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1800-Ashton, Press 0 to date this dork


The school day went by slowly but it was now the last class of the day and there was about an hour left of class. I sighed and looked at my Romeo and Juliet book and noted some pages,

Ashton was sitting next to me taking notes, I was guessing. I liked english and he sat with me every class, and he is my best friend, but that boy gets on my nerves sometimes.

I felt him tap me on the shoulder as I wrote another note, on how Juliet was acting towards Romeo.

"Hannah look" he said giggling.

I turned to him and saw that he had his pen balanced on his top lip and he was acting like it was a moustache, I rolled my eyes and went back to my work.

"So what are you doing after school?" he asked,

I shrugged "I don't know why?" I asked,

"Think maybe we can hang out and study this stupid book?" he asked,

I sighed "it's not a book it's a play and well I don't think so" I said.

"Why's that?" he asked,

"Mum said I had to come home straight from school she has news" I stated.

Ashton nodded and didn't say another word and continued on with what he was doing.

I had no idea what she wanted to talk to me about, she had been acting weird the last couple of days, whispering and closing doors, there was a pile of boxes in the spare room. Was someone moving in? I had no idea, I shook my head and stared forward at Mrs Baker who was now standing in front of the class trying to get everyone's attention.

"Class as discussed we will be performing Romeo and Juliet as a class, and I have taken in some consideration for the roles" she said,

I sighed I was probably going to be stuck playing a shitty role, or something.

"When I call out your names please stand and I will tell you who you will be playing, and by next week I expect everyone to be know the script perfectly" she ranted on.

Ashton turned to me "I hope I get to play the role of the tree" he laughed,

I chuckled to myself "That would be great" I said,

Mrs Baker continued to call out roles, and Ashton and I just whispered quietly in the back row.

"Regardless of what parts we get you've got to help me" he said.

"I promise" I said.

"Ashton Irwin..." said Mrs Baker, Ashton stood up and waited to be told, and I could tell he hope he had a small role. "You will be playing Romeo" said Mrs Baker.

All the girls giggled and swooned, over Ashton,

He nodded "Thank you" he said and sat back down in his chair, "You've got to help me"

He turned to me and started gripping at my arm.

"Hannah Jenkins" annouced Mrs Baker,

I stood up quickly and nodded,

"You will be playing Lady Capulet"

I sighed that wasn't a small role but it wasn't a big role, but that god I wasn't playing Juliet, because that means I would have to kiss Ashton.

I sat back down in my chair, and Mrs Baker continued to call out names, and than it got to the part where she hadn't named the Juliet, and I knew exactly who it was,

It was the snotty Laura girl that I hated so much, and Ashton thought she was hot.

Laura stood up and took a bow, like she was accepting an award.

"Oh I get to kiss her" said Ashton and winked towards Laura.

I rolled my eyes and slapepd his arm lightly.

"What was that for?" he asked.

"Because you're an idiot" I answered.

"But i'm your best friend forever which means you got to love me, nothing can change that" he said.

And that's what I thought. He was my best friend forever and nothing could ever come between us.


All you could hear at the dinner table was the sounds of knifes and forks hitting the china dinner plates. There was something my mother was holding back, and I had no idea what it was but I knew it was something big.

"So I got casted as Lady Capulet" I said,

My mother looked up from her half eaten dinner "Oh that's wonderful when's the play?" she asked,

"Next week" I replied.

She dropped her knife and fork on the plate and sighed,

"Hannah darling we need to talk" she spoke,

"What is it?" I asked really confused. I palced my cutlery back on the plate and quickly took a sip of the water next to me, and waited for her to explain, she looked confused and startled and off guard, she was playing with the bracelet on her left wrist that I got her for mothers day last year, and I've always noticed she plays with it when she's stressed.

"You won't be able to be in the play" she spoke, "We're moving on the weekend".

"WHAT?!" I yelled and stood up from my chair, "You wait until now to tell me?"

I was raging and furious and so emotional and just bolted out of the kitchen with tears in my eyes and walked up to my room and slammed the door and jumped on my bed, and planted my face in the pillow.

I heard my door open and felt the bed go down beside me.

"Where are we moving to?" I asked,

"Just Brisbane" she answered.

I rolled over "So you just expect me to be okay to just leave this weekend to another state?"

She stroked the blonde hair out of my eyes "Come on Hannah, you knew this day would come with my new job always making me travel. This would be better for us".

I didn't say anything but bit my lip and tried not to cry anymore, I took a glimpse at myself in the mirror across the room, my face all puffed up and red from crying, and than looked around the room at the pictures on my wall of me and Ashton.

How was I going to tell him the news?


So a year later and I find this story on my laptop and will get back to updating x



Lukeifer Lukeifer

When I read the short summary, I clicked 0 XD

Lukeifer Lukeifer

I can't wait for an update:)

Was about to start writing an update now!

Ashton Irwin;; Ashton Irwin;;

Update soon plz its really good so far