrong I'm not sure what but" she stopped "but what?" I ask "some girl named Ella was involved" Bex adds "Ella? why do I know that name?" I thought "wait Luke wasn't Ella the girl that Michael's mom basically made her mini me?" Calum asked "wait yea that girl that was always hanging around and telling Michael they would get married because his mom wanted them to" thats when it clicked "yea thats her, what was she doing here though?" Bex perked up a bit "I think I might know what" Bex explained the whole story to us so we were all caught up on what had happened "I'm gonna get some air" Asher said standing up and walked outside, I watched as the doors closed behind her "I'm gonna go check on her" I said not really directed at anyone and made my way outside where I heard the faint sound of crying I looked over and saw my sister leaned up against the side of the building I walked over "hey sis" I wrapped my arms around her but she said nothing just stayed quiet "Asher, what happened tonight...you need to know, that girl he hated her so much but didnt say anything because of his mom, it was joke to her and overtime she would say something and we would just laugh because we knew they would never be together" I said she turned around "I know that the kiss meant nothing between them I'm not worried about that, I just so badly want him to be ok, I want to be able to walk out of here with my boyfriends hand in mine, but he looked so bad I thought he was dead, and with his mom and this Ella girl behind this I don't want him getting hurt" I looked at my sister and gave her a hug "Ash, Clifford is strong he'll make it, just keep your faith in him I know he'll feel it, don't give up on him Asher" I heard the doors open "hey the doctor is here and has some news on big red" Alex had said before turning back around "come on lets go see how he's doing" I wrapped my arms around my sister as we walked back into the hospital "according to the tests it was a serious poisoning, the chemical found shouldn't even be available in the states however he came into contact with it, it is extremely lucky that we were able to reverse the effects and flush his system" I looked down and noticed my sister had completely zoned out I squeezed her hand lightly she looked down at her hand before looking up at me "but he is awake and can have visitors now" I looked up at the doctor "can we all go in?" Rian asked "yea you all are fine to go" the doctor started to walk away "oh but he did ask for an Asher specifically" and he continued on down the hall



Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese update. This story is amazing.

I love you. You have brought me such joy.

imapenguintoo imapenguintoo

Plzzz update

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Next update plz

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When is the next update??? I check ever 30 minutes D:

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