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Save Me

Express the Panda

Calum's POV

"Ready?" I ask Gracie as the tour bus pulls away. She bites her lip and nods.

Where touring with One Direction, well we haven't met them yet, but were meeting up with them for sound rehearsals before the tour starts in a month. But were still not going home for a long time, Gracie is coming with us and so is Veronica.

April hadn't been dating Luke long enough to do something so drastic, and Amber wanted to stay and finish high school since her mom never did. Which I get and also kinda don't Grace is just gonna take her classes online. They promised to call everyday and FaceTime when they have the chance.

"Incoming!" Ashton screams running into the back of the tour bus Daniel in his arms and holding him in the air. An angry Michael chases in after hims and tackles him to the ground. "Mine!" Michael screams stretching his arm out across the ground to grab Daniel but ashton pins his arm to the ground.

"We've been on the bus for five minutes and y'all are already causing trouble!" Gracie says laughing and picking up the fallen Daniel herself.
The two boys freeze and stare up at her.

I lean forward placing my hands on my knee's wishing I had popcorn.

"Sit." Gracie says and they make a face. "Sit!" She half yells and the boys get off eachother and sit correctly on the floor.
She looks at me one perfect eyebrow raised. "You too hot shot." She says and I don't question her I just move and sit beside the boys.

"Ashton did you pack your passport?" Gracie asks and we all look at Ash. Its kind of funny to watch her act like she's our mom. I just hope she does't question me.

"I'm pretty sure Liz has it." He replies it and Gracie nodes not surprised.
"Michael did you pack a phone charger." She asks and crosses her arms still holding Daniel in one hand.
He opens his mouth to reply and then closes it. Gracie sighs and I try not to laugh.
"Of course not, when we stop at a gas station remember to buy one." She says and Michael nods eyeing Daniel and points to him.

Gracie looks at him again and throws Daniel lightly at Michael and him and Ashton race out back into the main part of the bus separated only by a small door.

"And you!" She half yells siting on top of me, facing me. "Did you bring the dvd's?" She asks and I think back. Before we left we were packing up the apartment and she set aside some movies I was suppose to bring.
"I think so..." I say and begin rubbing up and down her back gently trying to distract her. Cause ya know I'm irresistible.

She raises an eyebrow and sighs setting her forehead on my chest. "It like I'm dating a kindergardener." She breathes and I gasp shocked. Then I smirk dirty thoughts creeping in my mind.

I lift her head and look at her lips. "Can kindergardeners do this?" I ask connecting our lips and hugging her waist. Her hands wrap around my neck pulling me closer. I smile into the kiss and just feel the situation.

I'm on a tour bus going towards my dreams with my three best mates and the love of my life! She backs up and looks at me smiling widely. Like she does every time we kiss like she couldn't be happier, only wanting more.

"I guess not."


About five hours later all of sit in the front of the bus staring around. Well except Liz, she's in the back reading. You see we're in time out. Luke pulled Gracie away from me during a kiss and carried her over his shoulder running around the bus. There just friends or you know I'd have to break his face and manly stuff.

Ash tackled them hurting Gracie's hair so they started wrestling and Luke and I were also wrestling. And then Michael and Veronica started play fighting about who was going to win. So Liz yelled us and punished us to half an hour of doing nothing.

And its horrible. All I can do is think about is Gracie she's sitting beside me, legs across mine. All I want to do is kiss her. She's fiddling with her bracelet and biting her lip.

"Guy's I'm hungry!!!!!!" Michael drags out and we all quickly shush him.
"I am!" He screams and we shush him again and he pouts, looking out the bus window.

"PANDA EXPRESS!" Michael screams and we all gather around the window to see the sign, stating theres a Panda Express on the next exit.

"Hey Jeff can we go to the Panda Express?" Luke screams.

"Way ahead of you!" Jeff, the driver screams back and we feel the bus make a sharp turn and we all fall. Grace falls on top of me and I try not to the think about my now throbbing head.

"Hey." She says softly and smiles. "Hi." I say and smile back.
The bus stops. "Come on love birds" Ashton screams as the rest of the gang races off the bus.

We slowly all order and pull tables next to each other so we can all eat together. Were kinda in the middle of no where and theres no need to worry about fans. Im kinda surprised we came across a PE.

I look over at Gracie and can't help but smile. I mean how can she do that! THAT! She's wearing grey sweatpants, white high top converse, and pink shirt with the logo on it. And her hair is in a very messy (from wrestling) blonde french braid and she still looks beautiful!

I eat and admire her beauty when we here a crash from behind us. We all turn around and about twenty fans stand outside wide eyed and shocked. "Oops." Michael squeals and we all turn to him.

"I may or may not of tweeted about us getting panda express.... and it attaches the location" He says and makes an I'm super sorry smile.
"What do we do?" Luke asks and quickly takes another bit of his noodles.
"I have an idea." Veronica says and smiles.

About twenty minutes later us and about twenty fans sit in a circle in the middle of Panda Express. Everyones put there phones in the middle so more people won't find out, and instead of videoing it they just experience it.

"Hey guys." Gracie says and stands up and sits next to one of the fans, the fans eyes almost explode. But none of the fam seems to care that were all in sweatpants and Luke's hair looks like a birds nest. (My fault)

"Ready?" I ask and everyone nods and we begin to play. We have our acoustic guitars and I have a small amp for my bass, and Ash has drum sticks and uses the ground. A bunch of the parents sit in the back eating, enjoying the break from their teenage daughters.

"So were taking the long way homeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee." Luke sings and all the girls join in, in imperfect perfect harmony. This is amazing we play a few songs and then sped out sharing the love. There is no better way to start out our tour it makes me remember that we have a true fam out there and why I wanted to do this in the first place. Even Veronica and Gracie are talking to the girls.

"Hi." I say to a girl standing near the back of the crowd. She very pretty but a little bigger then the other girls here, she blushes and her eyes widen. "Hhh--iii" She stutters and I laugh.

"I'm Calum." I say. "I know.... I mean i'm Hazel." She says and tears form in her eyes.
"Don't cry!" I say and hug her.
"Thank you!" She says and I let her go and look at her confused.

"For what?" I ask and she slightly smiles.

"The reason I came today was to tell you, or any of the guys thank you for being a band, you saved my life." She says and pulls up her sleeve her arms covered in scares.

"Y'all saved me, I finally stopped and my life is getting better, but you and the lads were there when no one else was to make me laugh and smile."

This is so sad and also so inspiring, I smile and hug her again. Behind me Gracie looks at me and holds a sweet thumbs up. I slightly laugh and she blows me an air kiss.


I can't bring myself to make the story end! So theres gonna be two more chapters!
Don't worry theres a squeal and I'm gonna start another story.

Any predictions on how it ends? Sad? Happy? Cliffhanger?



This is still the bomb. Really.

hazelnut. hazelnut.


Lukeeloverr101 Lukeeloverr101

In the same time i want and i dont want. I mean i love this story it was one of the first 5SOS fanfics i ever read but the end is sooo perfect. Its up to you.


Oh thank you so much squeal?

BEEbeautiful BEEbeautiful