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Good Girls (Michael Clifford AU)

Chapter One


"Becky it's time to wake up," I heard my sister Shaylynne said as she was shaking my body."I'm up," I said with my eyes closed."Then get up," she said before I heard her foot steps leaving my room .

I open my eyes and got up and went into my bathroom and took a shower and went to my brush my teeth and I put my hair in a bun and put on a little bit of eye shadow, mascara, cherry lip balm and I went to get dressed and headed downstairs.

I walked into the kitchen and seen my dad drinking coffee and looking on his iphone,Shaylynne eating toast, and our maid Lynda washing dishes.

"Good Morning Sweetheart," My dad greeted me as I walked to the kitchen table"Morning Daddy," I said as I grabbed my glass cup and then i reached for the pitcher of orange across the table and fill my juice in my cup and then got 2 waffles from the plate at the center of the table and put it on mine and put them in front of me and got some syrup and put it on my waffles nice and slowly and began to eat them.
(A/N: Rebecca and her maid Lynda are about to speak french, so if you don’t understand translate it on google like I did because I don’t take french in school, I take spanish so you can see that it was hard)

“Alors Rebecca comment va l'école?” Lynda asked me as she was washing dishes. “Il est grand Lynda, je suis un A + sur mon test de l'histoire,” I said.“Oh que Becca est grand, je suis si fière de toi,” She smiled at me and i smiled back as I finished my food.
After Breakfast and our dishes to took it to the sink and was about to get the sponge to wash it but Lynda grabbed it and told me “Rebecca vous ne devez pas le faire,”. “Je tiens Lynda, vous avez fait pour moi depuis que je suis enfant et vous devriez prendre une pause,” I told her and she gave the sponge to me and I started to wash the dishes.
After I got finished washing dishes I told my dad bye to my dad and got my bag and Shaylynne and I left out the door and went to the garage and got in my car and we headed off to school.

We walked in the hallways of Norwest Christian College and if you looked around you would see Jocks, Cheerleaders, Punks, Goths, the loners, and last but not least the geeks and that was me, I'm one of them, My best friend Preston, she is a physic genius and I'm like the genius at everything, I straight A's in every subject and I just got accepted to Harvard and my dad has been saving money for no reason since I was 3 because he knew that I would be a genius,

I told my sister I would see her later and she walked over to her friends while I walked over to my locker that was next to Preston and opened it and put my book bag in there
and took out my History, Calculus ,and my notebooks and closed my locker and seen the one and only Michael Clifford the school's bad boy leaning against the locker against next to mine and I just felt shocked and full nervousness flowing through my body.

"Hello Rebecca," He smirked.



If you are wondering why Rebecca's mother isn't in the story,
her mom died when she was 5 in a car accident and
you will find out more of that later in the story

- Aalyiah-Anastaysha


I will update soon

  • its really awesome please make more :)

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