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Good Girls (Michael Clifford AU)

Chapter Two


What previous happened

I told my sister I would see her later and she walked over to her friends while I walked over to my locker that was next to Preston and opened it and put my book bag in there
and took out my History, Calculus ,and my notebooks and closed my locker and seen the one and only Michael Clifford the school's bad boy leaning against the locker against next to mine and I just felt shocked and full nervousness flowing through my body.

What's happening now

"Hello Rebecca," He smirked at me and licked his lips and began to
walk closer to me and that's when I started to walk backward but then I ended up
hitting a wall and that was the dead end for me.

He walked up the the wall and I froze like a ice cube and he came up to me and
he put his body against mines and put his lips against my ears "Rebecca you look beautiful today," He whispered in my
ear and all I could do was take breaths helplessly.

He moved his face form my ear and looked at me in my eyes and said "Me and you date, pick you up at 8, see you babe," and at that he
walked away down the deserted hallways leaving me lonely, looking clueless as hell.

After what happened with Michael and I had to get back to reality and get my stuff and head to class.

I walked into class and seen a smirking Michael in the back row and I rolled my eyes and turned to a shocked Ms.Harris who was standing in front of me"Ms.Parker, you have never been to class late,".

"Yeah I had to go help my sister out, she scraped her knee and I had to take her to the nurse, I'm sorry," I lied and Ms.Harris had an aww look on her face.

"Oh I'm sorry, tell Shaylynne, that I hope she will be ok," I nodded and took my seat in the front row next to Preston.

"Where have you been you are ten minutes late," She whispers.

"I know, it's a long story I will tell you later," I said as I was opening my
notebook up to a fresh page and began to take notes.

It was the end of the day and I just got out of my last class and I was just ready to get home
before Michael sees me.

I walked quickly down the hall towards the entrance of the school and I opened the door and ran to my car and got in
and waited for Shaylynne.
Five Minutes later the car door open "Hey sorry I had you waiting Mr. Cook had us running late," Shay said getting in the car.

"No, it's fine, it's not like I was in a rush or anything," I said nervously before cranking up the car and driving home. *^*^*^*^*

When Shaylynne and I got home, I went up to my room and through my bag on my chair and fell back on my bed.

I sighed "What am I going to do," as I said that my phone began to ring .

I pulled it out my pocket and unlocked it and
seen the number was unknown but I was curious so I answered it"Hello,".

"Hello Rebecca," A familiar Voice said.

"Michael,what do you want now," I said frustrated "And how did you get my number anyways?".

"I got it from your sweet little friend Preston," I could see him smirking when he said that .

"Preston hates you why would she talk to you," I retorted.

"Because she has a crush on Calum, and I could get her a date with him," He said.

"How do you even know that?" I asked.

"Cause I walk past you guys locker everyday and hear her saying 'How Calum was so hot, and sexy,' and stuff," He laughed.

"Wow, Stalker much," I said the last part under my

"Hey, I'm not a Stalker, I just work for what I want," He said.

"Oh really?" .

"So a stalker doesn't finds a girl's phone number without her permission?" I asked knowing I was right and I heard him
sigh on the other side of the phone.

"Okay, I'm kinda a stalker but don't you blame a guy for trying to get a pretty girl like you," he said and I felt my face rise up and
I knew I had to end this phone call before I some feelings here.

"Goodbye Michael," I said before hanging up and I sighed and fell back down on my bed.

Michael Clifford is something.


I finally updated, next chapter will be the date and I will update that soon.
hope you like the chapter.

Oh yeah I almost forgot, has anybody heard 'Night Changes' 1D's new song got released yesterday officially, The ones that were link were just the beat or sneak peek but I finally got to listen to the full song and it basically made me cry and stuff but I LOVE IT.



I will update soon

  • its really awesome please make more :)

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