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Where Have You Been? (Michael Clifford LS)


Asher's P.O.V

as everyone headed for Michael's room I sat down in a chair in the waiting room watching everyone walk down the hall soon it was just me in the waiting room, I sat there collecting my thoughts messing around with the ring on my hand I looked up an saw a shadow walking down the hallway towards me, I shortly realized that the shadow belonged to Bex, she must have noticed that I wasn't following behind them because she shortly was sat next to me "we are going in to see Clifford" I just sat there staring in front of me "I know you must be worried or scared but he did ask to see you" she placed her hand on my shoulder "I'll go see him but let everyone else go in before me that way they can all see him to" Bex must have noticed that I was hesitant to go in and see him but she let it go and headed down the hallway, I sat by myself letting my thoughts consume me I again stared down at the ring on my finger remembering all the memories I made with Mikey "why did you have to do this to me" I thought "why did I have to fall in love with you" I felt the hot tears rolling down my cheeks when someone snapped me out of my train of thought "when I gave that to him I didn't think he'd give it to you immediately... he really loves you you know" I looked up and saw Michael's dad "yea I know I love him to" he took a seat next to me "you should go in and see him he's been asking about you" "I was just gonna let our friends go in first then I'll go in I don't want to overwhelm him with to many people" I could feel his eyes staring into my soul "but I'll head down to his room and go see him now" I got up and just before I started to head down the hall his dad had grabbed my hand "Asher I know you love and care deeply for my son, there was nothing you could have done to stop this, I just want you to know that" I showed him a small smile before walking down to Mikey's room. as I walked down the hall all I could hear was the sound of each step I took echoing in the hallway when I started to hear subtle laughter coming from a room, I noticed that I had stopped directly in front of the door and one voice stuck out "hey where's Asher?" I felt the air hitch in my throat "I thought she was right behind us?" Luke said "I'll go get her she wanted to let us see you first" I heard Bex reaching for the door and it opened to show me standing there "oh hey" she looked up and gave me a smile I walked in the room letting Bex close the door behind me "hey" Mikey said "hi" the room fell silent "come on guys lets give them some space" Jack says grabbing the keys, everyone headed out the door it slowly closed behind them leave the room completely quiet Michael and I just staring at each other I looked down and saw his hand patting the spot next to him "here sit down you must be tired" I remained where I was "it's ok I'll stand" Michael's facial expression changed he seemed emotionally drained "Asher" he mumbled my name from his lips softly "please" he adds so I walk over and hesitantly sit down before he wrapped his arms around me "I'm so sorry I must have scared you so much" tears started to pour out of my eyes like waterfalls "its ok cry it out, you'll feel better" he said which made my made it harder for me to stop, when I was able to calm down I looked up at his shining eyes "do you remember anything?" I ask "Bex told me what happened but I remember parts of it" he started casually petting my head "my dad called my mom and he found out everything" he added "what did he find out?" I ask "he said that she sent Ella here to talk to me I'm guessing she tried using Ella to make me leave you but I love you so it was a pour attempt and when it fail she must have used a back up plan but I don't think she knew the severity of the drug she used" he said before letting out a yawn "so she was basically sent here to kill you?" he chuckled slightly "kill might be a bit strong but I suppose you're right" his small weak smile lit up the little room but I let out a sigh "you almost died and yet you're so strong...comparing myself to you I handled it so weakly" I say this seemed to have caught him off guard "you are always there for me but I could never be there for you the same way" his smile started to disappear "my brother... I never thought I'd ever see him again nor that I'd make up with him, it was you who said I should talk to him, if it wasn't for you we'd still be hating each other and you wouldn't know that I exist...he told you about my broken past and you didn't turn your head, you helped me fix it piece by piece... you stood by me even when Max came around, you were protective of me the entire time I've know you, but yet I couldn't protect you when it came down to the point" this time Mikey had a tear in his eye "Ash?" he asked but I kept going "I never knew love like this existed until I met you, I wish I was stronger but I'm not, I'm weak" I looked down at my hand "Asher?" Mikey questioned again but I just pulled the ring off my finger "I can't do this anymore Michael I just can't" I started to cry again "Asher don't" he sat up but I just handed the ring back to him "your mom tried to kill you and for what? because she didn't like that we were dating? I can be strong for you Clifford just like you were for me and it starts here, I refuse to let you die because of her and if that means us not being together I'd rather you live hating me then never getting to have our future together because your dead" I noticed tears falling from his eyes "Asher no...please" but I turned around "I'm sorry Michael but this is goodbye"



Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese update. This story is amazing.

I love you. You have brought me such joy.

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Plzzz update

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Next update plz

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When is the next update??? I check ever 30 minutes D:

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