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1800-Ashton, Press 0 to date this dork


The year of 2009.
"COME ON HANNAH WERE GONNA MISS THE TRAM" screamed Ashton as he dragged me through the busy Caulfield streets,
"Ugh why did you have to come so late?" I asked,
Ashton turned around and stared at me, his hair flickering in the cold Melbourne wind,
"Hannah... it's not like it takes five minutes to look this good, and than catch the tram down to your house and come get you" he stated.
I rolled my eyes and pulled out my blackberry "Look the trams still five minutes away we won't miss it" I said,
Ashton sighed and grabbed my arm again, and dragged me down the road even faster.. "But I want to have time to chat up the girls from Melbourne's girl college"
I sighed he was in love with them, everyday he would try a new pick up line, and than they would just look down at their designer bags that they dragged to school,
and just snicker and turn away.
We soon reached the tram stop, and than looked around and there was no one there, Ashton looked around "Maybe they are playing hard to get" he said with a smile and
he's hands on his hips, He sniffed the air "I just guess I'm too awesome".
"Maybe that's it" I said sarcastically and sat down at the tram stop.
I pulled out my phone and than looked at the screen there was still two minutes to the tram, maybe the girls weren't coming here.
We were soon joined by my crush though, and I smiled when I saw him walking slowly towards the tram stop with his friends.
Ashton came and sat beside me and noticed the guy, and just rolled his eyes and slapped my arm,
"STOP IT" He yelled, "You don't even know his name"
I sighed "I bet it's something cute or mysterious" I sighed,
"Or something gay like Bruce or something" joked Ashton,
I turned and glared at him and pulled his black scarf tight around his neck, making him choke,
"DYING.... NEED.... AIR...." he yelled as he fell down onto the footpath, and stuck his tongue out and "played dead"
I rolled my eyes and looked up to see the tram approaching. "Come on Ashton" I said and stood up collecting my school bag from the ground,
he completely ignored me and continued to pretend he was dead.
The tram pulled up and a few girls and boys came running down the footpath hoping to not miss it, and I watched as "dream boy" walked over with his friends,
and he looked at me for a second and I felt this spark, I melted inside.
I kicked Ashton in the side "HEY!" he shouted and jumped up. "That hurt"
I slapped him in the arm "That make it better?" I asked,
He pouted "No" and we started to walk towards the door.
We piled onto the tram and scanned our mykis and started walking towards some empty seats, and than I noticed dreamboy was standing behind me, I walked to the side and
pulled away Ashton "Here you can have this spot" I said smiling and pointed to the empty seat.
Ashton just rolled his eyes and pulled my school bag making me fall down the stairs.
Everyone turned around and laughed even Dream boy.
"Thanks..." he said and sat down.
I sighed and stood up and slapped Ashton over the back of the head. "Why did you do that?" I snapped.
"Because you're an idiot" he said.
"No I'm not" I argued.
"Yes you are..." he argued back and pulled my bag and dragged me to some empty seats and took the window spot..
He liked watching people run for the tram and than miss it, he would always come up with their reactions as well..
I completely ignored him and pulled out my iPod and started listening to some old school Jonas Brothers,
Ashton kept poking me, but I just kept smacking his hand away and waited for the tram to arrive at our stop.
Ashton and I and the other kids from our school, filed off the tram.
"That was a fun trip... wave goodbye to dream boy" teased Ashton and waved at the tram as it went by,
I grabbed his waving arm and pulled it down "Do you have to?" I asked,
"Have to what?" he asked confused.
"Be such a dork" I snapped.
"I can't help it... I'm your best friend remember" he laughed.
I sighed "Yes I remember" I said "Come on lets get to school before we're late... again".


Sorry it's short. I will post a longer and more detailed chapter tomorrow I pinky swear.
I just needed to get this posted so I had something to work with.

Thanks for reading.

- Jess x



Lukeifer Lukeifer

When I read the short summary, I clicked 0 XD

Lukeifer Lukeifer

I can't wait for an update:)

Was about to start writing an update now!

Ashton Irwin;; Ashton Irwin;;

Update soon plz its really good so far