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The Hood Sister


"Victoria Hood please report to the principals office." the voice over the intercom alerted the library. I sighed, not knowing what I did now, and gathered up my books before straightening my skirt and walking to the office. The first thing I noticed when I walked inside was a pair of ripped up skinny jeans and black vans. I knew exactly why I was in here.

"Miss Hood, you're breaking dress code again." the principal sighed.

"With all do respect sir, your school is freezing. I'm still wearing the skirt and blouse." I said. "I don't see how I'm breaking dress code."

"Nothing beside the school sweater is to be worn on top of your uniform, Victoria." he said. I rolled my eyes. I was in year 12 and he still called me Victoria.

"I'm sorry sir, mines in the wash as I got mustard on it. All I got is Calums flannel." I said. "That I took out of his room this morning. It's probably dirty for all I know." Calum snickered behind me, making the principal glare at both of us.

"Also, your socks are to be one color." he said. I rolled my eyes and and set my foot on the desk.

"They are one color, sir." I said. "Black isn't a color. It's a shade. Purple is a color." Behind me, Calum was trying so hard not to laugh, I'm sure if I looked at him he'd be on the floor. He just glared at me even harder.

"Sit down Miss Hood." he hissed.

"Are you going to tell me the real reason I'm here?" I said. "You wouldn't have my brother here if I was just breaking dress code. Let me guess, I'm pregnant and you're kicking me out. Sorry sir, but I haven't done anything like for almost 7 months so if I was, you'd know by now." Before I could sass something else out, Calum clamped his hand over my mouth.

"No, Victoria you're in here because your brother is pulling you from school for the semester." he said.

"He's doing what now?" I said. "He can't do that, right? Doesn't my mom have to do that?"

"You're living with me, Tori, my name is on all of your forms, and I have gaurdianship of you until you turn eighteen, so yes, I can do that." Calum said. "I have a good reason though."

"It better be damn good Thomas because I'm about to roundhouse kick you." I sighed.

"The band needs your photography skills." He said. "We need you to go on tour with us. I'll buy you a new camera and any gear you need."

"I don't have a choice do I?" I said.

"No not really, I've already signed the papers and you're no longer enrolled." he said, chuckling.

"Right in that case. Fuck you, Mr. Anderson. Fuck your school, it's a piece of shit and you treat everyone like prisoners, you can all kiss my ass." I said, getting up and walking out of the office right as the bell rang. I walked towards my locker, Calum watching me from where he stood in the hall. I grabbed my jeans from my locker, pulling them on in the hall and taking my skirt off before grabbing my backpack and looking at my best friend, Andie, who was confused.

"You're gonna get in so much trouble for breaking dress code" She said, laughing at me.

"I already got yelled at for my flannel so fuck it." I said. "My brothers here, he's pulling me out for the semester. I'm no longer a student. THIS SCHOOL CAN SUCK MY FUCKING DICK" I shouted the last part, getting glares from many people. I gave Andie a hug and walked back to my brother, who just shook his head at me.

"You're insane." he told me.

"Wanna hear something better?" I said. "My sweaters in my backpack."

"How have you not gotten suspended yet" he questioned, getting in the car.

"I'm the dictionary definition of sass, dear brother." I said. "Now, can we go home?"


this is shit and i'll probably delete it later bye


Update pleasese

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Don't delete it.it is funny

Luke_is_hot Luke_is_hot

Please don't delete it.I like it hope you update soon

its not shit please update

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