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1800-Ashton, Press 0 to date this dork


Ashton Irwin and Hannah Jenkins were best of friends through the high school days,
always joined at the hip, Hannah never looked at Ashton at anyway but an annoying brother that she had
never had. They would always play xbox and throw controllers at each other, or talk about random stuff on the
tram rides to school, and Ashton was always playing pranks on her. But one day Hannah had to move to Sydney
due to her mother having a job transfer, and it was goodbye Ashton hello Sydney Opera house.
They kept in touch with letters but soon became distant, there's only so much a letter can hold, and Ashton was starting
to have other hobbies such as starting a band, that soon became huge around Australia and the rest of the world.
Soon one of Hannah's letters didn't get a reply, and that's when she knew he had forgetten her.
But little did she know that it was just lost in the mail, and he hadn't forgotten her.
When 5 seconds of Summer tour around Sydney on their solo tour, Hannah and her friends go along to watch them play,
Hannah is hoping to not bump into Ashton, or if she does he doesn't remember but you never forget your first kiss.
This is the story of how two best friends kissed, left, became famous, seperated and than came back together.
Disclaimer: I suck at descriptions.
I don't own 5 Seconds of Summer, I do however own the story line, and everything that I make up, such as Hannah
and any original characters. This is complete fiction and this is my first fanfic. So please bare with me,
there will be a few facts tweaked, due to it being fiction... but oh well.
Hope you enjoy.




Lukeifer Lukeifer

When I read the short summary, I clicked 0 XD

Lukeifer Lukeifer

I can't wait for an update:)

Was about to start writing an update now!

Ashton Irwin;; Ashton Irwin;;

Update soon plz its really good so far