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World So Cold

~Chapter 17~

~One Week Later~

I woke up today very nervous, anxious, excited, all things you feel when you go on a first date, yes I'm finally going on a date with Luke.

Why am I nervous you ask, well we are going rollerblading and that is something I highly suck at


I went downstairs and started making my toast while I just look around, feeling lonely. My mum hasn't got out of bed other then to go to the bathroom since Angelica went into a coma, I'm living with it.

The only thing that's got me scared about it is that she hasn't woke up and it's been a week already, and I really hope Ash doesn't find out where she is, God knows what he'll do.

My thoughts were interrupted with a loud ding. My toast popped out and i lay them on a plate spreading butter on them.

I took the plate up to my room and started eating. The TV was not turning on so I got my laptop and put the TV on there and yes I have TV access from my laptop, big whoop.

When I finished eating I placed my plate in the garbage can and took out my phone and texted Gabby. It's easy to call her one of my best friends now.

To Gabby: Hey can u come over??

I waited before my phone lit up.

From Gabby: Yeah sure, what's wrong:(

To Gabby: Nothing, I need help getting ready for my date with Luke<3

From Gabby: AWWWWEEE<<<3 u guys r so cute:)

To Gabby: ah jeeze, is u coming or naw???

From Gabby: Be right over;P

I put my phone down as I started to scam through my closets to get a head start but I was so lost. This is why I need her.

So basically for the next five minutes I searched through my closets and draws only to make no progress, but what is that, the doorbell? Thank the gods.

I rushed downstairs and opened the door and a grinning Gabby stood there with a ginormous make up box in her hands.

"Hi hi" she said pulling me into a hug. We then ran upstairs to my room and I sat on my bed along with Gabby.

"So, where are you going" she asked like she was some investigator.

"Well first, rollerblading, and then he said it was a small surprise gift" I say as she light up like a light bulb.

She searched through my closet to find the beige sweater that she adored so much for some reason.

Then we searched for a good pair of black skinny jeans but Gabby pointed out that tights would be better for rollerblading so I took out a pair of black tights.

Then she opened her box to travel many accessories and a lot of make up.

I saw there lying a bright orange scarf and picked it up.

"Oooo yes that's perfect" she said taking it from my hands and lying it on top of the out fit.

We the. Started to find accessories and thought that they would most likely fall of saw I just took a pair of earrings.

Then she started to look through all my shoes even though I was going to change them eventually.

She spotted a pair of brownish ones and picked them up.

"What about these" she said showing them to me.

"Okay" I tilted my head and nodded as she payed them on the floor.

"Now let's actually start getting you ready" she said placing the box on my bed and choosing what to put on my face.

She started putting foundation, blush, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, lipstick, and topped it all off with glitter on my cheeks.

Then she straightened my hair.

"Take a look" she said giving me the mirror and I immediately smiled.

"Perfect" I laughed.

I picked up the clothes and went into my bathroom and put them on.

I came out and spun around as if I was a princess coming out of the dressing room with a new dress.

"Gorgeous" she smiled.

I took the earrings and slid them on, I secured the back and sat next to Gabby on the bed.

"This is why your my friend" I laughed out.

"Yes, yes" she grinned.

I heard my phone buzz and saw that it was from Luke.

From Luke: On my way to ur house now:) excited??

To Luke: Yep, I'll be waiting outside {=}

I gathered everything as I gave Gabby a hug and she left.

The doorbell rang and I instantly had so many butterflies in my stomach.

I opened the door and he stood there with a flower in his hand.

"For you" he said handing it to me as I took in the amazing scent. It was a lily, and he somehow knew those were my favorite. "A lily for Liana" he laughed and I tilted my head back in laughter as I got in his car.

We drove to the rollerblading place in a smiling and laughing filled car ride.

We got there and I saw that Luke had brought a pair of skates for me.

"There one of mine but you can change the size" he said as I slid it on and tightened it.

We got on the wood and I immediately grabbed on to the railing.

"Common Li, skate with me" he said rolling over words me.

"Ya, I can't skate very well" I said laughing but having some shame too.

"Here" he said reaching out his hand, "Hold my hand, I won't let you fall" he said and I took it instantly as he pulled me to the middle where I noticed that roller blading wasn't all that hard.

We basically were holding on to each other tight the whole time and laughing, kissing, making weird faces, and being happy the whole entire time.

Our time was up so we had to leave the rink. We both took our skates off and headed back to his car.

"Had a good time" he asked turning the car on and grinning ear to ear.

"Yasss" I said making him burst with laughter.

We started to drive away from the place and drove all around town but I couldn't possibly guess where he was taking me.

He pulled over the car at a small shop near the mall.

"Before I do this I thought I should maybe ask for your approval first" he said scrunching up his nose, he's so cute when he does that.

"What" I ask.

"Well I wanted to get a matching tattoo with you" he said looking a bit ashamed but happy. I was scared about the thought of injecting ink in my skin but it sounded like a nice idea.

"Okay, but don't ever tell my mum it was your idea" he laugh and he nods making the 'yeah' face.

We headed into the tattoo shop and looked at certain things, he knew I wanted something small so he pointed out a small heart the went behind the ear. We both agreed on it so we showed it to the person at the desk and they led us into a small room with about four chairs. Me and Luke sat into the ones next to each other.

"How much is this gonna hurt" I ask Luke with a scared smile on my face.

"Not to much, basically like when you get blood work but the needle is moving" he said and I sighed in relief.

The worker told me to out my hair up and I did so.

They placed a small sticker on where they were doing it, Luke suggested the right side so that's where they were doing it.

After that I saw the other worker had already started Luke's tattoo and I was surprised to see he did not show any emotion at all.

The lady came up to me with the ink thing and slowly started to draw. I scrunched my face up as Luke just grinned at me.

It tok about five minutes and we were out of there.

"Was that so bad" he asked like he was right and I just laughed.

He dropped me off at my house and gave me a kiss goodbye.

"I had fun today" I said.

"Me too" he replied gently placing a kiss on my cheek.


Long chapter today, happy??




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I just finished reading this and dont know what to do with my life anymore

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